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Protecta FR Foam, part of the Protecta Firestopping range, maintains fire resistance in walls by filling linear gaps in concrete and masonry walls, with excellent adhesion to most materials used in construction and excellent durability during service once cured.

  • Fire protection foam
  • Single-component, available in 750ml gun-grade
  • Excellent thermal properties (0.0354 W/mK)
  • Refer below for test data and application instructions

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Protecta FR Foam is designed to maintain the fire resistance in walls by filling linear gaps in concrete and masonry walls. Supplied as a single component polyurethane foam that cures by moisture absorption, it has excellent adhesion to most materials used in construction with excellent durability during service once cured.

FR Foam also has excellent thermal properties (0.0354 W/mK).

Features & Benefits

  • Fire protection polyurethane foam
  • Maintains fire resistance in walls
  • Use to fill linear gaps in concrete and masonry
  • Single-component polyurethane foam, available in gun-grade
  • Excellent adhesion to most materials used in construction
  • Excellent durability during service once cured
  • Excellent thermal properties (0.0354 W/mK)
  • Refer below for test data and application instructions

Ordering References

Reference Product Name Size Colour Pack Size
P166 Protecta FR Foam 750ml (Gun Grade) Grey Box of 12

Application Instructions


  1. Read the Safety Data Sheet before use and use the recommended personal protective equipment.
  2. Remove all loose debris, any contaminants such as grease and oil from the surfaces to be sealed.
  3. Moisture is necessary to ensure a fast and even curing of the foam. Spray surfaces with water to moisten them when foam is applied (a spray bottle for plants can be used). This is especially important in warm and dry areas.
  4. The tin must be shaken well 15-20 times before use. Attach the gun to the tin but do not overtighten or activate the release valve.
  5. The tin should be turned upside down for foam application so that the gun is under the tin.
  6. Depending on the joint orientation and size, best results will be obtained by building up multiple layers from the bottom, thus allowing each individual layer to part cure. Do not attempt to insert excessive wet foam as rapid expansion will cause wasteful overspill of curing foam in the joint and may apply pressure to soft materials and push them out of position. Foam extrusion can be controlled by depressing the trigger on the gun more or less or reducing the pressure on the valve.
  7. Once the gap or joint is completely filled, excessive overspill should be removed by cutting with a knife or similar.
  8. After sealing the foam should be covered by a substrate resistant to mechanical damage and UV-radiation.

Fire Classification

Sealing masonry or concrete walls ≥ 150MM

Joint type (Max width) Installation (Min seal depth) Joint type Classification
Horizontal joint ≤ 20mm Single sided ≥ 150mm (1) EI 180-H-X-F-W 20
Horizontal joint ≤ 20mm Single sided ≥ 140mm (2) EI 240-H-X-F-W 20
Vertical joint ≤ 20mm Single sided ≥ 150mm (1) EI 60-V-X-F-W 20
Vertical joint ≤ 20mm Single sided ≥ 140mm (2) EI 240-V-X-F-W 20

  1. The FR Foam should be covered or painted on both sides
  2. The FR Foam must be covered on both sides with ≥ 5mm IPT

Sound Insulation

Description Sound reduction
Single sided seal ≥ 50mm depth & ≤ 30mm width 61 dB RW

Same or higher sound reduction will be achieved with greater depth, double sided or with backing material. The sound insulation value is only valid for the foam and not for other elements in the building construction. The sound insulation has been tested by the accredited laboratory BM Trada in Great Britain according to EN ISO 10140-2. Test report is available upon request.


This Installation Instruction is based on the product’s European Technical Assessment, issued in accordance with regulation (EU) No 305/2011, on the basis of ETAG 026-2 and 3, edition 2011, used as European Assessment Document (EAD).

IMPORTANT FIRE PRODUCTS NOTICE: The information displayed on this website should be used as a guide ONLY and our Technical Department should be contacted to obtain a tailored specification and any advice necessary before you place an order for fire protection products. Fire protection products are non-returnable except in accordance with Condition 8 of the Terms and Conditions . We will not be held liable for any resulting damage to property, human life or monetary costs incurred due to the incorrect specification you have prepared or use of fire protection products caused by your negligence, including your failure to have contacted us to obtain the relevant advice/specification.

Product Details

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