Teamac Marine Gloss


Teamac Marine Gloss is a high quality, modified long oil alkyd marine coating. It has excellent gloss and opacity.

  • High gloss
  • Excellent opacity and adhesion
  • Touch dry in as little as 4 hours (at 20°C)
  • Full hardness in 5 - 7 days
  • Suitable for all general marine areas, bridge fonts, deck work, masts, superstructures etc
  • Available in 2,400+ colours from RAL, NCS and British Standard
  • 500ml available - white only

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Teamac Marine Gloss is a high quality, modified long oil alkyd marine coating. It has excellent gloss and opacity. It is suitable for all general marine areas, bridge fonts, deck work, masts, superstructures etc

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Features and Benefits

  • High gloss
  • Excellent opacity and adhesion
  • Touch dry in up to 4 hours at 20°C
  • Full hardness in 5 - 7 days
  • Available in 2,400+ colours from RAL, NCS and British Standard

Product Specification

Technical Data
Teamac Marine Gloss
Typical SG (Specific Gravity): 0.9 to 1.16 @ 20°C
Volume Solids: Approx 44%
Wet Film Thickness: 80 microns
Dry Film Thickness: 35 to 40 microns
Expected Spreading Rate:

12 sq.m / litre @ 35 microns D.F.T

The practical spreading rate may be lower as this depends on factors such as the porosity and roughness of the surface to be painted and material losses during application

Typical Viscosity: 3.5 sq.m / litre Poise @ 25°C
VOC Content:

Max 530 g / litre

VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) contribute to atmospheric pollution

Flash Point: Above 32°C (closed cup)

Drying Times

Curing Schedule At 20°C
Touch Dry Minimum Overcoating Time Hard Dry Full Hardness
4 Hours 12 Hours or overnight 12 Hours 5 - 7 Days

  • Low temperature and high humidity will adversely affect application, drying and performance of any coating

Surface Preparation

  • All surfaces should be clean, dry, sound, and free from contaminants
  • Existing painted surfaces should be cleaned, degreased, and sanded to ensure an adequate "key" is produced. Remove all loose, flaking material and treat bare areas as new substrate then prepare accordingly

Application Methods

Product Information
Mixing: Mix well before use
Application Method: Brush, Roller or Spray
Thinner: Thinners 14 (10%)
Nozzle Size: 0.011"
Nozzle Pressure: 1800 to 2000 psi
Cleaning Solvent: Thinners 14
Recoat Interval: 12 hours or overnight
Preceding Coat: Teamac Marine Undercoat
Subsequent Coat: Teamac Marine Gloss

Application Conditions

  • As dictated by normal good painting practice. Care must be taken during application that the temperature is above the dew point to avoid any contamination
  • In confined spaces, provide adequate ventilation during application and drying

Health and Safety

See safety data sheet - White - SDS 10718, Black - SDS 10600, Reds, Bounty and Maroons - SDS 10685, Lead Chrome Yellows (Professional use only) - SDS 10713, All other colours - SDS10712 in the attachment section above.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Application Method
Brush, Roller, Spray
Standard / Ready Mixed
Single, Two or Three Pack
Pack Size
1L, 2.5L, 5L
Key Features
High gloss. Excellent opacity and adhesion.
Dry to Handle (at 20°C)
12 Hours
Dry to Recoat (at 20°C)
12 hours or overnight
Fully Cured (at 20°C)
5 - 7 Days
12m² per litre
Recommended Thinner/Cleaner
Teamac Thinner 14
Solids by Volume
530 g/litre
Touch Dry
4 Hours
Recommended Dry Film Thickness
35 - 40 µm
Recommended Wet Film Thickness
80 µm
UN Number
Specific Gravity
0.9 to 1.16 @ 20°C
3.5 sq.m / litre Poise @ 25°C

Customer agrees that before placing an Order, Customer has read and understood the most up to date Product Data Sheet for the Product. Where we have access to the Product Data Sheet from the manufacturer, we will either provide a copy on request, or include a link to the Product Data Sheet available on the manufacturer’s website. Customer further agrees that we have no liability for any errors or omissions contained within the Product Data Sheets. For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions of Sale.

questions Christian  on 2022-07-13 06:22:56

Hi, Is the paint suitable to paint over a coating of epoxy resin (used to seal plywood)? Thank you


Unfortunately no, for this application assuming the resin coated plywood is clean, dry, sound and prepared as detailed in the technical data sheet we can recommend Teamac High Performance 2 Pack Zinc Phosphate Primer

This could be overpainted with Teamac High Performance Polyurethane Topcoat.

This can be mixed to many RAL, NCS or BS colours in a gloss finish.

questions Sandra Richardson  on 2022-06-21 22:53:52

I have rust treated and applied 2 coats of red oxide to a steel 1975 narrowboat , do I need to undercoat, or can I apply the gloss next? Is your gloss the right product for a hard wearing, British weather resistant top coat? As you do not send samples, how can I aquire an Industry standard colour chart ?We are looking for a dark blue Many Thanks


Assuming the previously primed areas to be painted are above the waterline, they are clean, dry, sound and prepared as detailed in the technical data sheet we would recommend Teamac Marine Undercoat is used prior to application of Teamac Marine Gloss.

This is available in many RAL, NCS or BS colours in a gloss finish.

We have RAL, NCS and BS colour charts available to view at our trade counter, alternatively they can be purchased here.

questions Alan on 2022-05-25 12:28:07

I have a tin of Teamac marine gloss (mixed to a RAL colour). Can it be used with a paint conditioner to avoid brush and roller marks? If so which conditioner would you recommend.


This product can be thinned upto 10% with Teamac Thinner 14.

We would not recommend the addition of any other product to this paint for this application.

If you do so we would recommend you test for compatibility prior to application.

questions Anne Johnston on 2022-04-15 16:59:30

We have 2 GRP garage doors which have faded in places and now look very patchy, Would the Teamac marine paint be suitable? Please can you recommend how to prepare the surface Thankyou


Yes assuming the GRP garage doors are clean, dry, sound, prepared as detailed in the technical data sheet and Teamac Marine Undercoat is applied first this can be used.

The doors must be sanded prior to application and free from anything that can affect adhesion.

This can be mixed to many RAL, NCS or BS colours in a gloss finish.

questions Liam on 2021-08-28 20:41:55

I am wanting to repaint the Cab area of a 30 year old motorhome l. Originally a gel coat over fibreglass. Now with surface cracks and showing age. Can I sand, key, prime and paint this fibreglass using this product? Thanksz


Assuming the cracked gel coat is repaired 1st, it would then need to be clean, dry, sound and prepared as detailed in the technical data sheet we before applying a coat of Teamac Marine Undercoat followed by 2 coats of Teamac Marine Gloss.

questions David on 2021-01-25 16:28:18

Hi, I'm looking to paint over an Avocado Green coloured interior cockpit (original coat GRP). I'd like to paint over with a lighter colour like Light Ivory. Would I need to undercoat since its darker or can I just sand & paint over with the Marine Gloss Top Coat?? Many Thanks


Yes, assuming the GRP is clean, dry, sound and prepared as detailed in the Technical Data Sheet you will require the Teamac Marine Undercoat prior to application of Teamac Marine Gloss.

questions Adam  on 2020-06-20 21:17:11

Hi there, what's the correct base coat for this kingfisher gloss please!? Thanks


The compatible preceeding coat for Teamac Marine Gloss is Teamac Marine Undercoat.

questions A Rower on 2020-03-03 14:26:53

Hi, Would this product be suitable for painting carbon fibre oars for use in racing rowing boats? Thanks,


This product has never been tested on carbon fibre.

If the oar has been previously gelcoated it may work, but you would have to test it on a small area.

questions Elaine McShane on 2019-11-11 02:30:16

I’m looking to paint the wet wall within my shower a deep green colour. Would the tea Mac marine gloss in mint green be suitable for this? Thanks


We would recommend Teamac Chlorvar Chlorinated Rubber Paint or Teamac P101 High Performance Finish for use in a wet room, rather than Teamac Marine Gloss.

You will however need to be careful with compatibility with these two products and we would recommend you carry out a test area prior to full application.

questions David on 2019-11-02 22:07:23

Is Teamac Marine Gloss the correct paint for the Hull of my enterprise sailing dinghy? It's plywood. Can I paint directly over the current paint or do I need a primer also? The boat is in the water for a couple of hours a week usually stored outside on a trailer.


We'd suggest Teamac Wood Primer White, followed by Teamac Marine Undercoat, finished with Teamac Marine Gloss.

questions Paul Oconnor on 2019-08-08 22:17:28

Hi is this paint a good finish with roller and brushes . Thanks



questions David Smith on 2019-06-27 18:54:20

Hi I am looking for touch up paint for my narrow boat. The original paint was Selemix 7-110 2 part acrylic. I want a one part paint, so my question is, Is Teamac marine gloss compatible with the original paint or will it react? Although our boat is only a year old our builder is no more. I know the RAL codes.


With the existing paint being a two pack product you will need to give it a good sand back first, then the Marine Gloss should go on top no problem.

questions Alan Anderson on 2019-05-28 14:07:31

Hi I am considering painting the hull of my GRP sailing boat (above the water line) in RAL 5005 or 5010. Firstly is it suitable for hull use secondly what colour primer will I need to use


Teamac Marine Gloss should be fine for this application above the waterline as long as you sand the surface and get a key first. You should apply the gloss directly to the GRP.

questions Sarah Adams on 2019-04-22 21:19:51

Hi. I want to paint the sides of our wooden boat with teamac marine gloss BS12E51 which of your under coat paints and which colour would you recommend to use with this colour?


We would recommend using Teamac Marine Undercoat in the colour 'Primrose'.

questions Phil clee on 2019-04-16 19:56:58

Hi, I have a small 15ft fast fishing boat which is kept on a trailer. I would like to paint the hull as it's quite badly scratched. There is also some damage to the rear corner where a 2 inch section has a hole. Can you recommend a filler and paint / primer/ thinner for the purpose. The boat will be spray painted in my mates auto bodyshop. Thanks for you help


The answer to this enquiry depends on what is currently on the boat & what it is made from. We are working on the assumption that you are currently down to the bare GRP substrate – please advise if different.

We would recommend fixing the hole using a polyester filler, followed by 1 coat of Teamac Marine Undercoat followed by 2 coats of Teamac Marine GlossTeamac Thinner 14 would be the thinner to use for both products.

questions Francesca Morroni on 2018-06-28 14:55:55

Good afternoon, I am designing a restaurant in a boat and I have some painted that I would like to paint with high gloss finish. The colour is RAL5002. What kind of paint would you recommend for high traffic areas, where workers might hit the surfaces with heavy material? I need the paint to look smooth and high gloss, and to be durable and resistant to water/temperature changes. The surface of the bar especially has a semi-spherical corner, so the paint needs to be easy to apply. If you have recommendation on the substrate this would be great too. At the moment I am thinking to use plywood. Many thanks, Francesca


To bare plywood we would recommend priming with Rust-Oleum Mathys Pegalink Universal Adhesion Primer, then apply Rust-Oleum 9200 Rust-O-Thane in RAL 5002 Ultramarine Blue, then finish with Rust-Oleum 4900 Polycoat 2K clear gloss.

questions Peter on 2018-04-09 14:56:31

On a house close to the sea ,I require a long life paint system,to cover previously painted( in an unknown marine paint) woodwork. doors sash windows etc. finish to be gloss or egg shell


We would recommend Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin (Water Based) or Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Gloss (Water Based) for this application. It is a long lasting all surface paint offering up to 15 years performance. Designed for the long term decoration of timber, metal, masonry, plastic, concrete, cladding & more, it forms a vapour permeable, low maintenance water-shedding coating, re-coatable in just 1 hour. It also contains a biocide to protect the dried coating against fungal degradation.

questions Nick Vincent on 2017-12-08 13:42:28
Question: What coating system would you advise to paint over new copper pipework in a hot/humid/damp environment (swimming pool dry duct) - for corrosive resistance.

Assuming the pipes are not submerged and do not exceed 90°C (dry heat), then we would advise Rust-Oleum 3302 CombiPrimer Adhesion followed by Rust-Oleum CombiColor.

questions terry miller on 2016-05-03 13:50:39
Question: Hi, which primer/undercoat and top coat for a GRP garage door? Want a high end gloss finish and ideally a gloss top coat I can also use on my south facing wood front door. thanks

Teamac Marine Gloss would be ideal for both of your surfaces. GRP just needs to be clean and lightly sanded to provide a key and Teamac Marine Gloss can be applied directly. The preparation would be the same for previously painted or varnished wood, if bare first prime with Teamac Metaclor Underwater CR Primer.


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