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RSL Resustat TG69


Resustat TG69 is a heavy duty, water-based polyurethane resin screed for highly aggressive environments, with anti-static qualities compliant with BS 2050 for industrial applications. 

  • High chemical resistance
  • Thermal shock and abrasion resistance
  • Resistant to liquids up to 100°C
  • Anti-slip
  • Matt finish
  • Decorative

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Resustat TG69 has a unique blend of conductive fillers making it a static-dissipative screed with resin components and pigments that produce a textured matt finish. It is ideal for environments that have a high level of electrical current.

For best results, it should be applied at 6mm nominal thickness. For electrical conductivity leakage resistance, please see the product data sheet at the bottom of this page. 

Recommended Uses

  • Television studios
  • Electronic areas
  • Doctor and veterinary surgeries
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Engineering
  • Chemical plant


To achieve the best performance from Resustat TG69, the correct surface preparation is essential. Substrates must be clean, sound, dry and free of surface laitance with a minimum strength of 25N/mm sq. All surfaces must be prepared by vacuum blasting or mechanical abrasion.

To ensure maximum bond is achieved, grooves must be cut into the perimeter of the subfloor prior to priming. These should typically be 20mm deep by 8mm wide, and 150mm from, and running parallel with the walls and adjacent to any doorways.

Copper Strips: In order for static-dissipative systems to function effectively, it is essential that the system connects to electrical earth. Where ground floor slabs are laid direct to earth this is often sufficient. Where floors are not directly in contact, or earthing is poor, then copper strips should be laid onto the floor and connected to form a grid and secured to a suitable earthing point. The grid should be applied over the primer but under the Resustat CP.


Resustat TG69 can be applied onto a cured coat of Resustat CP two-pack solvent-free epoxy - to be used as a high build single coat static-dissipative primer. Coverage 21 m sq. per 5 kg unit.

Rough or porous surfaces may require an additional coat of Resuprime ST or Resuseal WB, which should be allowed to cure before Resustat CP is applied. It is essential the primer coat seals the substrate, so no air pockets or cavities remain.

If substrates have moisture levels above 75% RH, prime the surface with Resuprime MVT prior to Resustat CP being installed. (Number of coats dependent on moisture content).

IMPORTANT: Take a check reading of the cured primer before proceeding. See data sheet for details.


The ambient temperatures of the areas should not be allowed to fall below 10°C throughout the application and the curing period. When the primed surface is tack free, Resustat TG69 should be applied at the required rate as soon after mixing as possible (delay can result in variation in surface finish, colour and add to application problems).

Thoroughly premix the coloured base component ensuring any settled pigment is recovered, then add the hardener component and mix to an even consistency (1 minute). Using a rotary drum mixer or similar forced action mixer bowl, add the aggregate component steadily and then add the conductive component and mix thoroughly for a maximum 2-3 minutes to ensure a lump-free homogeneous compound.

Apply to pre-primed areas and level between battens as necessary with a steel float. Alternatively, a sledge can be used set at the required thickness and finished with a steel float. Where ease of cleaning is very important alongside slip resistance, the final finish can be smoothed by back rolling with a short nap roller. A single pass with the weight of the roller is usually sufficient. Resustat TG69 screed should ideally be laid in bays to a maximum width of 6m.

Resuthane units should be applied consistently with mixes from the same batch used consecutively where adjacent areas are being laid. NB: Cure times are extended at low temperatures.

Product Details

Data sheet

Water / Solvent Based
For Use On
Application Method
Standard / Ready Mixed
VOC Levels
Ultra-Low (5-49 g/l)
Single, Two or Three Pack
Pack Size
Steel float, Roller.
2.5 m. sq. per 30 kg. unit @ 6mm thickness.

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