Remmers Color LA (Silicone Resin Paint LA)


Remmers Color LA (formerly Silicone Paint LA) is a pigmented silicone resin emulsion paint coating containing a film preservative to protect surfaces at risk of infestation with algae or fungi.

  • Water repellent w ≤ 0.1 kg/(m² h) 0.5
  • Highly water vapour diffusion capable sd ≤ 0.05 m
  • Does not inhibit carbonation
  • Low-stress
  • Matt, mineral character
  • Low soiling tendency
  • Available in 690+ colours including RAL, British Standard, NCS, white, and clear

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Remmers Color LA (formerly Silicone Paint LA) is a pigmented silicone resin emulsion paint coating containing a film preservative to protect surfaces at risk of infestation with algae or fungi.

Because of the product’s characteristics, especially in combination with Impregnation Primer, Remmers Color LA can be used to produce water repelling, highly water vapour diffusion-open, protective coatings on mineral building materials. Since it can also be formulated as a translucent coating and because of its mineral character, Remmers Color LA is especially used on natural stone, a difficult coating substrate, in heritage preservation areas.

Remmers Color LA can also be used as a restoration coating on load-bearing silicate, silicone and matt, weathered dispersion coatings, synthetic resin renders and functioning, bonded heat insulation systems.

It is not suitable for use on plastic, thermoplastic and elastic coating systems. These systems must be completely removed first with Remmers Graffiti Remover.

Remmers Color LA, which is normally used for new construction and in industrial areas, is chosen more and more often as a coloured protective coating for protected historical objects because of its micro-porous, mineral-like characteristics.

The coating has the following properties:

  • High water vapour and carbon dioxide permeability
  • Positive influence on the heat balance of buildings in compliance with DIN 4108
  • Does not prevent a carbonation reaction
  • No loss of strength because of drying out too quickly, especially on renders in compliance with DIN 18 550, P I and P II.
  • Highly tight against liquid water (driving rain and splash water)
  • Does not darken when wet
  • No moisture penetration under extreme weather conditions
  • Does not swell

Building materials protected with Remmers Color LA absorb only very little water when it rains and these small amounts are easily given off in dry periods. Because of this, the building material remains essentially dry and damage caused by moisture is avoided.

Little tendency to soil

  • Non-thermoplastic
  • Low stress
  • Cleans itself in rain

Easy to apply

  • Slightly alkaline coating system
  • No spotting or streaking
  • Easily coated over
  • Practically inert against iron and manganese minerals

Unlimited colour variation

  • Wide range colour collection from pastel to full colours
  • Dries matt, independent of the substrate
  • Mineral character
  • Can also be formulated as a translucent coating for natural stone

High weather resistance

  • UV light-proof
  • Resistant to industrial pollution and micro-organisms
  • Excellent bond to all mineral substrates
  • Can be applied to old, loadbearing weathered coatings

Environmentally correct

  • Water dilutable
  • Non-corrosive

Please contact Rawlins Paints' Technical Support Team on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or send a message to [email protected] for more information.

Product Details

Data sheet

For Use By
General Use
Interior/Exterior Use
Brush, Roller
Dry to Recoat (at 20°C)
0.2 - 0.25 l/m² per coat
Recommended Thinner/Cleaner
Max. Application Temperature
Min. Application Temperature
1.45 - 1.53 g/cm³
Shelf Life (from date of manufacture)
12 months
UN Number
Fully Tintable
Base Type
Exterior / Interior Use
Exterior Use

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questions Andrew on 2022-01-12 14:46:39

Can this product be used on a already painted (silicone paint) render wall?

Answer from Rawlins’ Technical Team: 

This product can be applied to old, loadbearing weathered coatings.

We would recommend testing for compatibility and adhesion prior to full application.

questions Sean on 2021-02-23 08:14:51

Can this be used on the lower courses of brick ie the engineers brick level. I need a suitable breathable paint for this area. Thanks

Answer from Rawlins’ Technical Team: 

Yes, assuming the brick is clean, dry, sound and prepared as detailed in the Technical Data sheet.

If the brick is bare it should be primed prior to application with Remmers Primer H (Impregnation Primer).

If the bricks are dusty and friable then Remmers Primer Hydro S HF (Silicate Primer D) should be used.

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