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Coo-Var Floor Paint


Coo-Var Floor Paint is a quick drying, solvent based, single pack floor coating for industrial and commercial use, designed to be easily applied, versatile and economical.


  • Resilient and hard wearing
  • Decorative
  • Interior and Exterior
  • Quick drying
  • Single pack - easy to use
  • Wide colour range
  • Compatible with most other coatings
  • Anti-slip aggregate available
  • Current colour: Tile Red
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  • Tile Red
  • Bright Red
  • Safety Yellow
  • Forest Green
  • Stone
  • White
  • Steel Blue
  • Tan
  • Flint Grey
  • Light Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • Black
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Coo-Var Floor Paint is a quick drying, solvent based, single pack floor coating for industrial use, designed to be easy to use, versatile and economical. Coo-Var Floor Paint is ideal to protect and decorate floors, inside or outside in commercial environments. It can also be used on walls, ledges and stairways and is compatible with most previous coatings that may already be on the floor.

Coo-Var Floor Paint is a general purpose floor paint for foot and light truck traffic offering protection against dirt, grime, oil, dust and and some solvents. It is ideal for use on wood, metal, concrete and GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic). If your floor is prone to water, use Coo-Var Suregrip Anti-Slip Floor Paint on top of Coo-Var Floor Paint to increase slip resistance. Coo-Var Floor Paint is available in a range of 12 standard colours in a Semi-Gloss finish - Tile Red, Bright Red, Flint Grey, Forest Green, Black, Steel Blue, Tan, Stone, Safety Yellow, Dark Grey, Light Grey and White. Not recommended for use on asphalt, bituminous surfaces or on thermoplastic floor tiles.

Recommended Uses

Surface Preparation:

All surfaces should be clean, dry, sound and free from contaminants.

Concrete - power floated, granolithic and smooth surfaces should be roughened first to provide a good "key" for the paint. This can be done mechanically by abrading or blasting, or chemically using Coo-Var Acid Etch. These processes will have the advantage in addition to preparing the surface of also removing dirt and laitance. New concrete must be allowed to cure thoroughly which can take up to 3 months.

Other surfaces have to be prepared and primed with the suitable primer for that substrate.

Existing painted surfaces - Surfaces should be cleaned, degreased and sanded to ensure an adequate "key" is produced. Remove all loose and flaking material and treat bare areas as new substrate and prepare accordingly.


As dictated by normal good painting practice. In confined spaces provide adequate ventilation during application and drying.

Prime with Coo-Var Penetrating Wood Primer on wood, Coo-Var Zinc Phosphate Primer on ferrous metals, 10% thinned Coo-Var Floor Paint or Coo-Var Alkali Resisting Primer Sealer on concrete.

Finish with 1 or 2 coats of Coo-Var Floor Paint as required.

Please contact Rawlins Paints' Technical Support Team on 0113 2455450 for more information.

It is your responsibility to read the Product Data Sheets (available below) before you place an order and prior to application of the product. The content of this website is our best recommendation and is not advice. Coverage rates quoted are approximate, you agree that coverage depends on the condition of the substrate, surface absorption, texture and application method. We ALWAYS recommend a trial area is coated to ensure the product meets your requirements before use.

Product Details

Data sheet

Brush, Roller
9-11m² per litre
Touch Dry
4 Hours

Customer agrees that before placing an Order, Customer has read and understood the most up to date Product Data Sheet for the Product. Where we have access to the Product Data Sheet from the manufacturer, we will either provide a copy on request, or include a link to the Product Data Sheet available on the manufacturer’s website. Customer further agrees that we have no liability for any errors or omissions contained within the Product Data Sheets. For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions of Sale.

questions C J Roberts on 10/05/2019

What paint is healthy and safe to use on bedroom floor boards


'healthy and safe' is a broad statement and relatively vague as to what you require here but something like Coo-Var Acrylic Floor Paint would likely be a more suitable product to consider as this is water based and low odour.

questions Dianne Chlebek on 28/04/2019

Can I use this on floor tiles. In a porch area.


No, assuming they are glazed tiles we would instead recommend Smartkote Protectakote Clear Primer Treatment followed by Smartkote Safekote.

questions chris keeble on 20/08/2018

would this product be adversely affected if a vehicle with hot/wet tyres is parked on it


Providing that the concrete being painted is structurally sound, and the concrete has been prepared and product applied following the proper procedure (see product data sheet) hot tyre syndrome should not be an issue. However, we do always recommend the use of Coo-Var Profloor 2 Pack Epoxy Floor Paint in place of Coo-Var Floor Paint where vehicle traffic is expected as this would offer a far more robust and durable solution.

questions Chris williams  on 01/08/2018

Hi I just wanted to confirm this paint is ok for my concrete Drive ? Many thanks


Coo-Var Floor Paint can be used on exterior concrete however, Coo-Var do offer a specific product for driveways which would be preferred called Coo-Var Tennis Court & Drive Paint.

questions Donna burgin on 12/07/2018

Regarding floor paint is it slippery when wet please as I want to use it on my outdoor concrete paths?


Coo-Var Floor Paint would be slippery when wet so we would instead recommend Coo-Var Suregrip Anti-Slip Floor Paint.

questions D Campbell on 28/06/2018

Can this product be used on external patio ?


Coo-Var Floor Paint can be used internally and externally and assuming the patio is concrete, paving slabs or similar porous masonry substrate then this would be OK. Follow preparation guidelines on the product data sheet and apply the first coat of Coo-Var Floor Paint thinned 10% with Teamac/Coo-Var Thinner 14, then apply a second coat when dry, undiluted.

questions Marie Cresci  on 24/06/2018

Can I use this product on exterior floor slate?


No, unfortunately this product will not adhere to slate.

questions Mark Burton  on 05/06/2018

Can I use your floor paint product code 1263 on radiators ? Thanks M


We would instead recommend Coo-Var Radiator Enamel.

questions Sue Desmond on 22/04/2018

What do you recommend for painting an exterior small patio sized rough concrete area please? It is a solid piece and has little foot traffic. Thank you


Coo-Var Floor Paint would be suitable for this assuming there is a damp proof membrane in the slab. See preparation and application details on the product page.

questions Jenny nurmi on 11/02/2018

I want to paint my paving slabs driveway ( no cars go on it, just kids bikes!) what paint would be best and do I need a base coat and sealant on top? Thanks Jenny


Coo-Var Floor Paint could be used for this, to bare concrete you can apply the first coat of Coo-Var Floor Paint thinned 10% with Teamac/Coo-Var Thinner 14, then apply a second coat when dry undiluted.

questions Peter maestri on 06/01/2018
Question: Is their a minimum temperature below which I should not apply collar floor paint ?

Yes, substrate and air temperature should be above 10°C.

questions Owen on 27/09/2017
Question: What sealant/primer do you recommend to use prior to the application of this paint on fully cured but previously untreated concrete?

All surfaces should be clean, dry, sound and free from contaminants.

Concrete - power floated, granolithic and smooth surfaces should be roughened first to provide a good "key" for the paint. This can be done mechanically by abrading or blasting, or chemically using Coo-Var Acid Etch. These processes will have the advantage in addition to preparing the surface of also removing dirt and laitance. New concrete must be allowed to cure thoroughly which can take up to 3 months.

To prime prepared, bare concrete use Coo-Var Floor Paint thinned 10% or Coo-Var Alkali Resisting Primer.

questions alec newman on 03/07/2017
Question: Would this paint be alright on an exterior concrete path which has been previously painted.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, Coo-Var Floor Paint is compatible over most previous coatings and gives an off gloss finish.

questions mike on 18/11/2016
Question: If i was to remove the paint with a sander would the dust be toxic!

Any dust created wouldn't be toxic but we would always recommended wearing suitable PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) - i.e. face mask, gloves, goggles, etc. whilst carrying out preparation works.


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