• 502 HD Anti Slip Coating

502 HD Anti Slip Coating


502 HD Anti Slip Coating is a 3-pack solvent-free high-build epoxy resin system for application as a heavy duty non-slip floor coating for concrete, metal and wood surfaces requiring high levels of slip resistance.

  • Tough, long lasting high-build finish
  • Virtually odourless
  • Easy to apply and good colour stability
  • Hygienic and good chemical resistance
  • Excellent slip resistance
  • Available in 400+ RAL, BS and NCS colours
  • Ideal for use in high traffic areas requiring high slip resistance such floors, stairs, ramps, loading bays
  • Also suitable for chemical plant rooms, engineering workshops, automotive and aviation areas, factory units and warehouses
  • Excellent for all demarcation and walkways
  • This product is for Professional Use Only
  • Images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product

Ordering References Weight Min. Order Quantity Shipping
Standard/Ready Mixed Colours 5m² 1 2-3 working days - no minimum order
RAL Classic and BS4800 Colours 5m² 20 4-5 working day lead time
BS381C, RAL Design, NCS 5m² 30 5-7 working day lead time

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502 HD Anti Slip Coating is applied by brush or roller in one thick, durable coat and each composite pack contains sufficient material to provide a slip resistant epoxy coating system to 5 square metres of surface. Solvent and virtually odour free, 502 HD Anti Slip Coating is finished with a hard wearing aluminium oxide anti-slip aggregate and will withstand heavy traffic including fork lift trucks and chemicals.

502 HD Anti Slip Coating is a 3-pack solvent-free high-build epoxy resin system for application as a heavy duty non-slip floor coating for concrete, metal and wood surfaces requiring high levels of slip resistance.

502 HD Anti Slip Coating will provide a heavily textured coloured finish incorporating an anti-slip aggregate which is dispersed within the material upon application.

This product is for Professional Use Only.

Recommended Uses:

  • High traffic areas requiring high slip resistance such floors, stairs, ramps, loading bays, etc
  • Chemical plant rooms
  • Engineering workshops
  • Automotive and aviation areas
  • Factory units
  • Warehouses
  • Excellent for all demarcation and walkways

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Features & Benefits

  • Coverage 5m² per pack
  • Solvent free and virtually odourless
  • Withstands heavy traffic including fork lift trucks
  • Three-pack
  • For concrete, metal and wood surfaces
  • Easy to apply and good colour stability
  • Excellent slip resistance
  • Hygienic and good chemical resistance
  • Tough, long lasting high-build finish

Typical Properties

Technical Data
  502 HD Anti Slip Coating
Pot life @ 20°C: 30 Minutes
Tack Free Time @20°C: 3 hours
Hard Dry Time @ 20°C: 6 hours
Full Chemical Resistance @20°C: 7 days
Adhesive strength to Concrete: 3.7MPd (concrete failure)
Mohs Hardness of Aggregate: 9

Chemical Resistance
Chemical Resistance
Dilute Acids and Alkalis Excellent
Oil Excellent
Petrol Excellent
Diesel Excellent
Inorganic Salts Excellent

Please consult our Technical Department on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or send a message to [email protected] for specific advice.


  • 5m² per pack

Surface Preparation


  • Concrete surfaces shall be a minimum of 21 days old and/or the residual moisture content shall be below 6%
  • Ensure that the concrete is clean and free from dust, laitance, grease, oil, curing compound, and existing paint finishes etc
  • Smooth concrete, or concrete with soft laitance, shall be mechanically treated by diamond grinding or grit blasting to provide a clean profiled surface
  • Should this not be practicable then acid etching, although less preferable, is also an option


  • Metal surfaces shall be wire brushed or power disced to remove any rust and loose or flaking material
  • Grit blasting is recommended, where practical, for optimum performance
  • Coating application should be carried out immediately after preparation


  • Wood surfaces shall be sanded to a smooth finish, and all previous coating removed
  • Do not add the aggregate into the mix

Note: Substrates with high moisture content or oil contamination can still be coated in most instances by the inclusion of one of our specialist primers. Please see 402 Damp Proof Coating and 403 Oil Tolerant Primer for full detail.


  • Pre-mix the coloured base component to a uniform consistency then mix the entire contents of the base with the hardener using a slow speed electric mixer for approximately two minutes or until the two components have fully combined
  • Pour the contents of the curing agent container into the base container and thoroughly mix, preferably by mechanical means until a uniform consistency is achieved

Note: If a separate mixing bucket is being used then mix thoroughly as above ensuring all contents of the 2 components are removed from the buckets supplied

Mixing Ratio:

  • By Volume - 2.56 Base : 1 Curing Agent
  • By Weight - 100 Base : 26.9 Curing Agent


  • The ambient temperatures of the areas should not be allowed to fall below 10°C throughout the application and the curing period, as this could have an adverse effect on the appearance and colour of the system
  • Surface temperature must be above 5°C
  • Where possible it is recommended that the application area is heated to a minimum temperature of 15°C ideally to allow the ambient and substrate temperature to stabilise prior to installation
  • The mixed unit should be applied immediately by medium pile roller (not foam) or brush with a consistent procedure at an even rate of application to a measured area of no more than 5m² per pack
  • Floor areas should be cross-rolled to ensure even application and to minimise roller marks
  • Immediately scatter the anti-slip aggregate uniformly onto the wet coat to obtain the desired surface finish (total or light coverage as required)
  • Using the same roller that was used to apply the mixed resin and hardener roll over the sprinkled aggregate to bed in and cover the anti-slip aggregate
  • It is not normally necessary to re-charge the roller with mixed resin unless very heavy quantities of grit have been applied
  • Coverage rates will depend on profile and porosity of the substrate
  • 304 HD Epoxy Floor Coating can be installed as a first coat for a smooth finish followed by a top coat of 502 HD Anti Slip Coating for a textured finish
  • Or an additional coat of 304 HD Epoxy Floor Coating can be applied (not exceeding 200 microns) over the cured 502 HD Anti Slip Coating system to increase the life expectancy of the system and make the finished surface easier to clean (please note this will most likely reduce the level of slip resistance)


  • It is impracticable to clean rollers after use
  • Clean equipment with 109 Tool Cleaner prior to curing of the coating


  • Allow to cure for a minimum of 8 hours @ 20°C prior to light foot traffic access
  • Curing at lower temperatures will extend this period, whereas curing at higher temperatures will allow faster access


  • Do not apply to wet or uncured concrete surfaces
  • Do not apply at temperatures of 3°C or less

Storage & Shelf Life

  • Store in dry conditions at temperatures between 10°C and 25°C
  • Do not expose to freezing conditions
  • 502 HD Anti Slip Coating has a minimum of 12 months shelf life when stored in original, unopened containers in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions

Health & Safety

  • Wear gloves and goggles
  • Wash off splashes immediately with soap and water
  • Please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information
  • 502 HD Anti Slip Coating shall be applied strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions

For specific advice regarding any aspect of this product, please consult our Technical Department on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or send a message to [email protected]

Product Details

Data sheet

Interior / Exterior Use
Interior and Exterior
Water / Solvent Based
For Use On
Concrete, Wood, Metal
Application Method
Brush, Roller
Single, Two or Three Pack
Pack Size
Mixing Ratio
2.56 Base : 1 Curing Agent
Fully Cured (at 20°C)
7 Days
Pot Life (at 20°C)
30 Minutes
Min. Application Temperature
Shelf Life (from date of manufacture)
12 Months
Touch Dry
3 Hours
UN Number

Customer agrees that before placing an Order, Customer has read and understood the most up to date Product Data Sheet for the Product. Where we have access to the Product Data Sheet from the manufacturer, we will either provide a copy on request, or include a link to the Product Data Sheet available on the manufacturer’s website. Customer further agrees that we have no liability for any errors or omissions contained within the Product Data Sheets. For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions of Sale.

questions Michael Barr on 2019-12-23 11:40:25

Can this product be used on a workshop floor? we will be driving trucks in and out of our workshop


Absolutely, assuming the floor is concrete the product would be ideally suited to this type of application.

questions Dale Smith on 2018-05-08 15:36:42

I am going to be using 502 HD Anti-Slip coating to provide a non-slip coating to metal pedestrian ramps. The existing metal ramps can become slippery when wet / icy, and the 502 seems to be the ideal product. The steel ramps are located outside, in isolated rural locations, and will only ever be used by foot traffic. Could you tell me what life expectancy I can expect from this product under these circumstances (can't find it within your web-site pages). Many thanks


The surface preparation will be key to longevity; the steel should ideally be shot blasted to produce a clean profile to optimise adhesion. Reduced levels of preparation may affect the bond strength and therefore the service-life; the use of a suitable primer, such as 404 Epoxy Metal Primer should also be considered on more minimally prepared surfaces. Given proper preparation, we would anticipate a minimum service life of 5 – 7 years for the system.

502 HD Anti Slip Coating is not UV stable so if colour/gloss retention/stability is important 309 Polyurethane Coating could be used, following a minimum 24 hours cure of the 502 HD.

questions David Beecham on 2018-01-31 14:54:12

Can you please advise of VOC content of your 502 HD anti-slip floor coating


502 HD Anti Slip Coating is VOC free.

questions Ella on 2018-01-12 14:18:41
Question: Hello We are looking for something anti sip that can be used on a tiled surface. It is an external ramp entrance open to the elements. So needs to be weatherproof, anti-slip and needs to adhere to a tiled surface? Thanks

We would recommend after preparation, priming the tiles with Smartkote Protectakote Clear Primer Treatment and then finishing with Smartkote Protectakote UVR.

questions Helen Edis on 2017-05-25 04:57:54
Question: we are looking for a non slip concrete covering for use in our pool room in our canine hydrotherapy centre. The product must be waterproof as obviously some parts are permanently wet and inside a shower area also. It must be non slip and scratch resistance. Plus it needs to look nice too. Do you have a product you can recommend ?

Both our 502 HD Anti Slip Coating and 503 Easy Clean Anti Slip Coating would be suitable for this application. 502 leaves a much coarser more aggressive anti-slip profile than the 503.

questions jim wark on 2016-05-09 15:18:34
Question: can you apply over a previous painted floor

502 HD Anti Slip Coating should ideally be applied to bare or suitably primed floors. If an existing coating cannot be removed for any reason, then 502 HD Anti Slip Coating may be applied if the existing paints are epoxy based. Abrade the existing paint thoroughly to provide a key, ensure that any loose and flaking material is completely removed and test adhesion and compatibility by applying to a small area before proceeding. Alternatively, our 501 Anti Slip Floor Paint can be applied over most existing floor paints without issue.

questions John Ward on 2016-02-06 07:34:57

Do you need a primer applied to the concrete floor before you use 502 HD Anti Slip Coating? If so what one should you use?


No primer is necessary if the concrete is clean, dry and prepared according to the data sheet. You can use 402 Damp Proof Coating if the concrete has no DPM (damp proof membrane), has a high moisture content or has recently been laid. You can use 403 Oil Tolerant Primer if the concrete has oil contamination.


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