Protecta Interior Paint FR-1


    Protecta Interior Paint FR-1, a hard-wearing interior decorative acrylic paint with special properties to protect against spread of fire. The one-layer system normally requires no primer, no top coat, is easy to use and is very easy to clean up, with smooth and rich colours providing a non-reflective fireproof finish.

    • Perfect for upgrading architectural protected buildings where walls, ceilings, doors, covings etc, are required to be kept in their original form and material
    • Fire resistant, non-toxic and durable with excellent coverage
    • Meets B-s1,d0, B-s2,d0, K1 K2 10, B-s1,d0 & EI 30 fire classifications
    • Lasts up to 12 years - resists bacteria and fungal growth
    • Suitable for most surfaces, including concrete, bricks, masonry, primed steel, wood, gypsum and most non-porous surfaces
    • UPDATED - now available in 28 new colours and shades
    • See below for more features, benefits & restrictions

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    • Light Cocoa (FR-1)
    • Spring Mist (FR-1)
    • Light Blossom (FR-1)
    • Mid Peach (FR-1)
    • Sandle (FR-1)
    • Ivory Cream (FR-1)
    • Butterscotch (FR-1)
    • Artichoke (FR-1)
    • Dusky Pink (FR-1)
    • Pale Peach (FR-1)
    • Mid Sandle (FR-1)
    • Light Mustard Cream (FR-1)
    • Slate (FR-1)
    • Light Shimmer (FR-1)
    • Dark Salmon (FR-1)
    • Light Sandle (FR-1)
    • Light Coffee (FR-1)
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    Protecta Interior Paint FR-1 is a decorative paint with special properties to protect against spread of fire and protect people’s health against harmful chemicals. It is a hard-wearing interior acrylic paint, formulated to the highest specification and offering unsurpassed intensity of colour.

    All colours are water-based and provide a smooth, rich and non-reflective finish. It is perfect for a contemporary look and to hide surface imperfections. Protecta Interior Paint FR-1 is a one-layer system that normally requires no primer, no top coat, is easy to use and very easy to clean up.

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    Features & Benefits

    • 4 Properties in 1 Paint
      1. Fire Resistant protecting your homes, schools, hospitals etc
      2. Non Toxic & Emission Free not harmful to you
      3. Durable robust and designed to last
      4. Excellent Coverage saving time and money
    • Best possible reaction to fire resistance classification turning combustible surfaces fireproof in both walls and ceilings, perfect for protecting wood
    • Painting wooden particle walls transforms them from a combustible non-fire rated wall to a fire-classified wall that can be used as part of a fire compartment system
    • Painting on top of existing paints, both water and solvent based will protect the old surfaces against fire making FR-1 ideal to upgrade fire safety in existing buildings without having to tear down and rebuild construction elements. Perfect for upgrading architectural protected buildings where walls, ceilings, doors, covings etc. are required to be kept in their original form and material
    • Non-toxic and emission free with near zero VOC and best possible emission classifications makes the paint perfect for anyone not wanting to breathe toxic chemicals and especially people suffering from asthma, allergies or any other breathing related diseases
    • Durable, robust and designed to last, can be cleaned with a damp cloth without the risk of washing off the paint. Durability is especially important on surfaces where abrasion occurs, for instance walls in hallways and staircases. The paint is not designed for use on floor surfaces
    • Excellent coverage with a spray applied one-coat system which is cost effective saving paint and especially application time. Brush and roller applications can also be performed, often in only two coats. No topcoat needed
    • Suitable for most surfaces, including concrete, bricks, masonry, primed steel, wood, gypsum, plastics and most non-porous surfaces, in most cases without a primer
    • Halogen free with added preservatives that resist bacteria and fungal growth providing extra protection to health in addition to the non- harmful emissions, and it also protects the underlying substrates
    • The paint is not intended for application on bituminous substrates or substrates that can exude certain oils and plasticizers or solvents, and is not recommended for use in constant humid areas
    • The paint’s durability is expected to be at least 12 years making it a cost effective option when compared with normal paints with limited durability
    • Do not apply in very damp or humid conditions or extremes of temperature




    Before painting ensure the surface to be painted is clean, dry and free from grease, dirt, dust, and other contaminants. Remove any old or flaking paint until you have a sound surface; if in doubt remove all existing coatings. Please see the primer section further below.



    For roller and brush application, dilute the paint with water. The paint can be diluted up to 20% (by volume), but 5% is the preferred amount.

    Add the water into the paint while stirring thoroughly to ensure complete mixing. Use a medium pile roller and apply no more than 150µ in one coat to get the best results. Increase the WFT loading required for the fire protection by the amount the paint was diluted, for example, if the fire protection loading was 370µ and the paint was diluted by 5% the loading that now needs to be applied is ~390µ WFT.

    Alternatively to ensure the correct loading has been applied simply apply all of the FR-1 paint specified to coat a given area regardless of how much it was diluted. Remove excess paint from the brush or roller on the rim of the paint pot and then wash brush/roller with water.



    The paint can be applied in one coat using spray equipment, for example, the Graco X-Force Spray Gun with a tip size 17-21thou. The paint can also be diluted for spraying but the fire protection loading would need to be adjusted as described above.

    Film Thickness Table (For Fire Resistance)

    Descriptionm² per litre paintFire classification
    Between 220µ and 370µ WFT on any wood based substrate with a thickness of at least 10mm and a density greater than 510kg/m³2.7 - 4.5B-s1,d0
    280µ WFT as topcoat on existing water based paint on any wood based substrate with a thickness of at least 10mm and a density greater than 510kg/m³3.5
    280µ WFT as topcoat on existing solvent based paint on any wood based substrate with a thickness of at least 10mm and a density greater than 510kg/m³3.5B-s2,d0
    220µ WFT on wooden particle board classified according to EN 312 P2 E1 in one layer with a thickness of at least 12mm4.5K 1 K 2 10, B-s1,d0
    See details further below4.5EI 30

    The wood based substrate can be installed with a ventilated or a non-ventilated air gap behind, as well as without air gap. 1000µ = 1.0mm, WFT = Wet Film.

    Detail Drawing for EI 30 Classification

    Emission Data (indoor air quality)

    CompoundEmission rate after 3 daysEmission rate after 4 weeks
    TVOC0.22 mg/m³< 0.005 mg/m³
    TSVOC< 0.005 mg/m³< 0.005 mg/m³
    R-value (dimensionless)0.380
    Sum w/o NIK< 0.005 mg/m³< 0.005 mg/m³
    Formaldehyde< 0.003 mg/m³< 0.003 mg/m³
    Total carcinogens< 0.001 mg/m³< 0.001 mg/m³
    Acetaldehyde0.003 mg/m³< 0.003 mg/m³
    Propionaldehyde< 0.003 mg/m³< 0.003 mg/m³
    Butyraldehyde< 0.003 mg/m³< 0.003 mg/m³


    Regulation or ProtocolConclusion
    French VOC RegulationA+
    French CMR componentsPass
    Belgian RegulationPass
    Indoor Air ComfortPass
    Indoor Air Comfort GOLDPass
    EN 717-1§E1
    BREEAM InternationalCompliant
    LEED v4 (outside U.S.)Compliant


    Protecta Interior Paint FR-1 can normally be applied without a primer, but there are a few exceptions.

    Interior Paint FR-1 should not be applied directly onto gloss paints.

    Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 Primer can be used as a tie coat to give Interior Paint FR-1 good adhesion to previously painted surfaces including gloss surfaces (P360/039). Knots and stains should be sealed before applying Interior Paint FR-1.

    Product Specification

    Technical Data
    TypeAcrylic based intumescent paint
    Cure systemWater loss
    Health and safetyNon-hazardous
    Tests standardsEN 13823 and EN ISO 11925
    Classification standardsEN 13501-1 and Regulation (EU) 2016/364
    ColourWhite base, matt
    Specific gravity1.40g/cm³
    Solids (theoretical)70%
    VOC0.0001 g/L
    Touch dry1 hour at ~22°C & 50% RH *
    Hard dry1.5 hour at ~22°C & 50% RH *
    Application conditionsMinimum +10°C and humidity lower than 80%
    Temperature range-30°C to +80°C (when hardened)
    DurabilityType Z² internal conditions with humidity lower than 85% R.H, excluding temperatures below 0°C
    Shelf lifeUp to 6 months when stored in cool dry well ventilated areas between +20 and +25°C
    Work life12 years

    * Drying times are dependent on temperature, RH & film thickness.

    Case Studies

    Protecta Interior Paint FR-1 is now available for use on Transport for London projects.

    Following the sad loss of life from the fire at Kings Cross Station in 1987, Transport for London implemented a scheme restricting the use of combustible building materials in any rail projects. Products proposed for use on London Underground, Cross Rail, Network Rail and HS2 projects have to be tested and evaluated in terms of their reaction to fire, toxicity of combustion gases and the density of smoke generated before given the green light for use.

    Interior Paint FR-1 ticked all of the boxes and is now available for use in Transport for London rail premises, both subsurface and overground.

    IMPORTANT FIRE PRODUCTS NOTICE: The information displayed on this website should be used as a guide ONLY and our Technical Department should be contacted to obtain a tailored specification and any advice necessary before you place an order for fire protection products. Fire protection products are non-returnable except in accordance with Condition 8 of the Terms and Conditions and should be applied only by an individual with the necessary expertise and experience. We will not be held liable for any resulting damage to property, human life or monetary costs incurred due to the incorrect specification you have prepared or use of fire protection products caused by your negligence, including your failure to have contacted us to obtain the relevant advice/specification.

    Product Details

    Data sheet

    Interior / Exterior Use
    Base Type
    Acrylic (water-based)
    Interior/Exterior Use
    Minimum Applied Thickness
    Maximum Applied Thickness
    Suitable Substrates
    Concrete, bricks, masonry, primed steel, wood, gypsum, plastics and most non-porous surfaces
    Key Features
    Fire resistant, non-toxic and emission-free, durable and with excellent coverage
    Brush, Roller, Spray
    2.7 - 4.5 m² per litre
    Recommended Thinner/Cleaner
    Compatible Primers
    Zinsser Bulls Eye 123
    Min. Application Temperature
    Zinsser Bulls Eye 123
    Solids by Volume
    0.0001 g/L
    Shelf Life (from date of manufacture)
    Up to 6 months when stored in cool dry well ventilated areas between +20 and +25 °C
    Touch Dry
    1 hour at ~22°C & 50% RH
    Drying time
    1.5 hour at ~22°C & 50% RH
    Base Type
    Suitable For Use On
    Suitable For Use On
    Suitable For Use On
    Primed Steel
    Suitable For Use On
    Suitable For Use On
    Suitable For Use On
    Suitable For Use On
    Application Method
    Application Method
    Application Method
    Product Type
    Colour Family
    Colour Family
    Colour Family
    Colour Family
    Colour Family
    Colour Family
    Colour Family

    Customer agrees that before placing an Order, Customer has read and understood the most up to date Product Data Sheet for the Product. Where we have access to the Product Data Sheet from the manufacturer, we will either provide a copy on request, or include a link to the Product Data Sheet available on the manufacturer’s website. Customer further agrees that we have no liability for any errors or omissions contained within the Product Data Sheets. For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions of Sale.

    questions Xoe on 2021-05-12 15:58:59

    Does this paint have a 1hr fire resistance? If not, how long is the fire resistance? Thank you.

    Answer from Rawlins’ Technical Team: 

    No, this product can achieve class 0 Level of fire protection on compatible substrates, we have contacted you directly to assist you with a recommendation.

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