• Coo-Var Vandalene Anti-Climb Paint

Coo-Var Vandalene Anti-Climb Paint Aerosol


We no longer stock this product, but can recommend Coo-Var Vandalene Anti Climb Paint as a great alternative.



Coo-Var Vandalene Anti-Climb Paint Aerosol will help to protect your property from intruders with a slippery, sticky non-drying coating. Used on window-ledges, down pipes, brick walls and gutters. In fact, Vandalene makes slippery, anywhere which may be used as a grip point to gain unauthorized access into your building. Coo-Var Anti-Climb Paint will make a surface virtually un-climbable.

Features and Benefits:

  • Protect virtually anywhere - home, garden, shed, factory or office 
  • Can be used on fences, drain pipes, window ledges, gutters etc
  • Thick, slippery, non-drying, semi matt, sticky coating
  • Quick & easy single coat application
  • Can be applied to wood, metal, and many other surfaces
  • Hidden identifier, which can be later identified by the police
  • Available in Black, Red, Grey, Green (please not, aerosols are available in black only)

Staying One Step Ahead of the Intruder

Anti-Climb Paint can be used in the fight against copper cable theft, lead theft and many other metals. The Anti-Climb Paint contains a hidden identifier, which can be later identified by the police. Coo-Var Vandalene can be used on fences, drain pipes, window ledges, gutters etc to provide a virtually un-climbable surface and burglars will find it impossible to climb and become thoroughly clogged and coated with a greasy "tell tail" deposit of Coo-Var Vandalene. This can then be easily identified on a person running away from the scene of an attempted crime. In addition, the intruder becomes thoroughly marked and can be easily identified by police. Display our A4 and A5 posters as a deterrent to unwanted visitors.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Interior / Exterior Use
Water / Solvent Based
For Use On
Masonry, Wood, Metal,
Application Method
Brush, Mitt
Standard / Ready Mixed
VOC Levels
Low (50-149 g/l)
Single, Two or Three Pack
Pack Size
500ml Aerosol
Key Features
Non-drying, slippery grease coating for security measures
1-2m² per KG
Recommended Thinner/Cleaner
White spirit or turps sub
Touch Dry
Does not dry

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