Remmers Copper Tape


Remmers Copper Tape is a self-adhesive copper tape for discharging electrical charges in conductive coating systems.

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Remmers Copper Tape is a self-adhesive copper tape for discharging electrical charges in conductive coating systems.

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Remmers Epoxy Conductive

Remmers Epoxy Conductive is a water emulsifiable, conductive, 2-component epoxy resin used as a transverse layer in electrically conductive systems. Ideal for technical science rooms, electronic industry, telecommunications, warehouses and printing operations.

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RSL Resustat SL23

Resustat SL23, a 4 part static-dissipative resin based flooring system laid at 3 mm nominal thickness. The formulation comprises of a unique blend of conductive fillers blended with polyurethane resin components & pigments to provide an attractive smooth Matt finish with an electrical conductivity leakage resistance of <10 9 ohms when...

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RSL Resustat Terrazzo

Resustat Terrazzo is a prestige, extremely heavy duty static-dissipative polyurethane floor resin comprised with inert granite aggregates. It produces a seamless, anti-static finish that meets the BS2050 industrial application compliance. ADVANTAGES Chemical Resistant Impact and abrasion resistant Hard wearing Anti-slip Non-taint...

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RSL Resustat CP

RSL Resustat CP (formerly known as Resustat Primer) is designed to be applied prior to the use of Resustat ESM, Resustat SL23, Resustat TG69 or Resustat Terrazzo. It is a low viscosity epoxy primer with conductive fillers.  Features and Benefits:  Conductive with very low electrical resistance Good adhesion Low odour High solids Easy...

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Remmers Epoxy BS 3000 AS NEW

Remmers Epoxy BS 3000 AS NEW (Viscacid BS 3000 Conductive) is a pigmented, 2-component, epoxy resin sealant that can be subjected to mechanical loads. Used for surfaces that are subjected to light mechanical and chemical loads, e.g. roadways and industrial floors, when a conductive coating is required. Diffusion-open, silk gloss, thin layer,...

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Sikafloor 262 AS N Thixo

Sikafloor 262 AS N Thixo is a 2-part electrostatically conductive textured, high build, coloured epoxy coating. Decorative and protective electrostatically conductive textured coating for concrete or cement screeds with normal to medium heavy wear. Features and Benefits Good chemical and mechanical resistance  Slip resistance  Easy to...

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Remmers Epoxy SIC Color

Remmers Epoxy SIC Color is a textured, dissipative, hard grain coating that is conductive, provides slip-resistance, withstands mechanical/chemical loads and is physiologically harmless after curing.

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Sikafloor Earthing Kit

Sikafloor Earthing Kit is a system of anchored brass plates with a stable earth connection. Each box contains 10 connections and at least 2 per room should be used - see coating system data sheet for more details.

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Sikafloor 390 ECF

Sikafloor 390 ECF is a two part, electrostatic conductive self-smoothing, flexible, coloured epoxy resin with crack-bridging and chemical resistance for concrete and screed surfaces in bund areas for the protection against water contaminating liquids. Features and Benefits High chemical resistance Crack-bridging Liquid proof

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RSL Resustat TG69

Resustat TG69 is a heavy duty, water-based polyurethane resin screed for highly aggressive environments, with anti-static qualities compliant with BS 2050 for industrial applications.  ADVANTAGES High chemical resistance Thermal shock and abrasion resistance Resistant to liquids up to 100°C Anti-slip Matt finish Decorative Image...

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RSL Resustat ESM

Resustat ESM static-dissipative flooring system with epoxy resin components, conductive fillers and pigments to produce a decorative finish. It is also crystalline silica free. ADVANTAGES Hard wearing Hygienic Chemical, abrasion and impact resistance Decorative Easy to apply Made to order - longer lead times may apply Image already...

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Remmers Epoxy WHG Color AS

Remmers Epoxy WHG Color AS is a crackbridging, chemical resistant, conductive finish in the SL Floor WHG AS coating system for collection basins, collection rooms and surfaces made of concrete in facilities for storing, filling and refilling water hazardous liquids pursuant to National Technical Approval Z-59.12-303.

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Remmers Epoxy AS Color

Remmers Epoxy AS Color is a conductive, pigmented, epoxy resin coating which can be used for concrete surfaces that are subjected to mechanical and chemical loads, e.g. roadways and industrial floors made of concrete and cement screeds where a conductive coating is required. Wear resistant, can be subjected to chemical loads, physiologically...

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Remmers Epoxy ESD Color 3K

Remmers Epoxy ESD Color 3K is an isotropic or bulk conductive coating for conductive surfaces and ESD protection zones with chemical and mechanical loads that can also be subjected to vehicle traffic. Used for floor surfaces that require a conductive coating or a coating suitable for ESD. Ideal for production surfaces, storage surfaces, workshops, work...

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Sikafloor 230 ESD TopCoat

Sikafloor 230 ESD TopCoat is a two part, electrostatic dissipative, coloured water dispersed epoxy floor seal coat for use in conjunction with Sikafloor 262 AS N. Particularly suitable for areas with requirements for the lowest electrostatic charge (body-voltage) and a dissipative surface. Features and Benefits Body voltage generation <...

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Sikafloor 220 W Conductive

Sikafloor 220 W Conductive is a two part, water dispersed, epoxy resin primer with high electrostatic conductivity. Must be applied as a primer underneath all Sikafloor conductive wearing courses on concrete and cementitious screeds for different types of industrial use. Features and Benefits: Highly electrostatically conductive Easy...

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