Heskins Permastripe


    Heskins PermaStripe rolls, part of a durable floor line marking system for warehouses and factory floors and a great alternative to resin or painted lines. Create clearly defined high-visibility routes for employees to perform duties and guests to pass through work areas safely and effectively.

    • Marks out aisles, bays, escape routes, etc
    • 2 finishes available; Standard - embossed for anti-slip; Smooth - easy to clean for areas with strict hygiene
    • Choose from solid colours or hazard designs
    • Available on rolls with widths from 50mm to 100mm
    • Use with PermaStripe Shapes to create flowing line marking systems
      • Shapes include arrows, boots and foot outlines, corners, T-junctions, etc

    Pick a Colour
    • Current colour: Black - RAL9004
    Close colour picker
    • RAL2008 - Bright Red Orange
    • RAL5013 - Colbalt Blue
    • Black - RAL9004
    • RAL1018 - Light Yellow
    • Hazard Black/Yellow
    • RAL 2009 Traffic Orange
    • RAL 3018 Strawberry Red
    • RAL 5012 Light Blue
    • RAL 6018 Yellow Green
    • Hazard Red/White
    • RAL 1016 - Fluorescent Yellow
    • RAL 9003 - White
    • Hazard Black/White
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    Heskins PermaStripe rolls form part of a durable line marking system (used with PermaStripe Shapes) for warehouse and factory floors, creating clearly defined and highly-visible routes for employees to perform duties and guests to pass through work areas safely and effectively. As a great alternative to painted lines or resin, PermaStripe is quick and easy to install. Self-adhesive, it sticks down to a clean and dry surface - no detailed preparation beyond cleaning and drying the surface is required and, once application is done, the area is ready immediately. Much less downtime for businesses!

    The system has been used to great effect in warehouses with continuous production that cannot afford the time to mark off and exclude areas for drying, or that work with products that could be tainted or contaiminated by solvents and smells from paints and resins. PermaStripe allows much quicker installation, working around the business rather than interupting, and allows areas to be used immediately after application.

    The strength and durability of PermaStripe has seen it being used in aircraft hangars with heavy machinery, and logistics centres with lots of foot and vehicle traffic, without the need for replacement. Removal is possible and due to the thickness and extreme strength of PermaStripe, it will not snap when removed. This allows for easy 5S Visual Management changes in the workplace, unlike resin or painted lines.

    PermaStripe is available in 2 finishes; Standard has an embossed, anti-slip surface, whilst Smooth has no anti-slip surface and is designed for easier cleaning, leaving no areas for bacteria to harbour, for particular use in businesses with strict hygiene standards.

    Both Standard and Smooth PermaStripe fit perfectly into Heskins' line marking tape range; the colours are the same, the angles are the same, all designed to create the perfect warehouse or factory line marking system, marking out aisles, bays, escape routes, etc.

    Also available: PermaStripe Shapes

    • Arrows
    • Boot and foot outlines
    • Letters and digits
    • Corners, end-caps and T-junctions for PermaStripe rolls

    See the Heskins range of accessories for additional help during application, pro-longing the life of anti-slip tapes and line markings. The range consists of primers, edge fixing, mallets, rollers etc, including the PermaStripe Line Marking Applicator.

    PermaStripe & PermaRoute; What’s the Difference?

    Both products are designed to withstand testing warehouse and industrial environments, with subtle differences between them.


    A solid, homogenous piece of virgin plastic, PermaStripe is 1mm thick and extremely tough. The edges are feathered (sloped/curved) so that the material isn't a trip hazard, and the surface can be finished completely smooth for easier cleaning, or with a mild, non-slip emboss.

    The solid homogenous construction ensures colours will not fade or be scratched off, or removed by harsh solvents such as MEK, toluene, etc. The thick plastic is hard to remove due to its strong adhesion, but removal is possible should line marking need to be altered.


    Perfectly flat, PermaRoute can be produced in much wider widths to create fully coloured walkways if needed, and the flat structure helps durability should vehciles need to turn on the material.

    Made in 3 parts, the printed design is fully protected by a laminate with a mild non-slip emboss, with strong adhesive underneath. This construction allows printed logos and designs to be used.

    Ordering References

    PermaStripe Standard colours:

    • H6901N Black (RAL 9004)
    • H6901B Blue (RAL 5012)
    • H6901V Green (RAL 6018)
    • H6901O Orange (RAL 2009)
    • H6901R Red (RAL 3018)
    • H6901Y Yellow (RAL 1018)
    • H6901W White (RAL 9003)
    • H6901F Fluorescent Yellow (RAL 1016)
    • H6901A Hazard Red/White
    • H6901D Hazard Black/Yellow
    • H6901E Hazard Black/White


    PermaStripe Smooth colours:

    • H6906N Black (RAL 9004)
    • H6906B Blue (RAL 5012)
    • H6906V Green (RAL 6018)
    • H6906R Red (RAL 3018)
    • H6906O Orange (RAL 2008)
    • H6906Y Yellow (RAL 1018)
    • H6906W White (RAL 9003)
    • H6906A Hazard Red/White
    • H6906D Hazard Black/Yellow

    Features & Benefits

    • Line marking rolls for warehouses and factories
    • Use in 5S Visual Management systems
    • A great alternative to resin or painted lines
      • Self-adhesive - quicker to install
      • Apply efficiently with the PermaStripe Line Marking Applicator
      • Areas ready to use immediately after application - minimal downtime
      • Can be removed to make adjustments, without breaking
    • Available in solid colours or hazard designs
    • Use with PermaStripe Shapes
      • Create lines around corners
      • Use T-junctions to combine lines
      • Arrows, markers, letters & digits to convey information

    Product Data

    SubjectResultTest method
    Plastic compositionPVCN/A
    Plastic thickness1mmN/A
    Peel adhesion N/25mm42.2180˚ FINAT FTM1
    Tensile strength, N/25mm>200Lloyd 500N load cell
    Adhesive thickness0.2mmN/A
    Total thickness1.3mmN/A
    Initial tack (cm)< 8PSTC-6
    180° Adhesion (kg/25.4mm)>1.8ASTM-D1000
    Holding Power (hrs/kg/25.4mm²)>48PSTC-7
    Temperature range-30°C to +70°CSee notes below

    The independent test laboratory at Adhesive Technical Services Ltd performed the temperature test, England.

    Coefficient of Friction

    H6901 PermaStripeR10DIN51130

    The above tests were conducted in accordance with Pendulum, the tests were conducted at a recognised independent friction testing laboratory, and copy certificates are available on request.

    Photoluminescent PermaStripe

    • Test method: see further details below
    • Test meter: Minolta LS100
    • Lab environmental conditions: 23+2ºC, 50+10%RH

    Test method

    1. ASTM E2072(2004) ASTM E2073(2007)
    2. Left in a dark room for 3 hours
    3. Light source added, colour temperature 4000 to 4500K for 120 minutes, providing a luminance of 21.6 lux on the sample surface
    4. Luminance measured at intervals of 10, 60 and 90 minutes

    10 mins60 mins90 mins
    Luminance (mcd/m²)610
    Product Details

    Data sheet

    For Use By
    Consumer Use
    Interior / Exterior Use
    Interior Use
    Application Method
    Single, Two or Three Pack
    Key Features
    Floor marking system for factories and warehouses that is quick to install and removable for changes in 5S systems.
    Suitable For Use On
    Application Method
    Product Type
    Product Range
    Colour Family
    Colour Family
    Colour Family
    Colour Family
    Colour Family
    Colour Family
    Colour Family

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