Nullifire FJ200 Flexible Intumescent Gap Seal
  • Nullifire FJ200 Flexible Intumescent Gap Seal

Nullifire FJ200 Flexible Intumescent Gap Seal

Nullifire FJ200 Flexible Intumescent Gap Seal is elastomeric foam laminated with a graphite based intumescent compound on both sides. It is designed to perform as a 2 hour barrier in construction movement joints, when tested to EN 1366-4 and BS476. 

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Nullifire FJ200 Flexible Intumescent Gap Seal is elastomeric foam laminated with a graphite based intumescent compound on both sides. It is designed to perform as a 2 hour barrier in construction movement joints, when tested to EN 1366-4 and BS476. 

Designed for long linear installations in horizontal and vertical applications which when exposed to fire expands protecting penetrations including cables, cable bunches, cable trays, plastic and metallic pipes. FJ200 maintains the integrity and insulation performance of the seal through masonry/blockwork walls. 

Usage & Purpose

FJ200 can provide up to 2 hours fire protection, acoustic and smoke seal to building gaps and movement joints, whilst offering up to 50% movement. Typical areas of use include health and leisure facilities, schools, universities, commercial retail and industrial buildings. Increased movement capabilities may be achieved by using a larger FJ200 size required for the gap width. It can also be used as a fire barrier inside cable trunkings allowing for the installation of further cables. 

Features & Benefits

  • Certified to the latest European standards
  • EN 1366-4 and BS 476
  • Certified 3rd party accreditation CF 5265
  • Joint movement capability of ±50%
  • Air Permeability testing to EN 1026 to 600 Pa
  • 100 Pa 3.3/1.7 m3/h/m2 with FS701
  • Acoustics up to 18 dB
  • Tested for use in linear gaps up to 150 mm
  • Tested with cables, cable bunches, cable trays and cable trunking 

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