Rust-Oleum CombiColor
  • Rust-Oleum CombiColor
  • Rust-Oleum CombiColor
  • Rust-Oleum CombiColor
  • Rust-Oleum CombiColor
  • Rust-Oleum CombiColor

Rust-Oleum CombiColor


Rust-Oleum CombiColor Original is the ultimate direct to metal paint, providing years of protection in minutes:

  • Apply to bare, manually derusted or ready primed mild steel
  • Over 400 colour options including RAL, BS & NCS
  • Primer and metal topcoat in one
  • Interior/exterior use
  • Sag resistant - leaves no brush/roller strokes
  • Use Rust-Oleum 3302 CombiPrimer Adhesion first on bare Galv, Zinc and Aluminium
  • Long-lasting and weather resistant, with high coverage of 10.5 m²/litre
  • From the CombiColor range
  • More features & benefits below
  • Current colour: RAL1000 - Green Beige
Choose a colour
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  • White
  • Black
  • RAL1000 - Green Beige
  • RAL1001 - Beige
  • RAL1002 - Sand Yellow
  • RAL1003 - Signal Yellow
  • RAL1004 - Golden Yellow
  • RAL1005 - Honey Yellow
  • RAL1006 - Maize Yellow
  • RAL1007 - Daffodil Yellow
  • RAL1011 - Brown Beige
  • RAL1012 - Lemon Yellow
  • RAL1013 - Oyster White
  • RAL1014 - Ivory
  • RAL1015 - Light Ivory
  • RAL1016 - Sulfur Yellow
  • RAL1017 - Saffron Yellow
  • RAL1018 - Zinc Yellow
  • RAL1019 - Grey Beige
  • RAL1020 - Olive Yellow
  • RAL1021 - Rape Yellow
  • RAL1023 - Traffic Yellow
  • RAL1024 - Ochre Yellow
  • RAL1027 - Curry
  • RAL1028 - Melon Yellow
  • RAL1032 - Broom Yellow
  • RAL1033 - Dahlia Yellow
  • RAL1034 - Pastel Yellow
  • RAL2000 - Yellow Orange
  • RAL2001 - Red Orange
  • RAL2002 - Vermilion
  • RAL2003 - Pastel Orange
  • RAL2004 - Pure Orange
  • RAL2008 - Bright Red Orange
  • RAL2009 - Traffic Orange
  • RAL2010 - Signal Orange
  • RAL2011 - Deep Orange
  • RAL2012 - Salmon Orange
  • RAL3000 - Flame Red
  • RAL3001 - Signal Red
  • RAL3002 - Carmine Red
  • RAL3003 - Ruby Red
  • RAL3004 - Purple Red
  • RAL3005 - Wine Red
  • RAL3007 - Black Red
  • RAL3009 - Oxide Red
  • RAL3011 - Brown Red
  • RAL3012 - Beige Red
  • RAL3013 - Tomato Red
  • RAL3014 - Antique Red
  • RAL3015 - Light Pink
  • RAL3016 - Coral Red
  • RAL3017 - Rose
  • RAL3018 - Strawberry Red
  • RAL3020 - Traffic Red
  • RAL3022 - Salmon Pink
  • RAL3027 - Raspberry Red
  • RAL3031 - Orient Red
  • RAL4001 - Red Lilac
  • RAL4002 - Red Violet
  • RAL4003 - Heather Violet
  • RAL4004 - Claret Violet
  • RAL4005 - Blue Lilac
  • RAL4006 - Traffic Purple
  • RAL4007 - Purple Violet
  • RAL4008 - Signal Violet
  • RAL4009 - Pastel Violet
  • RAL4010 - Telemagenta
  • RAL5000 - Violet Blue
  • RAL5001 - Green Blue
  • RAL5002 - Ultramarine Blue
  • RAL5003 - Sapphire Blue
  • RAL5004 - Black Blue
  • RAL5005 - Signal Blue
  • RAL5007 - Brilliant Blue
  • RAL5008 - Grey Blue
  • RAL5009 - Azure Blue
  • RAL5010 - Gentian Blue
  • RAL5011 - Steel Blue
  • RAL5012 - Light Blue
  • RAL5013 - Colbalt Blue
  • RAL5014 - Pigeon Blue
  • RAL5015 - Sky Blue
  • RAL5017 - Traffic Blue
  • RAL5018 - Turquoise Blue
  • RAL5019 - Capri Blue
  • RAL5020 - Ocean Blue
  • RAL5021 - Water Blue
  • RAL5022 - Night Blue
  • RAL5023 - Distant Blue
  • RAL5024 - Pastel Blue
  • RAL6000 - Patina Green
  • RAL6001 - Emerald Green
  • RAL6002 - Leaf Green
  • RAL6003 - Olive Green
  • RAL6004 - Blue Green
  • RAL6005 - Moss Green
  • RAL6006 - Grey Olive
  • RAL6007 - Bottle Green
  • RAL6008 - Brown Green
  • RAL6009 - Fir Green
  • RAL6010 - Grass Green
  • RAL6011 - Reseda Green
  • RAL6012 - Black Green
  • RAL6013 - Reed Green
  • RAL6014 - Yellow Olive
  • RAL6015 - Black Olive
  • RAL6016 - Turquoise Green
  • RAL6017 - May Green
  • RAL6018 - Yellow Green
  • RAL6019 - Pastel Green
  • RAL6020 - Chrome Green
  • RAL6021 - Pale Green
  • RAL6022 - Olive Drab
  • RAL6024 - Traffic Green
  • RAL6025 - Fern Green
  • RAL6026 - Opal Green
  • RAL6027 - Light Green
  • RAL6028 - Pine Green
  • RAL6029 - Mint Green
  • RAL6032 - Signal Green
  • RAL6033 - Mint Turquoise
  • RAL6034 - Pastel Turquoise
  • RAL7000 - Squirrel Grey
  • RAL7001 - Silver Grey
  • RAL7002 - Olive Grey
  • RAL7003 - Moss Grey
  • RAL7004 - Signal Grey
  • RAL7005 - Mouse Grey
  • RAL7006 - Beige Grey
  • RAL7008 - Khaki Grey
  • RAL7009 - Green Grey
  • RAL7010 - Tarpaulin Grey
  • RAL7011 - Iron Grey
  • RAL7012 - Basalt Grey
  • RAL7013 - Brown Grey
  • RAL7015 - Slate Grey
  • RAL7016 - Anthracite Grey
  • RAL7021 - Black Grey
  • RAL7022 - Umbra Grey
  • RAL7023 - Concrete Grey
  • RAL7024 - Graphite Grey
  • RAL7026 - Granite Grey
  • RAL7030 - Stone Grey
  • RAL7031 - Blue Grey
  • RAL7032 - Pebble Grey
  • RAL7033 - Cement Grey
  • RAL7034 - Yellow Grey
  • RAL7035 - Light Grey
  • RAL7036 - Platinum Grey
  • RAL7037 - Dusty Grey
  • RAL7038 - Agate Grey
  • RAL7039 - Quartz Grey
  • RAL7040 - Window Grey
  • RAL7042 - Traffic Grey A
  • RAL7043 - Traffic Grey B
  • RAL7044 - Silk Grey
  • RAL7045 - Telegrey 1
  • RAL7046 - Telegrey 2
  • RAL7047 - Telegrey 4
  • RAL8000 - Green Brown
  • RAL8001 - Ochre Brown
  • RAL8002 - Signal Brown
  • RAL8003 - Clear Brown
  • RAL8004 - Copper Brown
  • RAL8007 - Fawn Brown
  • RAL8008 - Olive Brown
  • RAL8011 - Nut Brown
  • RAL8012 - Red Brown
  • RAL8014 - Sepia Brown
  • RAL8015 - Chestnut Brown
  • RAL8016 - Mahogany Brown
  • RAL8017 - Chocolate Brown
  • RAL8019 - Grey Brown
  • RAL8022 - Black Brown
  • RAL8023 - Orange Brown
  • RAL8024 - Beige Brown
  • RAL8025 - Pale Brown
  • RAL8028 - Terra Brown
  • RAL9001 - Cream
  • RAL9005 - Black
  • RAL9010 - White
  • RAL9002 - Grey White
  • RAL9003 - Signal White
  • RAL9004 - Signal Black
  • RAL9011 - Graphite Black
  • RAL9016 - Traffic White
  • RAL9017 - Traffic Black
  • RAL9018 - Papyrus White
  • BS00A01
  • BS00A05
  • BS00A09
  • BS00A13
  • BS02C33
  • BS02C37
  • BS02C40
  • BS04B15
  • BS04B17
  • BS04B21
  • BS04C33
  • BS04C37
  • BS04C39
  • BS04D44
  • BS04D45
  • BS04E49
  • BS04E51
  • BS04E53
  • BS06C33
  • BS06C37
  • BS06C39
  • BS06D43
  • BS06D45
  • BS06E50
  • BS06E51
  • BS06E56
  • BS08B15
  • BS08B17
  • BS08B21
  • BS08B25
  • BS08B29
  • BS08C31
  • BS08C35
  • BS08C37
  • BS08C39
  • BS08E51
  • BS10A03
  • BS10A07
  • BS10A11
  • BS10B15
  • BS10B17
  • BS10B21
  • BS10B25
  • BS10B29
  • BS10C31
  • BS10C33
  • BS10C35
  • BS10C39
  • BS10D43
  • BS10D45
  • BS10E49
  • BS10E50
  • BS10E53
  • BS12B15
  • BS12B17
  • BS12B21
  • BS12B25
  • BS12C33
  • BS12C39
  • BS12D43
  • BS12D45
  • BS12E51
  • BS12E53
  • BS14C31
  • BS14C35
  • BS14C39
  • BS14C40
  • BS14E51
  • BS14E53
  • BS16C33
  • BS16C37
  • BS16D45
  • BS16E53
  • BS18B17
  • BS18B21
  • BS18B25
  • BS18B29
  • BS18C31
  • BS18C35
  • BS18C39
  • BS18D43
  • BS18E49
  • BS18E50
  • BS18E51
  • BS18E53
  • BS20C33
  • BS20C37
  • BS20C40
  • BS20D45
  • BS20E51
  • BS22B15
  • BS22B17
  • BS22C37
  • BS22D45
  • BS24C33
  • BS24C39
  • BS101 - Sky Blue
  • BS103 - Peacock Blue
  • BS104 - Azure Blue
  • BS105 - Oxford Blue
  • BS106 - Royal Blue
  • BS107 - Strong Blue
  • BS108 - Aircraft Blue
  • BS109 - Middle Blue
  • BS110 - Roundel Blue
  • BS112 - Arctic Blue
  • BS113 - Deep Saxe Blue
  • BS166 - French Blue
  • BS172 - Pale Roundel Blue
  • BS175 - Light French Blue
  • BS210 - Sky
  • BS216 - Eau De Nil
  • BS217 - Sea Green
  • BS218 - Grass Green
  • BS220 - Olive Green
  • BS221 - Brilliant Green
  • BS223 - Middle Bronze Green
  • BS224 - Deep Bronze Green
  • BS225 - Light Brunswick Green
  • BS226 - Middle Brunswick Green
  • BS227 - Deep Brunswick Green
  • BS228 - Emerald Green
  • BS241 - Dark Green
  • BS262 - Bold Green
  • BS267 - Deep Chrome Green
  • BS280 - Verdigris Green
  • BS284 - Aircraft Grey Green
  • BS285 - Spruce Green
  • BS298 - Olive Drab
  • BS309 - Canary Yellow
  • BS310 - Primrose
  • BS315 - Grapefruit
  • BS320 - Light Brown
  • BS337 - Very Dark Drab
  • BS352 - Pale Cream
  • BS353 - Deep Cream
  • BS355 - Lemon
  • BS356 - Golden Yellow
  • BS358 - Light Buff
  • BS361 - Light Stone
  • BS363 - Bold Yellow
  • BS365 - Vellum
  • BS366 - Light Beige
  • BS367 - Manilla
  • BS369 - Biscuit
  • BS380 - Camouflage Desert Sand
  • BS384 - Light Straw
  • BS388 - Beige
  • BS389 - Camouflage Beige
  • BS411 - Middle Brown
  • BS412 - Dark Brown
  • BS414 - Golden Brown
  • BS420 - Dark Camouflage Desert Sand
  • BS436 - Dark Camouflage Brown
  • BS445 - Venetian Red
  • BS447 - Salmon Pink
  • BS453 - Shell Pink
  • BS454 - Pale Roundel Red
  • BS499 - Service Brown
  • BS537 - Signal Red
  • BS538 - Cherry
  • BS539 - Currant Red
  • BS541 - Maroon
  • BS542 - Ruby
  • BS557 - Light Orange
  • BS564 - Bold Red
  • BS568 - Apricot
  • BS592 - International Orange
  • BS593 - Rail Red
  • BS626 - Camouflage Grey
  • BS627 - Light Aircraft Grey
  • BS629 - Dark Camouflage Grey
  • BS630 - French Grey
  • BS631 - Light Grey
  • BS632 - Dark Admiralty Grey
  • BS637 - Medium Sea Grey
  • BS638 - Dark Sea Grey
  • BS642 - Night
  • BS676 - Light Weatherwork Grey
  • BS677 - Dark Weatherwork Grey
  • BS692 - Smoke Grey
  • BS693 - Aircraft Grey
  • BS694 - Dove Grey
  • BS697 - Light Admiralty Grey
  • BS796 - Dark Violet
  • BS797 - Light Violet
  • RAL9006 - White Aluminium
  • RAL9007 - Grey Aluminium
  • RAL1035 - Pearl Beige
  • RAL1036 - Pearl Gold
  • RAL2013 - Pearl Orange
  • RAL3032 - Pearl Ruby Red
  • RAL3033 - Pearl Pink
  • RAL4011 - Pearl Violet
  • RAL4012 - Pearl Blackberry
  • RAL5025 - Pearl Gentian Blue
  • RAL5026 - Pearl Night Blue
  • RAL6035 - Pearl Green
  • RAL6036 - Pearl Opal Green
  • RAL7048 - Pearl Mouse Grey
  • RAL8029 - Pearl Copper
  • RAL9022 - Pearl Light Grey
  • RAL9023 - Pearl Dark Grey
  • Gold
  • Marlin Blue
  • Silver Grey
VAT excluded

£18.90 Tax incl.


Rust-Oleum CombiColor Original is a primer and topcoat in one for interior and exterior use on bare metal, manually de-rusted metal, surfaces primed with Rust-Oleum 3369/3380 CombiPrimer Anti-Corrosion, or previously painted surfaces. Rust-Oleum CombiColor has excellent opacity (hiding power) and sag resistance, leaving no brush or roller strokes, and provides good drying properties even at low temperatures.

Rust-Oleum CombiColor is a one coat maintenance system for metal, providing superior metal protection, even when applied direct to rust. It remains flexible and does not become brittle or flake with movement. Rust-Oleum CombiColor is intended for brush and roller application and can also be applied by air spray.

CombiColor Colours Available

There are close to 400 different colours available from CombiColor's colour chart available to buy here. Please select the colour/shade above when making your order, and if there is a colour you require which is not listed such as RAL, BS and NCS colours, please contact our customer support team on 0113 2455450 and we will endeavour to match your needs.

CombiColor Variations

Features & Benefits

  • Long-lasting protection in minutes - all weather resistant
  • Interior & exterior use
  • Sag resistant, no brush strokes
  • Direct application to rust, bare metal and wood
  • Primer and topcoat in one
  • Low odour – VOC Compliant
    • Lead- and chromate free
  • High coverage: 10.5 m² per litre
  • One coat hiding, good flow properties
  • Dilutable with Rust-Oleum 7301 CombiColor Thinner
  • Usable down to 5°C
  • Available in virtually any colour - RAL, BC & NCS.
  • Heat resistant up to 90°C (dry heat)
  • Corrosion protection (in light industrial environments)

Product Specification

Technical Data
Density: Gloss: 1,07±0,09; Satin: 1,12±0,10
Solids content in volume: Gloss: 53-57%; Satin: 48-52%
Heat Resistance: 90°C (dry heat); at elevated temperatures discoloration may occur.
Recommended Wet Film Thickness 100 μm
Recommended Dry Film Thickness 55 μm
Theoretical Consumption 10.3 m²/l at 55 μm dry, depending on colour.
Practical Consumption Practical coverage depends on many factors such as porosity and roughness of the substrate and material losses during application.

Preperation & Application


Surface Preparation

Remove oil, grease and all other surface contaminations by alkaline or high pressure (steam) cleaning in combination with appropriate detergents. Remove rust scale, loose mill scale, loose rust and loose coatings by scraping and wire brushing to St 3 (ISO 8501-1 : 1988), light blast cleaning or sanding. Sand intact coatings to roughen the surface slightly. The surface must be clean and dry during application. Galvanised, Zinc and Aluminium surfaces have to be primed first with CombiPrimer Tack Coat 3302.


Direction For Use

To ensure homogeneity, coating materials should be thoroughly stirred prior to use.


Application Conditions

Temperature of air, substrate and coating material between 5° and 35°C and relative humidity below 85%. The substrate temperature must be at least 3°C above dew point.


Application & Thinning


Up to 10% volume RUST-OLEUM Thinner 7301. Use natural bristles, long hair brushes.



Up to 10% volume RUST-OLEUM Thinner 7301. Use short nap, polyamide 6-12 mm rollers. Roller application may require 2 coats to achieve recommended dry film thickness


Air-Atomised Spray

10-25% volume RUST-OLEUM Thinner 7301. Gravity cup and pressure cup. Tip size: 1.0 - 1.5 mm. Atomising pressure: 2 - 4 bar.


Equipment Cleaning & Spills

Use RUST-OLEUM Thinner 7301 or RUST-OLEUM Thinner 160.


Maximum dry film thickness per coat: 75 μm dry, equals 135 μm wet. To avoid inhomogeneous appearance with aluminum colored coatings it is recommended to spray 7311 with HVLP. CombiColor Metal 7300/7400 can be recoated with 7300 Aerosols within 4 hours or after 72 hours.

Drying Times

30°C 20°C/RH 50% 10°C
Touch dry: 1 ½ hours 2 hours 3 hours
Dry to handle: 6 hours 8 hours 16 hours
Dry to recoat: 8 hours 16 hours 24 hours
Fully cured: 5 days 7 days 14 days

Safety Data

VOC level: 439 g/l
VOC readymix: 495 g/l
VOC category: A/i
VOC limit: 500 g/l
Grenelle: A+

It is your responsibility to read the Product Data Sheets (available below) before you place an order and prior to application of the product. The content of this website is our best recommendation and is not advice. Coverage rates quoted are approximate, you agree that coverage depends on the condition of the substrate, surface absorption, texture and application method. We ALWAYS recommend a trial area is coated to ensure the product meets your requirements before use.

Product Details

Data sheet

Base Type
Urethane modified alkyd
Solvent Based
Mixing Ratio
Suitable Substrates
Mild Steel, Cast Iron
Key Features
Primer Finish, Direct to Rust, Flexible, Sag Resistant
Brush, Roller, Air-Atomised Spray
Touch Dry (at 20°C)
2 hours
Dry to Handle (at 20°C)
8 hours
Dry to Recoat (at 20°C)
16 hours
Fully Cured (at 20°C)
7 days
Pot Life (at 20°C)
10.3 m² per litre
Recommended Thinner/Cleaner
Rust-Oleum 7301 CombiColor Thinner
Unit Contents
Compatible Primers
Rust-Oleum 3369/3380 CombiPrimer Anti-Corrosion, Rust-Oleum 3302 CombiPrimer Adhesion
Compatible Topcoats
Max. Application Temperature
Min. Application Temperature
Gloss and Matt 1.07 ± 0.09, Satin 1.12 ± 0.10
Solids by Volume
Gloss and Matt 53-57%, Satin 48-52%
Heat Resistance (up-to)
90°C (dry heat)
Shelf Life (from date of manufacture)
60 months
UN Number

Customer agrees that before placing an Order, Customer has read and understood the most up to date Product Data Sheet for the Product. Where we have access to the Product Data Sheet from the manufacturer, we will either provide a copy on request, or include a link to the Product Data Sheet available on the manufacturer’s website. Customer further agrees that we have no liability for any errors or omissions contained within the Product Data Sheets. For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions of Sale.

questions Andrew on 16/07/2019

I’d like to use this paint on an old cast iron bird bath. Is it safe for wildlife once it has dried?


Unfortunately Rust-Oleum CombiColor won't be suitable for this application due to it not being OK to be used on surfaces with standing/ponding water.

questions Adrienne Hodges on 30/06/2019

How long does the rustoleum combi colour take to dry once applied? Thanks


At 20°C/RH 50% it should take 2 hours to be touch dry, 8 hours to be dry to handle, 16 hours to be dry to recoat and 7 days to fully cure.

questions Philip Green on 24/05/2019

Can I use this paint to spray coat a car chassis and running gear?


Rust-Oleum CombiColor should be applied on bare, manually derusted or Rust-Oleum 3369/3380 CombiPrimer Anti-Corrosion primed steel to provide corrosion protection in light industrial environments. It can be applied by brush, roller and air-atomised spray. It is not designed or intended to be used on vehicles but has been used sucessfully by many customers previously through their own choice.

questions james on 20/05/2019

Hi I want to paint some 2 kids radiators a rainbow effect ( about 7 colors): - would this paint be suitable? - is it safe to use indoors? - could I mix colors myself to make another like a blue and yellow to make a green as they are only small radiators and i dont really want to end up with 7 liters of paint.


Rust-Oleum CombiColor is heat resistant up to 90°C (dry heat), so as long as the surfaces being painted didn't exceed this temperature it should be OK. You can mix the colours together as suggested but it will have an solvent smell during use and drying. Rust-Oleum CombiColor is however an industrial product designed for exterior use or interior use in industrial environments so it is not specifically intended for internal home use.

questions Graham Marsh on 28/02/2019

I need a matt white paint for driveway gates, these have been shot blasted, so bare metal. Please advise product and code, also stockists in/near Hereford, Herefordshire. or mail order


Rust-Oleum CombiColor should be ideal for this application but we would suggest the gates are first primed with Rust-Oleum 3369/3380 CombiPrimer Anti-Corrosion. Products should be ordered online from our website, delivery is nationwide via Fedex.

questions Gill Graham Maw on 02/02/2019

we need your paint for a grade 1 listed church in Hampshire (Avington) and would like to know the colours please. I think we shall need a grey. It is to go on a red brick Georgian building


You can view colours available in this product by clicking 'Select a different colour'.

questions Gareth Williams  on 09/01/2019

Please advise which paint to use on upvc ie primer and top coat. We require ral 7016 matt finnish. Also require ral 7016 matt for aluminium profiles to cover excisting coat which needs refurb. Thank you.


On both substrates we would recommend priming with Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 then finishing with Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Matt (Water Based).

questions Adam on 07/01/2019

Can I get a sample of the colour I am looking to use?


The best way to check a colour is to buy a 1 litre of CombiColor in the colour you wish to use and apply it to the substrate in question and allow to dry. However we do have printed colour charts which we can post to you first, but these are only approximate and not provide a true representation of the colour.

questions Pete on 18/12/2018

Hi, can you mix rustoleum to colour match a sample? i need to get some mixed to match against a car i am painting but need a good colour match. i can send you an off cut of body work to match against.


Yes as long as it is not a metallic finish as the metallic colours we can offer in CombiColor are limited.

questions Pete on 18/12/2018

Hi, can you mix rustoleum to colour match a sample? i need to get some mixed to match against a car i am painting but need a good colour match. i can send you an off cut of body work to match against.


Yes we can do this as long as it is not metallic or fluorescent shades. Send sample to: Rawlins Paints, Northspeed House, Moorview, Holbeck, Leeds, LS11 9NF for the attention of the Technical Department. Include your contact details and requirements.

questions Norma  on 18/11/2018

Dear Rawlings, I’m looking for a paint to cover two black garage doors that have been neglected for 25 years. There is no rust but the previous paint is flaking in places . Which paint would you recommend as a one-stop solution?


Rust-Oleum CombiColor would be our recommendation for this. Assuming there are no areas of bare metal, thoroughly clean with something like Rust-Oleum Pre-Paint Cleaner and lightly sand if necessary to provide a key, then apply 2 coats of Rust-Oleum CombiColor in your chosen colour and finish.

Two primers are available for use if required; Rust-Oleum 3369/3380 CombiPrimer Anti-Corrosion and Rust-Oleum 3302 CombiPrimer Adhesion.

questions Noep on 28/10/2018

I need a bron tan colour please forward your colour options


All colours for Rust-Oleum CombiColor can be seen by clicking 'Select a different colour' on the product page.

questions Angus on 11/09/2018

We have an ornamental cast-iron stag in our garden which I need to repair (don't ask - it's got a broken leg!), fill some small casting holes, rub down and repaint, which I assume is relatively straight forward using your mat, one coat paint/ The problem is, it is currently two-tone painted mat black with bronze highlights - is that effect possible using your CombiColor paints? Kind regards Angus


Rust-Oleum CombiColor is available in almost any RAL, BS or NCS colour in Satin or Gloss finishes, including metallic shades but we only offer black and white in a matt finish and don't offer 'two tone' colours. Alternatively you may prefer to use Rust-Oleum CombiColor Wrought Iron as this has a pleasing matt, metallic black or green finish available.

questions Peter Davies on 06/09/2018

Hi... what is you nearest colour to the now discontinued Hammerite Grey (Direct to metal / hammered finish). Thanks in advance.


We currently offer 5 different grey hammered finish colours across 3 different products - Rust-Oleum CombiColor HammertoneCoo-Var Hammercote Hammered Finish and Rust-Oleum Universal All-Surface Paint (Brush - Hammered).

questions David  on 28/08/2018

Do you produce a mid- grey metallic combi-colour, gunmetal or similar ?


RAL metallic shades are listed on this products colour options (click 'Select a different colour') - Greys include RAL 9006, 9007, 7048, 9022 and 9023.

questions David on 25/08/2018

Hi What is your nearest gloss combicolor colour to VW alpinweiss (code 90E)? Thanks David


Unfortunately we are unable to mix Automotive colours in this product. We can however match colours if you are able to send us a sample of the colour you would like. Rust-Oleum CombiColor can be mixed to nearly all RAL, BS and NCS colours as well as custom colour matches.

questions Lisa on 21/08/2018

Can I paint over a metal surface previously painted with Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Paint using CombiColor or will the two paints react with one another?


Yes, Rust-Oleum CombiColor should be fine over fully cured Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Paint. Ensure surfaces to paint are clean, well adhered and lightly sanded to provide a key.

questions Tony West on 19/08/2018

Hi do you have a colour chart, Thanks


Yes we do, if you can provide an address we can post one out to you.

questions Phil on 01/08/2018

Are you able to supply tester pots of Rustoleum Combi-colour? I'm looking to paint a vehicle in two tone red / cream and wanted to see the finish on metal before ordering a large amount


Unfortunately not, but we do have a colour chart we can post out to you so you can have a better idea of the colours if you'd like to contact us with your address.

questions Neil on 29/07/2018

Hi, I have a metal walkway leading into a residential property. It has been previously painted but the paint has warn off in some areas. Rust is also forming in some parts. I need something durable, that will prevent further rust and can be applied over the existing paint. Is this suitable? If not is there a product that is ?


Rust-Oleum CombiColor would be ideally suited to this application as long as it is not applied to any areas that are walked on. Prepare thoroughly as per the product data (clean, remove all rust, flaking paint, etc.) then apply Rust-Oleum 3369/3380 CombiPrimer Anti-Corrosion to all areas of bare metal (assuming mild steel) and then to primed and previously painted areas (after cleaning and sanding to provide a key) apply 2 coats of Rust-Oleum CombiColor in your chosen colour and finish.

questions Phil on 19/07/2018

Hi, do you sell a clear coat that i can use in a spray gun? Thanks


Rust-Oleum 7500 Alkythane is available in clear and can be spray applied, this is similar to Rust-Oleum CombiColor and may meet your requirements.

questions mike Ockwell on 05/07/2018

Hi do you have a chart with the colours available in the Combicolor range or can you mix to any RAL code? Many thanks Mike


You can click 'Select a different colour' on the Rust-Oleum CombiColor product page on our website or you can provide us with an address and we can post a colour chart out to you. Rust-Oleum CombiColor can be mixed to nearly all RAL, BS and NCS colours as well as custom colour matches.

questions peter mirfin on 29/06/2018

i'm after combicolor in L90e alpine white, a vw colour... can you provide? or do a colour scan? Cheers, Pete


Unfortunately we are unable to mix Automotive colours in this product. We can however match colours if you are able to send us a sample of the colour you would like.

questions Jane on 11/06/2018

Which shade is closest to that of a traditional telephone box? Thanks


We believe the colour used most widely today is BS381C 539, we think pre 1968 the colour was BS381C 538.

questions Warren on 10/06/2018

Hi Can combicolour original be sprayed onto vehicle bumpers


Rust-Oleum CombiColor is not an automotive paint range, however should you wish to test the application on to plastic bumpers we would recommend trying Rust-Oleum CombiColor Multi-Surface instead.

questions martin on 10/06/2018

Can rust-oleum combi colour original, for metal, be applied to bare timber please?


No, we would instead recommend Rust-Oleum CombiColor Multi-Surface for bare timber.

questions Rob on 31/05/2018

Hi can rustoleum, combicolour be mixed in vw pastel white gloss code is L90d Many thanks Rob Jones


Unfortunately we are unable to mix Automotive colours in this product. We can however match colours if you are able to send us a sample of the colour you would like.

questions Tom Paris on 31/05/2018

If I gave you some Pantone References would you be able to tell me the nearest match please?


We would be able to mix and supply a 1lt of  Rust-Oleum CombiColor in our nearest match for you test at the normal product cost, then if sufficient you could order what you require.

questions Una on 22/05/2018

What paint would you suggest to paint metal garage door which has previous black paint and undercoat?


Rust-Oleum CombiColor would be ideal for these, assuming existing paints are well adhered and there are no bare areas, clean and abrade to provide a key and apply 2 coats of CombiColor to all areas.

questions Ben on 20/05/2018

Hello I was wondering if I sent you a paint sample would you be able to match it to the closest colour in the rustoleum range or mix it to the same colour and still provide me with a paint code in case I’d need to reorder the paint if more is needed in the future Thanks Ben


Yes, as long as the colour sample is not metallic or fluorescent please send to;

Rawlins Paints, Northspeed House, Moorview, Holbeck, Leeds, LS11 9NF.

questions Anna on 10/05/2018

Hello, im looking for a deep red wine colour, burgandy or claret or theatre red.. it looks like the closest you may have is venetian red but im not sure it is quite right. Could you help me find the right colour? It says you will try to match a colour if necessary, thanks


We can provide Rust-Oleum CombiColor in nearly all RAL, BS and NCS colours if you can find a colour suitable within these industry standard colour ranges. If not, then you can post us something showing the colour you require and we can formulate the closest match we can to it.

questions Phil on 16/04/2018

Hi can I use the combi colour on a narrow boat above the waterline if so can I roller it over the existing paint and should I thin it ?


Yes, sand intact coatings to roughen the surface slightly, the surface must be clean and dry during application.

You can thin up to 10 vol. %; with Rust-Oleum 7301 CombiColor Thinner. Use short nap, polyamid (Perlon) 6-12mm rollers. Roller application may require 2 coats to achieve recommended dry film thickness.

questions Eaves on 10/04/2018

Can you offer combo colour paint in brown??

questions Julie on 08/04/2018

Can this be used on rusty galvanised garden seat as a one application


As you have advised the galvanised steel is rusty, we would presume that the substrate is therefore very well aged, meaning that it is therefore possible to consider applying Rust-Oleum CombiColor directly. This should be done after degreasing the surface with a solution of Rust-Oleum Mathys ND14 Cleaner Degreaser, and after de-rusting of the affected areas. One coat is possible, although our best advice remains that application of a second coat will provide the benefits of better appearance and longer life expectancy.

questions Dee  on 09/02/2018

Can I paint this directly onto an old aluminium garage door without sanding or 1st. Sowing some rust on edges at bottom of door but otherwise sound just needs a clean look.


No. The door should be thoroughly cleaned and the rusted areas should be abraded to remove all loose and flaking rust and spot primed with Rust-Oleum 3369/3380 CombiPrimer Anti-Corrosion. The rest of the door that is sound, after cleaning should be primed with Rust-Oleum 3302 CombiPrimer Adhesion and then overcoated with Rust-Oleum CombiColor in the finish and colour of your choice after 30 minutes.

questions Scott on 31/01/2018

Can this paint be used directly on a previously coated shop front surface?


Assuming the shop front is aluminium/powdercoat we would recommend using Rust-Oleum Pre-Paint Cleaner to prepare the surface then priming with Rust-Oleum 3302 CombiPrimer Adhesion and then finishing with Rust-Oleum CombiColor in the colour and finish of your choice. If the shop front has been previously painted with a conventional paint then after cleaning with Rust-Oleum Pre-Paint Cleaner, you can lightly abrade to provide a key and go straight on with CombiColor without the need for Rust-Oleum 3302 CombiPrimer Adhesion.

questions Edward on 26/11/2017
Question: Going to sand blast a piece of agricultural machinery mild steel it will be exposed to fertilisers! What paint is best? Kongskilde red! Not sure on ral number?

After blasting we would recommend applying Teamac Rapidry HB Zinc Phosphate Primer followed by Teamac Metalcote Plant Enamel. Unfortunately we have no reference of 'Kongskilde Red' so you would have to either choose the nearest RAL or BS colour or send us a sample to match.

questions Terry Robson on 22/08/2017
Question: I want to be sure Combi-colour paint will be OK to use on pre-painted and rubbed down aluminium patent glazing. While rubbing down, some areas are back to the bare surface. Will the primer/paint combined be enough? Can you advise me please before I start!

Soundly adhered, well prepared previously painted areas can have the CombiColor applied directly. Any bare areas of aluminium must be first primed with Rust-Oleum 3302 CombiPrimer Adhesion.

questions WAYNE on 12/08/2017
Question: can this be applied to aged powder coated garage doors, in a one coat application ? thanks wayne

On powdercoat we normally recommend cleaning and first priming with 1 coat of Rust-Oleum 3302 CombiPrimer Adhesion.

questions Anthony McGuinness on 01/08/2017
Question: I have been told by somebody who has used this paint, that it can be applied to PVC window frames. He used it for this purpose approx 1 year ago and so far so good. Do you know if it will be suitable for this application? I know you do a 2 in 1 plastic paint but don't do the colour I want in that range. Thanks

If you want to apply the CombiColor original to PVC you would need to first prime with Rust-Oleum 3302 CombiPrimer Adhesion.

questions John Blanning on 29/07/2017
Question: Hi... Is CombiColor suitable for painting wood? I've a front door I want to paint and CombiColor is available in the RAL colour I want. If it's OK, will it give a high gloss finish? What should I use as an undercoat? Thanks

No, instead we would recommend you prime the wood with Zinsser Cover Stain followed by Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Gloss.

questions David Wilson on 25/06/2017
Question: Hi there, I am on your website and looking to purchase Combi-COlour metal paint. It says available in many colours and I selected RAL 7016 in Matt 750mm and I am unable to add it to the basket. Is it available please? many thanks, David

The RAL and BS colours available in CombiColor are only available in Satin or Gloss finishes and in 1L or 2.5L sizes. If you require a matt finish in a RAL or BS colour, Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Matt may be suitable for your requirements. 

questions Tallulah on 23/05/2017
Question: Hi there, would the combicolour be suitable for repainting a van with a roller? It will be post bodywork so there will be patches of filler etc. Would you recommend using the anti-rust primer first? Also is it worth clear coating after the colour and if so which product would be best? Many thanks

Although it is not what Rust-Oleum CombiColor was primarily designed for it is used for this type of application regularly. You will find numerous videos on YouTube of people doing similar projects by brush and roller. On bare ferrous metals Rust-Oleum 3369/3380 CombiPrimer Anti-Corrosion is always recommended to be used before application of the CombiColor.

questions Mandy on 07/04/2017
Question: Would the Combicolor be suitable for painting the outside of a narrowboat? If so, how many coats should we apply?

Yes, as long as suitable preparation is carried out and all areas painted are above the waterline. Apply 2 - 3 coats.

questions Phil on 06/01/2017
Question: Hi, Can you match paints from VIN chassis codes? I have a VW, paint code LH8U, thanks Phil

We can't, but we can match to a physical colour sample (as long as it is not metallic) if you can post to our address below with your contact details?

Rawlins Paints, Northspeed House, Moorview, Holbeck, Leeds, LS11 9NF.

questions stuart DuHeaume on 14/10/2016
Question: hi ive just purchased some combicolor gloss from you plus thinners what would you recommend to mix for air spray gun please regards stuart
questions Julia on 08/09/2016
Question: We're looking to spray paint old cast iron rads (we're having them sandblasted first to clean off the old paint/rust). Can we use this product straight onto the cast iron? Do all the colours come in spray format/can, or do we need to adapt for use with pressure spray? Thanks.

We would recommend applying Rust-Oleum 3369/3380 CombiPrimer Anti-Corrosion to the prepared cast iron surface before application of Rust-Oleum CombiColor. The primer is also available in an aerosol on the above link, Rust-Oleum CombiColor can be found in aerosols HERE.

questions sandie on 06/06/2016
Question: what % paint to thinners do i use for rollering this product ?

Add up to 10% (by volume) Rust-Oleum 7301 CombiColor Thinner. Use short nap, poly-amid (Perlon) 6-12mm rollers. Roller application may require 2 coats to achieve recommended dry film thickness.

questions Simon Davis on 24/05/2016
Question: Can this be used to repaint a fibreglass vehicle ? What sort or preparation would you recommend?

Fibreglass should be cleaned and lightly sanded to provide a key, CombiColor can then be applied directly to the surface. If you encounter any adhesion problems or very hard/smooth surfaces you can always prime first with Rust-Oleum 3302 CombiPrimer Adhesion.

questions Michele Baker on 24/05/2016
Question: Can you use this directly onto galvanised steel?

No, after appropriate cleaning of the galvanised surface you would need to prime with Rust-Oleum 3302 CombiPrimer Adhesion before applying Rust-Oleum CombiColor.

questions Robert on 10/05/2016
Question: Can you mix this paint to any colour? could i send you something the same colour that you can scan to create the paint? am looking to paint a van in this colour Thanks Rob

Yes, please send your colour sample to;

Rawlins Paints

FAO Colour Matching

Northspeed House




LS11 9NF

We recommend you purchase 1lt of the matched colour to test the colour prior purchasing the full amount required as we cannot offer refunds on bespoke colours. Please ensure the colour sample you provide us with is good quality, we cannot match from