Rust-Oleum CombiColor Wrought Iron
  • Rust-Oleum CombiColor Wrought Iron

Rust-Oleum CombiColor Wrought Iron

A Wrought Iron effect maintenance paint by Rust-Oleum for metal with superior metal protection from their CombiColor product range. This CombiColor paint topcoat and primer in one, and can be applied direct to rust. It will provide excellent rust protection to metal, wood and steel surfaces.

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Rust-Oleum CombiColor Wrought Iron can be applied directly on bare, manually derusted or with CombiPrimer Anti-Corrosion 3369/3380 primed steel. Rust-Oleum CombiColor Wrought Iron produces a matt, wrought iron effect finish and is available in a brush/roller or aerosol version. Rust-Oleum CombiColor Wrought Iron should be used in light industrial exposures, normal humidity and interior applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Primer and topcoat in one
  • For application onto rust, bare metal and wood
  • Wrought iron finish - high hiding power
  • Usable down to 5°C
Product Details

Data sheet

Typical Coverage (per coat)
10m² per litre / 3m² per aerosol
Touch Dry
2 hours (brush) / 2 hours (aerosol)
Brush, Roller, Spray

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