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Conforming to EN 1504-2, the Mona-Guard Extra Natural Stone Sealer is an excellent sealer for environments which are subject to high traffic or public spaces, where resistance to oil, water, weathering and UV are important.

Other Key Benefits

  • Reduce costs: only one coat is required.
  • Many applications: use on dense, low porous substrates.
  • Long-lasting: Unaffected by freeze and thaw cycles.

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Mona-Guard Extra is a natural stone sealer that repels water that is ideal for a huge variety of uses that use a dense and low porous substrate.

The non-stick finish also allows easy removal of chewing gum, making this a particularly appropriate sealer for environments exposed to the public.

The oil repellent nature of this stone sealer is evident in the chemical nature; the term hydrophobic to oil, gives the accurate impression that any oil spilt on the treated substrate has a fear of water. Mona-Guard Extra's hydrophobic solution gives you the satisfaction that oil will be repelled. For this reason, you can happily apply this sealer to areas which are subject to oily substances. Consider the following substrates that this sealer can be used on:

  • Polished concrete.
  • GRC.
  • Marble.
  • Terazzo.
  • Blockwork.

Product Use in the Workplace

  • Shopping centre - Flooring in these environments suffers huge amounts of footfall, bringing in contaminants in from outside, including stay blobs of chewing gum, transplanting them on to the shopping centre floor.
  • Footpath - A good way of keep indoor environments as clean as possible is to keep the outside footpaths protected. Imagine, if every footpath in the world is coated with a coating which repels oil and allows easy removal of chewing gum, that's going to mean far less mess being transferred inside.
  • Garage - Susceptible to spillages from oil, a coating which repels this is going to be a very good thing, especially to prevent staining.

Features & Benefits

  • Oil, water, stain and dirt resistant.
  • Highly resistant to weathering and UV.
  • Conforms to EN 1504-2.
  • Clear non-glossy appearance.
  • Unaffected by freeze and thaw cycles.
  • 12-month shelf life.

Approx coverage rates as follows:

 Granite  15m²/Litre
 Marble  13m²/Litre
 Terrazzo  8m²/Litre
 Engineering brick  8m²/Litre
 Polished concrete  8m²/Litre
 GRC  8m²/Litre


Ensure surfaces to be treated are clean, free from contamination and dry. Treat all areas affected by organic growth with Mona-Clean Algae Remover.


Application by low pressure spray or by brush/roller taking care to avoid any sagging. Application on vertical surfaces should be to full saturation commencing at the bottom and working upwards. One application is normally required, however, on porous substrates a second application may be required. Apply the second application in the same manner immediately after the first application, taking care not to allow the first application to dry out. Do not apply at temperatures below 5°C. Shake container well before use. All equipment should be cleaned with water after use.

Recommended storage is in a cool, dry place with temperatures between 10-15°C. Do not allow to freeze.

Product Details

Data sheet

Interior / Exterior Use
Interior and Exterior
Water / Solvent Based
For Use On
Concrete, Granite, Marble, Terrazzo
Single, Two or Three Pack
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