• Blackfriar Acrylic Floor Paint

Blackfriar Professional Acrylic Floor Paint


Protects and transforms floors inside and out, with an attractive, tough, durable, easy-to-clean thermoplastic coating which prevents the dusting of concrete surfaces. Suitable for asphalt and Tarmac. Quick drying and low odour.

  • Indoor and outdoor use - Water Based - low odour
  • Suitable for asphalt, Tarmac, brickwork, concrete, cement, wood, metal and stone
  • Resistant to grease, oil and weak solutions of acid and alkali
  • Can be applied to previously painted surfaces - Brush or roller application
  • Ideal for domestic, commercial and light industrial use
  • Available in 4,400+ colours, inc. RAL, RAL Design, BS, NCS & the new NCS 2050 colours
  • 5L Ready Mixed Black is only available on 7-10 Working Day Delivery option

Please note: Colours are sold in the nearest tin size but actual paint volume per tin may vary up to 10% depending on colour.

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Blackfriar Professional Acrylic Floor Paint is a quick drying, low odour water based floor paint providing a tough and durable finish on virtually any surface. Blackfriar Professional Acrylic Floor Paint protects and transforms floors with an attractive finish for surfaces such as brickwork, concrete, cement, wood, metal and stone.

Blackfriar Professional Acrylic Floor Paint is also ideal for asphalt and tarmac, it protects floors with an easy-to-clean thermoplastic coating and stops the dusting of concrete surfaces. Blackfriar Professional Acrylic Floor Paint resists grease, oil and weak solutions of acid and alkali, making it ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial use.

Features & Benefits

  • Indoor and outdoor use.
  • Water Based - low odour.
  • Quick drying.
  • Suitable for asphalt, Tarmac, brickwork, concrete, cement, wood, metal and stone.
  • Resistant to grease, oil and weak solutions of acid and alkali.
  • Can be applied to previously painted surfaces.
  • Brush or roller application.
  • Ideal for domestic, commercial and light industrial use.


Ensure the surface to be painted is sound, clean, dry and free from grease or any substance liable to give adhesion problems. Scrape off any old or flaking paint until you have a firm surface. Special attention should be given to areas under cars to ensure all oil, grease, dirt and road salt is removed. New concrete must be left for at least 6 months before applying Blackfriar Professional Acrylic Floor Paint.


Stir thoroughly before use. Apply with a brush or roller working the paint in any surface imperfections. On bare or new surfaces first apply Blackfriar Professional Water Based Floor Sealer followed by 1-2 coats of Blackfriar Professional Acrylic Floor Paint. On previously painted surfaces apply 1-2 coats as required.

Blackfriar Professional Acrylic Floor Paint is not suitable for use over PVC, thermoplastic tiles, quarry tiles or granolithic concrete. Do not apply it on concrete surfaces treated with alkali containing liquids, areas subjected to rising damp or areas treated with PVA bonding solutions. Do not apply in cold (below 10°C), damp or humid conditions.

If concrete floors have no profile then pre-treat with Blackfriar Professional Acid Etch to provide a mechanical key, followed after thorough rinsing by Blackfriar Professional Water Based Floor Sealer prior to applying 1-2 coats of Blackfriar Professional Acrylic Floor Paint.

Coverage Rate

10-12m² /litre per coat. Two coats recommended.

Drying Time

4-6hrs @20°C. Allow to dry for a minimum of 6hrs @20°C between coats. Full cure is achieved in 3-5 days @20°C.

Clean Up

Remove as much product from application equipment as possible before washing with water. Do not empty into drains or watercourses. Some local authorities have special facilities for the disposal of waste coatings.

Please contact Rawlins Paints' Technical Support Team on 0113 2455450 for more information.

Product Details

Data sheet

Blackfriar Professional
For Use By
General Use
Interior / Exterior Use
Interior and Exterior
Water / Solvent Based
For Use On
Asphalt, Tarmac, Brickwork, Concrete, Cement, Wood, Metal, Stone
Application Method
Brush, Roller
Standard / Ready Mixed
VOC Levels
Low (50-149 g/l)
Single, Two or Three Pack
Pack Size
1L, 2.5L, 5L
Base Type
Water Based
Interior/Exterior Use
Suitable Substrates
Asphalt, Tarmac®, Brickwork, Concrete, Cement, Wood, Metal, Stone.
Brush, Roller
Dry to Recoat (at 20°C)
10-12m² per litre
Recommended Thinner/Cleaner
Min. Application Temperature
Touch Dry
4-6 Hours
Semi Gloss
UN Number
Base Type
Exterior / Interior Use
Exterior & Interior Use
Suitable For Use On
Suitable For Use On
Suitable For Use On
Suitable For Use On
Suitable For Use On
Suitable For Use On
Suitable For Use On
Suitable For Use On
Product Type
Fastest Delivery
Next Working Day
Colour Family
Colour Family
Colour Family
Colour Family
Colour Family
Colour Family
Colour Family
Colour Family
Colour Family
Colour Family
Colour Family
Colour Family
Colour Family
Colour Family

Customer agrees that before placing an Order, Customer has read and understood the most up to date Product Data Sheet for the Product. Where we have access to the Product Data Sheet from the manufacturer, we will either provide a copy on request, or include a link to the Product Data Sheet available on the manufacturer’s website. Customer further agrees that we have no liability for any errors or omissions contained within the Product Data Sheets. For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions of Sale.

questions James on 2021-12-03 22:09:39

Hi, I have threes questions 1. What products would be best for routine cleaning? 2. Also, I have followed the instructions (acid etch, floor sealer, etc) even applying three coats, but the finish I have is matt there is no sheen at all. Can you suggest why it has come out as matt? 3. My puppy peed on the floor and now there is a yellow mark that looks like it has stained the floor. Im hoping that any coffee/ tea spills won't stain also. Can you recommend a sealer to go over the paint?

Answer from Rawlins’ Technical Team: 

Thank you for the enquiry, general domestic cleaning products should not effect the coating if used, we have contacted you directly for more information to assist further.

questions Robert Evans on 2020-11-06 11:37:21

Hello, is this paint ok to use on a resin floor?

Answer from Rawlins’ Technical Team: 

Assuming the resin applied to the floor is a single pack, it is clean, dry, sound and prepared as detailed in the Technical Data Sheet then yes it would be suitable.

If the resin applied to floor is a two pack then we would recommend Rust-Oleum 9200 Rust-O-Thane.

questions John on 2020-03-25 11:51:03

Product states suitable for outdoor use, how durable on concrete slab fully exposed to all elements and foot traffic only?

Answer from Rawlins’ Technical Team: 

The product would be suited to the environment and traffic you have described however the manufacturer doesn't state any life expectancy for the product. If you have a specific requirement regarding lifespan or durability we may have other options so please contact our Technical Team on 0113 2455450 (option 2) to discuss.

questions Andrew Bryant on 2020-02-29 12:36:02

Can this paint be applied to a kitchen floor which has been levelled with a latex self-levelling compound?

Answer from Rawlins’ Technical Team: 

You will need to confirm with the latex self-levelling compound manufacturer if the product is paintable or not. If they confirm it is overpaintable with a water based coating, then yes this product would be suitable.

questions Simon Price on 2020-02-23 12:43:37

Hello, is it possible to get a colour chart or sample pots of your acrylic floor paint?

Answer from Rawlins’ Technical Team: 

Unfortunately no colour charts are available, the colours available are from industry standard colour ranges that are not unique to any one manufacturer. Also sample pots are not available due to these being from a professional line of products.

questions Jennifer Byrom  on 2019-02-27 21:45:40

We want to use this paint on newly laid asphalt in our kitchen. The asphalt will be 16mm thick. How long do we have to wait for asphalt to dry? Do we need to use primer?

Answer from Rawlins’ Technical Team: 

This is the first time we have heard of asphalt being used in this situation. Asphalt is generally used outside and any tar residues which exude from the fresh coating will wash away in the rain over time. This isn’t going to happen in an internal kitchen environment. We would suggest you contact the installer of the asphalt and get their advice, i.e can the asphalt be coated, how long you should leave it, what preparation is required, etc.

questions Sue on 2019-02-23 12:54:01

Can it be used on a wet room floor?

Answer from Rawlins’ Technical Team: 


questions Teresa Barnes on 2018-12-05 19:18:07

I have floor boards that are probably pine and painted or stained black. I don’t know what they have been treated with. Will I be able to lightly sand and then use your acrylic paint. Also how to I request a specific RAL colour? Thank you

Answer from Rawlins’ Technical Team: 

Yes this should be fine, however just ensure it isn't something like an oil or wax product that has been used on the floors as this would affect adhesion. You can click 'Select a different colour' on the product page to choose any RAL or BS colour in this product.

questions Gina on 2018-08-06 18:51:10

Is Blackfriar floor paint tough & durable enough to have in bedroom & withstand moving furniture around like bed etc on it .

Answer from Rawlins’ Technical Team: 

Blackfriar Professional Acrylic Floor Paint is suitable for domestic use and could be used in this situation. Provided the floor is wood or concrete and the preparation is followed carefully the acrylic floor paint can be applied. Bare surfaces require a sealer followed by 2 coats of the floor paint as recommended. The coating should be allowed to fully harden before moving furniture about. Allow 7 days for the coating to cure hard. Any sharp objects moved across the floor may damage the coating, felt pads can be used under chair legs, bed frame lags etc and will minimise any damage.

questions Ronnie on 2017-03-11 21:04:13
Question: Will this paint go yellow after a while
Answer from Rawlins’ Technical Team: 

Under normal use no.


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