RSL R.S. Terrazzo Marble
    • RSL R.S. Terrazzo Marble
    • RSL R.S. Terrazzo Marble
    • RSL R.S. Terrazzo Marble
    • RSL R.S. Terrazzo Marble
    • RSL R.S. Terrazzo Marble
    • RSL R.S. Terrazzo Marble

    RSL Resuflor Terrazzo


    Resuflor Terrazzo (formerly known as R.S. Terrazzo and Resustat Terrazzo) is a 4-part decorative seamless floor finish comprised of inert marble aggregates and epoxy resin. It provides both a high wear and decorative finish for public areas such as shopping centres, airports and supermarkets.

    • Chemical resistant
    • Anti-slip
    • Extremely hard wearing
    • Hot water resistant
    • Decorative

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    Resuflor Terrazzo (formerly known as R.S. Terrazzo and Resustat Terrazzo) is a heavy duty decorative epoxy terrazzo effect seamless floor finish produced from inert marble aggregates and epoxy resin. Resuflor Terrazzo is ideal where there is both a high wear and aesthetic decorative requirement such as shopping centres, retail outlets, airport terminals and office buildings.

    It was installed in Hope Hospital by Balfour Beatty, a commission from Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust. It was during this project that the marble aggregates were combined with granite aggregates to fit their requirements.

    Resuflor Terrazzo was also used to refurbish the floor, stairs and ramped areas of Manchester Central Library, keeping in fitting with the Grade II Listed building’s decor.

    Features & Benefits

    • Decorative
    • High chemical resistance
    • Resistant to hot water and steam
    • Excellent slip resistant finish
    • Extremely hard wearing
    • Recommended uses:
      • Building entrances
      • Food manufacture and processing
      • Retail outlets
      • Corridors
      • Pharmaceutical & chemical plant processing
      • Abattoirs
      • Heavy duty plant and traffic areas

    Product Information

    Product Information
    System Thickness (Recommended)8-10mm
    Solids Content by Weight100%
    Pack Make Up1 x Base 1 x Hardener 1 x Powder Aggregate 1 x Aggregate
    Shelf Life12 months (Base, Hardener & Aggregates)
    StorageKeep out of direct sunlight. Store in a dry place, between 15°C- 30°C
    Application Information (at 20°C)
    Coverage Rate (Theoretical)30Kg will cover 1.5 m 2 @ 10mm ground back to 8mm
    Pot Life30 Minutes
    First Grind48-72 hours
    Wet Polish16-24 hours after grouting
    Final Seal Coats16-24 hours after wet polishing
    Full Chemical Cure7 days
    Technical Information
    Category GuideFerFA Category 8
    Slip ResistanceDry >60
    Method BS7976 pt1-3 2002Wet - Please consult Sherwin-Williams/Rawlins Paints Technical
    The slip resistance of a floor surface can vary as a result of the installation process, conditions at the time of application and subsequent traffic. Inappropriate cleaning or maintenance can adversely affect the performance. For further advice on potential wet areas please consult Sherwin-Williams/Rawlins Technical
    Abrasion Resistance (Method BS8204 /ASTM D4060)n/a
    Temperature ResistanceTolerant of temperatures up to 120°C at 9mm
    Chemical ResistanceGood chemical resistance - Consult Sherwin-Williams/Rawlins Technical
    VOC< 9 g/l Calculation based on a full mixed unit
    Life ExpectancyUp to 10 years - subject to industrial traffic. Sherwin-Williams terms and conditions will apply

    Products required for this system


    New Concrete Floors:

    Must be clean, sound, dry, fully cured and surface laitance removed by vacuum enclosed shot blasting, scarifying or mechanical grinding. Fats, oils or greases must be removed by mechanical means and detergent washing and make sure all residue detergent is washed and removed by rinsing with clean water.

    Existing Floors (previously coated)

    All previous coatings and loose floor paints must be removed by mechanical preparation as described in the above section and primed as specified. If the old resin flooring cannot be removed, then please consult with our technical team for advice on intercoat adhesion and suitability as it may not be compatible with existing floor coating.

    Where overcoating other systems such as epoxy coatings or screeds, as part of a specified composite system in the data sheets, please follow the recoat time as stated in the individual data sheets, the coating in each stage should be tack free, but not fully cured. If fully cured then mechanical preparation is required to ensure intercoat adhesion.


    Open and porous substrates may require priming with Resuseal WB, also Resuprime ST may be used as primer on dry substrates only with less than 75% ERH reading. Where the Relative Humidity of a substrate exceeds 75% ERH Resuprime MVT should be specified and selected on the basis of hygrometer readings in accordance with BS 8203.

    The number of coats to be applied is chosen in accordance with the following table:

    ERH%Required Coating Thickness
    75-851 coat of Resuprime MVT at 200 microns per coat
    85-922 coats of Resuprime MVT at 200 microns per coat
    92-973 coats of Resuprime MVT at 200 microns per coat


    The ambient temperatures of the areas should not be allowed to fall below 15°C throughout the application and the curing period, as this could have an adverse effect on the appearance and colour of the system. Surface temperature must be above 10°C. Where possible it is recommended that the application area is heated to a minimum temperature of 15°C ideally to allow the ambient and substrate temperature to stabilize prior to installation.


    Pre-mix the coloured base component to a uniform consistency then mix the entire contents of the base with the hardener. If a separate mixing bucket is being used mix thoroughly ensuring all contents of both components are removed from the buckets supplied. Transfer to a forced action mixer and add the aggregate components slowly whilst mixing. Add the powder first followed by the marble aggregate. Mix for approximately two to three minutes until the three components have fully combined.

    Resuflor Terrazzo should be worked with a trowel or float to achieve a dense, compacted finish. Apply at nominal 10mm between battens to the primed concrete with a steel float to produce a uniform level finish. This is best achieved by the application of smooth even pressure in one direction, gradually increasing the pressure as the material compacts and beds down.

    After curing for a minimum of 48 hours at 20°C, grinding can commence on Resuflor Terrazzo. This is followed by a fine cut to remove cutting marks. Care must be taken to use appropriate equipment to achieve the necessary finish.


    Product Details

    Data sheet

    For Use By
    Industrial Use
    Interior / Exterior Use
    Interior Use
    For Use On
    concrete Floors
    Concrete Ramps
    Concrete Steps
    Application Method
    Base Type
    Water-based polyurethane resin
    Interior/Exterior Use
    Minimum Applied Thickness
    10mm, ground back to 8mm
    Suitable Substrates
    Key Features
    Decorative terrazzo effect, hardwearing and chemical resistant
    Trowel, Float
    Dry to Recoat (at 20°C)
    Fully Cured (at 20°C)
    7 days
    30Kg will cover 1.5 m 2 @ 10mm ground back to 8mm
    Recommended Thinner/Cleaner
    R.S. Industrial Floor Cleaner, R.S. Tyre Mark Remover, R.S. Fats, Oils & Grease Remover & R.S. Oil Remover.
    Compatible Primers
    Resuseal WB, Resuprime ST, Resuprime MVT
    Max. Application Temperature
    Min. Application Temperature
    1.04 (relative)
    Solids by Volume
    Dry for Light Traffic (at 20°C)
    Dry for Full Traffic (at 20°C)
    Base Type
    Base Type
    Suitable For Use On
    Concrete Floors
    Suitable For Use On
    Concrete Steps
    Suitable For Use On
    Suitable For Use On
    Concrete Ramps
    Application Method
    Product Type
    Coloured Screed
    Product Range
    Colour Family
    Colour Family
    Colour Family
    Colour Family
    Colour Family
    Average Application Thickness

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