Barrettine Peelaway Marine


    Barrettine Peelaway Marine is specially formulated to effectively remove multiple layers of anti-foul coatings with one application saving time by reducing the need for repeated scraping. Its patented water based poultice system means the product remains active and works without rapidly drying out.

    • Suitable for most hull types including GRP, wood, steel and concrete
    • Special poultice blanket supplied enables stripped anti-foul paint to be collected easily, reducing boatyard/dockside contamination risk
    • Easy to apply to vertical surfaces and difficult shapes
    • Can be applied by brush, trowel and airless sprayer
    • Additional blankets are available here: Barrettine Peelaway Marine Spare Blankets

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    Features and Benefits

    • Light paste consistency, easy to apply to vertical surfaces and difficult shapes
    • Can be applied with a brush or trowel and for larger areas an airless sprayer
    • Suitable for most hull types including GRP, wood, steel and concrete


    • Peelaway Marine will work more slowly under 5°C and will stop working under 0°C
    • Will not remove certain two pack epoxy coatings, baked enamels or cement-based paints



    • Please read all the instructions and safety information before starting work
    • Clean and prepare the work area removing any built up accumulations of fouling or blistered old anti foul coating
    • Cover any surfaces not intended to be stripped with polythene sheet and tape

    Test Patch Areas:

    • It is often impossible to know the type and build depth of anti-fouling before coatings are removed
    • It is essential to apply a test patch to an area typical of the surface to be stripped to ensure the results will be satisfactory. This will also indicate the dwell time required and thickness of paste to be applied
    • It is the responsibility of the user to ensure the suitability of the product for each individual application
    • Once a small test patch has been successful we recommend wider tests across the surface to more accurately determine the application thickness and time required for the stripping process
    • Note: The film thickness of anti-fouling can vary across the length of the hull. Peelaway Marine is safe to use on GRP/gel coat finishes based on Barrettine internal tests where product was not left on for more than 48 hours. Some discolouration of treated area may occur


    • Wear coveralls, chemical resistant gloves, face mask and eye protection
    • Ensure adequate cross ventilation if indoors
    • In case of spillage wash affected area with plenty of water
    • Ensure adequate ventilation when working indoors
    • Keep product away from children and animals
    • Store product in a cool dry area and always replace the lid after use
    • In case of spillage, wash the affected area with plenty of water
    • See Health safety and Environmental information section below for full regulatory warnings



    • Stir well before use
    • Depending on test results apply up to 3mm thick

    Brush or trowel:

    • Apply evenly with brush or trowel working into crevices, including on wooden hulls where planks overlap
    • Ensure raised edges and corners are covered well, then apply a second coat to the final tested thickness
    • Finally, lay on the poultice with printing facing outwards, gently rubbing to exclude trapped air bubbles
    • Work in manageable areas which can be removed within the time scale indicated by the test patch

    Application by Airless Sprayer:

    • When using an airless spray applicator add water to dilute up to maximum of 20%
    • Spray evenly up to a maximum of 3mm
    • Finally, lay on the poultice with printing facing outwards, gently rubbing to exclude trapped air bubbles
    • Work in manageable areas which can be removed within the timescale indicated by the test patch
    • Dwell time can be between 30 minutes and 24-48 hours as indicated by the results of the test patch
    • When using on GRP/Gel coat do not leave on longer than 48 hours
    • External use may be affected by extremes of weather and treated areas should be monitored and further protected if required


    • Coverage will vary from project to project
    • Determining factors will include; the number of layers to be stripped and the type and age of antifoul to be stripped
    • As a rough guide, coverage is 2-4m² per kg


    After Use


    • Slide scraper into paste and paint, keeping the paint, paste and cover together as much as possible - take care not to gouge/scratch the gel coat
    • Certain paints can be softened but not easily removed with the scraper, in which case try rubbing with a scouring pad with water or mineral spirits until the original surface is revealed and wash down with water
    • Steam cleaning or pressure washing may also aid removal of residues
    • Any remaining coating residue is usually pre-softened and can be removed in a few hours with a further application of Peelaway Marine
    • Once all the old anti-fouling paint has been removed, any remaining residues of Peelaway® Marine must be cleaned/washed away
    • Allow the cleaned surface to dry thoroughly before re-coating
    Product Details

    Data sheet

    For Use By
    Consumer Use
    For Use On
    GRP Hulls
    Wood Hulls
    Concrete Hulls
    Steel Hulls
    Application Method
    Single, Two or Three Pack
    Pack Size
    Approx. 2-4m²/kg
    Suitable For Use On
    GRP Hulls
    Suitable For Use On
    Concrete Hulls
    Suitable For Use On
    Wood Hulls
    Suitable For Use On
    Steel Hulls
    Application Method
    Application Method
    Application Method
    Paint Remover
    Marine Applications
    Product Type
    Paint Remover
    Colour Family

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