Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy M630V2


Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy M630V2 (formerly known as Biogard M630V2) is a water-based, two-pack epoxy gloss finish for interior use only, recommended for application to suitably sealed masonry walls, floors and ceilings. It may also be used on new and old concrete as well as previously painted surfaces and suitably primed steel. 

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Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy M630V2 (formerly known as Biogard M630V2) is a water-based, two-pack epoxy gloss finish for interior use only, recommended for application to suitably sealed masonry walls, floors and ceilings. It may also be used on new and old concrete as well as previously painted surfaces and suitably primed steel. 

Readily-available in White, BS 00A01 and BS 14C39. Also available in the colours listed below subject to a 14 working day lead time and a minimum order quantity of 5 units per colour. Please see Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy M630V2 - Special Colours.

BS 00 A 05 BS 537 RAL 7032
BS 18 C 39 BS 632 RAL 7046
BS 104 BS 697 RAL 9001
BS 226 RAL 7011 RAL 9010
BS 414  



  • BS476 Part 7 - Surface Spread of Flame - for details of substrates/scheme, consult Sherwin-Williams
  • Approved by Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association for: Water Absorption, Bacterial Cleanability, Resistance to Mould Growth and Sensory Evaluation of potential taint after 20 hours cure of film. 

Recommended Primers

Steel substrates

Macropoxy C400 series Primer/Buildcoat
Macropoxy C425V2 Zinc Phosphate Primer/Buildcoat Macropoxy
M902 Surface Tolerant Primer

Non-ferrous metallic and non-metallic substrates

Consult Sherwin-Williams.

Recommended Topcoats

Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy M630V2 may be self-overcoated.

Surface Preparation

Macropoxy M630V2 can be applied over various substrates, whether previously painted or not. On unpainted substrates, an appropriate primer is needed to ensure maximum adhesion and durability. Please consult Sherwin-Williams for more information. Any surfaces requiring cleaning and/or degreasing prior to painting should be treated with W500 Degreaser.

Treatment of Concrete, Render, Plaster, Blockwork and Masonry

Ensure surfaces to be coated are clean, dry and free from visual contamination such as oil, grease and dirt. Remove all loose or flaking material to a firm substrate.
floors in good condition should not need any further specialist preparation. Floors in poor condition may require preparation by vacuum blasting or other approved method to provide a sound substrate. For advice, please consult Sherwin-Williams

Highly absorbent substrates like concrete, render and plaster may require an initial coat of Macropoxy M630V2 thinned 10% to seal the surface.
The moisture content of the substrate must not exceed 7% moisture equivalent unit, measured on a protimeter, or similar gauge prior to painting for all applications.

Treatment of Steel

Manually prepared surfaces should be prepared to a minimum standard of St.3 BS EN ISO 8501-1:2007 at the time of coating. Apply Macropoxy M902 Surface Tolerant Primer to 100 microns dft.

Treatment of Non-Ferrous Metallic Substrates

Consult Sherwin-Williams.

Application Equipment

Airless Spray

Nozzle Size: 0.28mm (11 thou)
Fan Angle: 65°
Operating Pressure: 170kg/cm² (3500 psi) 

The airless spray details given above are intended as a guide only. Details such as fluid hose length and diameter, paint temperature and job shape and size all have an effect on the spray tip and operating pressure chosen. However, the operating pressure should be the lowest possible consistent with satisfactory atomisation. As conditions will vary from job to job, it is the applicators’ responsibility to ensure that the equipment in use has been set up to give the best results. If in doubt Sherwin-Williams should be consulted.

Brush - The material is suitable for brush application.

Roller - The material is suitable for roller application. 

Application Conditions & Overcoating

Minimum application/cure temperatures should not be less than 10°C, with a relative humidity of not more than 85%. Good air movement is essential to ensure correct film formation and cure of water based epoxies.

If it is desired to overcoat outside the times stated on the data sheet, please seek advice of Sherwin-Williams. 

Additional Notes

Mixing Instructions

It is essential that the base and additive components of M630V2 are thoroughly mixed together prior to use. A mechanical stirrer is recommended to fully incorporate the two components. Insufficient mixing will adversely affect the drying, gloss and performance of the applied coating. Only add water/C32 to thin the material ( if required ) AFTER mixing the base and additive components.

Drying times, curing times and pot life should be considered as a guide only.
The curing reaction of epoxies commences immediately the two components are mixed, and since the reaction is dependent on temperature, the curing time and pot life will be approximately halved by a 10°C increase in temperature and doubled by a 10°C decrease in temperature.

Where a non-skid profile is required P515 Fine Silica Aggregate should be stirred into the M630V2 mixed paint, immediately prior to application, at a rate of 1.0kg per 4.34 ltr unit. Application will then only be possible by brush or roller. Substrate temperature should be at least 3°C above the dew point.
Macropoxy M630V2 is an impervious non-absorbent material, if moisture should penetrate the
film as a result of mechanical damage then the coating is liable to delaminate.

Epoxy Coatings - Colour Stability:

Variable colour stability is a feature of epoxy materials which tend to yellow and darken with age whether used on
internal or external areas. Therefore any areas touched-up and repaired with the same colour at a later date may be obvious due to this colour change.

When epoxy materials are exposed to ultra-violet light a surface chalking effect will develop. This phenomenon results in loss of gloss and a fine powder coating at the surface which may give rise to colour variation depending on the aspect of the steelwork. This effect in no way detracts from the performance of the system.
Numerical values quoted for physical data may vary slightly from batch to batch. 

Product Details

Data sheet

For Use By
Industrial Use
Interior / Exterior Use
Interior / Exterior Use
Interior Use
Water / Solvent Based
For Use On
Concrete, Steel
Application Method
Brush, Roller, Spray
Fully Tintable
Single, Two or Three Pack
Single, Two or Three Pack
Pack Size
6.75m² per litre
Touch Dry
4 hrs
Base Type
Base Type
Water-Based Epoxy
Exterior / Interior Use
Interior Use
Suitable For Use On
Suitable For Use On
Suitable For Use On
Application Method
Application Method
Application Method
Product Type
Product Range
Colour Family
Colour Family
Colour Family

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