RSL Resuthane JT40


Resuthane™ JT40 is a cove and wall polyurethane resin render designed to be used with Resuthane™ floor screeds, maintaining the high levels of resilience to chemicals and hot temperatures. It is also suitable for radius coves.


  • Seamless finish
  • High chemical resistance
  • Resistant to hot water & steam
  • Matt finish
  • Extremely hard wearing

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Resuthane JT40 is a water-based resin render which can be applied to coves and walls which require significant protection from hard wearing concrete floors. Once fully sealed with Resuthane T100, it should maintain the exceptional standards of resistance already prevalent.

This product is ideal for the food and drink sector, pharmaceutical, abattoir, dairy environments and more due to its resistance to all types of chemicals and the anti-slip properties allows floors to be safe in dry and wet conditions. 


  • Food manufacture & processing
  • Brewing & beverage
  • Dairies
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Pharmaceutical & chemical plant processing
  • Abattoirs
  • Medical & Healthcare


New Concrete Floors: New concrete must be clean, sound, dry, fully cured and surface laitance removed by vacuum enclosed shot blasting or mechanical grinding, a minimum strength of 25N/mm sq. is required.

Existing Concrete Floors: Remove all dirt, oil, grease, old paint or any other surface contaminants by vacuum enclosed shot blasting, scarifying or mechanical grinding. Fats, oils or grease must be removed by mechanical means and detergent washing making sure all residue of the detergent is washed and removed by rinsing with clean water.

Existing Floors (previously coated): All previous coatings and loose floor paints must be removed by mechanical preparation as described in the above section and primed as specified. If the old resin flooring cannot be removed, then please consult with our technical team for advice on intercoat adhesion and suitability, as it may not be compatible with existing floor coating.


Priming of surfaces should be carried out using Resutack PU. Once the area has been primed the Resuthane™ JT40 should be applied immediately onto the wet primer. This will allow a chemical bond to form between the primer and the Resuthane™ JT40 which will provide a stronger adhesive bond to the substrate.


Resuthane™ JT40 may be applied to substrates with a surface temperature in the range of 5-20°C and a relative humidity <90% RH, with a minimum air temperature of 8°C and no condensation. Do not pre-warm this product as working times will be substantially reduced if materials are warm.

NB. Cure times are extended at low temperatures.

Mix the coloured base component to an even consistency, ensuring the re-dispersion of any settled pigment, thoroughly scrape the contents of the base and hardener components into the same container and mix thoroughly for one minute. Pour the combined base and hardener into a rotary drum mixer and add the aggregate component steadily, until a homogeneous mix of the three components is achieved. Apply to pre-primed areas with a coving trowel to form the skirting as required.

Note: Due to the different aggregates used in this vertical grade material, a variation in surface texture and colour density must be expected. Where a closer colour match is required to adjacent surfaces then Resuthane™ T100 should be used to overcoat the Resuthane™ JT40 within 24 hrs of application.

Resuthane™ JT40 units should be applied consistently with mixes from the same batch used consecutively where adjacent areas are being laid.

Product Details

Data sheet

18 kg will form 6 linear metres to a height of 150mm with a base of 100mm and a full radius
Touch Dry
3 Hours

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