Tikkurila Patio Paving Stain


Tikkurila Patio Paving Stain is a water-borne paving stain for industrially dyed and uncoloured paving stones such as concrete garden stones and slabs. You can easily and quickly renew the look of old paving stones and slabs with Patio Paving Stain, helping to align and deepen the colour of paving stones.

Just 1 or 2 coats are required with use of a brush, roller or knapsack spray to achieve the desired effect.

  • Excellent coverage - 4 to 8m2/l
  • Surface is dry (walkable) after a few hours
  • Not recommended for new garden stones or non-absorbing substrates like wash concrete or natural stone

See further below for example swatches of available colours.

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Paving stones and slabs are exposed to continuous weathering and they may be subject to severe mechanical stress. Therefore they might also need maintenance treatment almost every year. Reserve enough stain of the same batch for one uniform surface to avoid possible colour differences.

Tikkurila Patio Paving Stain is translucent and therefore unsuitable to change colour of previously industrially dyed paving stone or slab. Stones or slabs of different age might turn out differently in terms of colour. Impurities like motor oil, crystallization of salts or other impurities have an effect on the final colour.



For preparation and application instructions, refer to the product data sheet in the data Sheets tab further above.

Undyed (concrete grey) paving stones and slabs:

Apply 1-2 coats depending on the absorbency of the substrate and desired end result. Should you apply several coats, thinning for the first coat is recommended. Two coats are recommended for best results.

Industrially dyed paving stones and slabs:

Choose a colour as close to the stones as possible. Apply 1-2 coats depending on the absorbency of the substrate and desired end result. Normally one coat is sufficient.


Handle the treated surface with care, as the product achieves its final hardness and durability in approx. 4 weeks in normal conditions.

At the earliest after 1 month from the treatment a dirty surface can be cleaned with Tikkurila Huoltopesu Maintenance Cleaner (1 part of Huoltopesu to 10 parts of water). Rinse the surfaces and allow to dry.

Surfaces treated with Patio Paving Stain can be recoated with Patio Paving Stain.

Product Details

Data sheet

Water / Solvent Based
Application Method
Brush, Roller, Spray
4-8 m²/l applied once on concrete stone or slab (depending on the absorbency of the substrate)
Recommended Thinner/Cleaner
Drying time
A few hours, depending on porosity and amount used

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questions Phil on 2022-08-07 09:17:11

After slabs have been stained can you apply a patio sealer over the stained slabs? (Such as Sika patio seal)


This product is normally left as the finish, application of another product over the top is not recommended.

questions Peter L-W on 2022-08-06 14:15:12

Would this product be suitable for faded black limestone slabs


Unforuntately no, this is formulated for use on concrete paving, it is not recommend for use on any natural stone.

questions Melanie on 2022-02-03 10:06:21

I have concrete riven slabs on my driveway (grey) but I would like to change the colour to a buff. Is that possible with this stain and would it be suitable for a driveway? Is there any additional sealers required if applied ?


No, unfortunately this wont be possible.

The stain would potentially cover a very very light grey slab but ultimately the final colour depends on the original colour of the slabs.

For the best results we recommending selecting a colour that closely resembles the stones to be treated.

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