Remmers Funcosil FC


Remmers Funcosil FC is a hydrophobising impregnation product in cream form on a silane base. For use on brick, clinker, sand-lime brick, silicate and types of natural stone.

  • Highly water-repellent
  • Enables water vapour diffusion
  • Improves resistance to frost and de-icing salts
  • Outstanding penetration
  • UV-resistant
  • Alkali-resistant
  • Excellent long-term effect
  • Can be applied sparingly, with absolute precision and with no losses
  • Quickly becomes rain-proof, approx. 60 minutes after application

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Remmers Funcosil FC is especially used for hydrophobizing impregnation of porous, mineral building materials. Funcosil FC is a special product for hydrophobizing impregnation of brick, clinker, sand-lime brick, silicate types of natural stone, e.g. OBERNKIRCHENER SANDSTEIN® and mineral render.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduction of water absorption with simultaneous high diffusion capacity
  • Excellent penetration capacity
  • Best possible resistance against alkalis
  • Strong protective effect against frost/de-icing salt loads
  • Cream form and can therefore be applied without loss
  • Can be worked over-head

Early rain tight Remmers Funcosil FC is excellently suited for hydrophobizing mineral building materials. As opposed to conventional liquid products, Funcosil FC can be applied in just one working operation. Depending on porosity, the active ingredient penetrates into the substrate where it reacts and becomes a polysiloxane. The initially white layer disappears completely after approx. 10 to 20 minutes.

Funcosil FC has been designed so that the active ingredient penetrates as deeply as possible into the facade which provides optimal protection against the absorption of water and pollutants and therefore also damage caused by frost/de-icing salt. Funcosil FC’s water repelling effect takes longer to develop and is improved by rain.

Product Details

Data sheet

For Use By
Consumer Use
Base Type
Silane Based
Interior/Exterior Use
Brush, Roller, Spray
Touch Dry (at 20°C)
60 mins
0.15 - 0.2L per m²
Recommended Thinner/Cleaner
Remmers V101 Thinner
Max. Application Temperature
25 °C
Min. Application Temperature
10 °C
0.84 kg/l
Shelf Life (from date of manufacture)
12 months
UN Number
Base Type
Exterior / Interior Use
Exterior Use
Product Range

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questions [email protected] on 2023-09-09 14:28:04

Some Remmers Funcosil fc has got onto some window glass and dried. What will remove it ?

Answer from Rawlins’ Technical Team: 

Unfortunately Funcosil FC cannot be removed from the glass of the window after drying.

Since components of the material form a firm bond with the glass.

In this case it is necessary to replace the window pane.

questions Robert Kelly on 2022-04-21 09:31:35

Hi. I have a weather facing wall that is often hit by driving rain. It is made of brick which is currently painted. Can I use Remmers Funcosil FC on top of the current paint (making sure it is in a good state of course) before applying a new top coat of paint. Thanks p.s. if you have any suggestions for a better solution I would be happy to hear them.

Answer from Rawlins’ Technical Team: 

Remmers Funcosil FC is a penetrating/impregnating solution that needs to soak into a bare, porous surface so cannot be applied over existing painted surfaces. If you are trying to provide more waterproofing protection to your exterior wall you would be better looking at re-painting the wall with something like Rust-Oleum Mathys Murfill Waterproofing Coating

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