Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin

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Typical Coverage (per coat)8-12m² per litre
Touch Dry1 hour
ApplicationBrush, Roller, Spray
The figures stated above are approximate. Please ensure you refer to all datasheets for full application information.

An ultimate performance, satin finish, all surface paint designed to offer up to 8 years protection on a wide range of exterior surfaces. Designed for the long term decoration of timber, metal, masonry, plastic, UPVC concrete, cladding and more, it forms a vapour-permeable, low maintenance water-shedding coating, re-coatable in 1 hour.

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Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin is an ultimate performance all surface paint designed to offer up to 8 years protection on a wide range of exterior surfaces. Designed for the long term decoration of timber, metal, masonry, plastic, concrete, cladding and more, it forms a vapour-permeable, low maintenance water-shedding coating, re-coatable in 1 hour. Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin contains a biocide to protect the dried coating against fungal degradation.

Designed for all exterior surfaces, Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin is ideal for new or previously painted wood, UPVC, galvanising, metals, cladding, weathered bitumen, stucco, brick, stone, cured concrete and more. Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin is self-priming and will bond to existing glossy paints without sanding. For most jobs, there is no need to purchase a separate primer. After removing existing mould and mildew, two coats of Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin will ensure that any exterior looks bright and beautiful for years.

Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin gives excellent resistance against:

  • Cracking, blistering and flaking
  • Rain and severe weather
  • Long lasting finish
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent colour retention
  • Multi-surface application

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Can you put zinzzer all coat on Exterior hard wood ply

John browne from Norwich (England) - 12/12/17


Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin (Solvent Based) can be applied directly to plywood and can be used at lower temperatures. If you want to use Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin you will have to wait for warmer weather and first prime the plywood with Zinsser Cover Stain.

Hi, I've just painted my exterior door in Sandtex 10 year Exterior gloss paint but I'm not happy with the results, even after applying a primer and two coats of gloss.Could I paint over this gloss paint with your satin exterior paint without keying and applying an undercoat?Also, do you offer a Sage colour?

Mike from Yateley (UK) - 17/10/17

Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin will be OK for this, however as we are heading towards cooler weather however it may be advisable to go for the Solvent Grade. Drying conditions will be poorer at this time of year which will affect the drying of the water based AllCoat. This is likely to cause issues if the coating gets caught in a shower of rain before it has fully cured. The AllCoat can go on directly without sanding or priming provided the surface is clean, existing coating is sound etc.
2 coats should be sufficient provided the colour of the Sandtex Gloss and the sage green you require is similar.

I want to paint over my timber window frames which currently have a dark brown stain on them. Can I paint straight over with Zinsser allcoat exterior? Thanks

Ollie from Hampshire (U.K. ) - 15/10/17

We would recommend priming first with Zinsser Cover Stain.

We are fitting new hardwood windows. They have arrived with an Aluminium Primer applied. Can we apply Zinseer Allcoat Exterior White (Satin or Gloss) over this primer please?

Andrew King from Portsmouth (UK) - 10/10/17

Yes, the Water Based Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin or Gloss should go over an aluminium wood primer without issue.

I would like to revive a well worn wooden exterior doorstep. Is Allcoat Exterior hard wearing enough to last on a step? Or better to use Bullseye primer and a metal paint top coat? Thanks

alan from Cambridge (UK) - 16/08/17

Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin is not suitable for floor surfaces, we would instead recommend Smartkote Protectakote UVR for this application.

Hi,We are looking to paint a brand new external fence, that is currently bare timberIs this suitable please?Thanks, Claire

Claire Nicholson from Chipping Campden (UK) - 11/08/17

Yes, although we do recommend priming bare, exterior timber first with Zinsser Cover Stain.

Need to paint a upvc window inside from white to RAL 7016, will allcoat be enough or will it need priming?

kelly from Manchester (England) - 08/08/17

Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin can be applied directly to UPVC with no primer required. We would advise abrading the surfaces with a fine grade of sandpaper followed by a solvent wipe using methylated spirits. Then apply 2 coats of the AllCoat Exterior Satin.

We need to paint the exterior of a varnished conservatory. What product would you recommend? We've trying to do it as quickly as possible

julie michell from stockport (UK) - 05/08/17

The Zinsser AllCoat Exterior water based range would be ideal for this application. We normally recommend a coat of Zinsser Cover Stain is applied first to block any staining and existing colours.

Would allcoat be ok on bare mild steel stair stringers internal use.

Denis Morton from Burnley (England) - 24/07/17

Could satin White be used for interior wood

Richard Luckie from Braintree (England) - 15/05/17

It could but for interior work on wood we'd recommend Zinsser Perma-White Interior instead.

I have old UPVC guttering for which I am going to buy new joiners etc so I will be painting old and new UPVC with AllCoat exterior satin. Do I need to put a preparatory coat of something on either to ensure adhesion.

Nick Parker from Exeter (UK) - 08/05/17

Yes, first prime with Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3.

Hi could you tell me if zinsser allcoat or map would do for decking. Cheers

Patrick from Campbeltown (Scotland ) - 05/05/17

I'm afraid not, you can see our range of decking paints here: Decking Paints.

Would like to paint an old light green powder coated metal furniture set - round table and four chairs - which is in reasonable condition save for a few small scratches that are showing signs of rust. Is this the right product for the job and can I paint directly on to the powder coating or does it need keying first? With care will I achieve a good finish with this paint or is it going to show the brush strokes?

Toby Weller from Hitchin (UK) - 14/03/17

Yes this product can be applied directly to powdercoat surfaces, clean and lightly sand to provide a key before application.

Any areas of rust should be prepared and primed first with something like Rust-Oleum 3369/3380 CombiPrimer Anti-Corrosion.

I am looking to paint a section of lead flashing which has previously already being painted. Is Allcoat the correct product to use? and is a separate primer required?

Eddie A from Cheshire (UK) - 10/08/16

Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin can be applied directly over existing paints after cleaning and light sanding. Apply two coats, no primer is required. If there are any areas of bare lead after preparation, prime first with a coat of Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 and the apply 2 coats of Zinsser AllCoat Exterior.

Hi - I am just buying a new wooden summerhouse which has be treated as standard, but would like to paint in in blue and white - is you paint suitable for direct application without having a primer or undercoat?

Steve Pepper from Bedford (UK) - 02/05/16

Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin is self-priming and will adhere to any sound surface. The first coat of Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin primes and seals the surface, providing a base for the second coat. The second and third coats (if required) complete the sealing process while providing additional moisture resistance and protection. Before painting, fill all nail holes and gouges with a proprietary filler. Where necessary, spot prime knots and sap streaks with Zinsser B-I-N. For new or unpainted cedar, redwood, or other resinous timbers prime with Zinsser Cover Stain.

Is Zinsser allcoat exterior satin ok for use on Medite tricoya exterior mdf? It is for a shop fascia sign which will have enamel signwriting paint for lettering.

Scott Manser from Bracknell (UK) - 27/04/16

According to the manufacturer Medite, they recommend water based paints are suitable for this substrate so on that basis Zinsser AllCoat Exterior should be fine to use.

Can this be used straight onto tanalised timber without any primer or knotting?

Alan M from Southampton (UK) - 04/04/16

No, we would recommend treating any knots with Blackfriar Patent Knotting followed by 1 coat of Blackfriar Aluminium Wood Primer over all areas to be painted. Once dry finish with 2 coats of Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin in your chosen colour.

Will Allcoat Exterior bond onto (shiney) stainless steel tubing. We want to tone down hand railing that we have.

Norman Reed from Helston (UK) - 13/02/16

No it won't. We would recommend priming the stainless steel with Rust-Oleum 3302 CombiPrimer Adhesion and then applying two coats of Rust-Oleum CombiColor in your desired colour and finish.

Is it necessary to use knotting on wood prior to using the Zinsser All Coat Exterior Satin?( I have some old farm gates, previously painted where the knots have leaked some resin but what would look to be some while back)

Martin from Chelmsford (United Kingdom) - 05/08/15

Yes it is, where necessary, spot prime any knots and sap streaks with Zinsser B-I-N Primer Sealer. After 45mins you can then start to apply the Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin as requried.

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