Teamac Zinc Phosphate Primer (P201)
  • Teamac Zinc Phosphate Primer (P201)
  • Teamac Zinc Phosphate Primer (P201)
  • Teamac Zinc Phosphate Primer (P201)
  • Teamac Zinc Phosphate Primer (P201)

Teamac Zinc Phosphate Primer


An anticorrosive primer on iron and steel, for use with a range of conventional topcoats such as Teamac Marine Gloss and Teamac Metalcote Plant Enamel.

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Teamac Zinc Phosphate Primer is a high performance, modified alkyd metal primer. It has very good anticorrosive properties.

Teamac Zinc Phosphate Primer is used as an anticorrosive primer on iron and steel, for use with a range of conventional topcoats such as Teamac Marine Gloss and Teamac Metalcote Plant Enamel. Can be used for marine purposes, fire escapes, metal gates, metal garage doors and is also ideal in coastal areas.

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2 hours

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questions Derek Wright on 04/06/2015

Hi, I am looking to buy paint suitable for painting automotive under body suspension and chassis parts on an older car I am restoring and wonder if you could advise. There seems to be many types of paint and on your website which look suitable and it becomes a bit confusing when reading the details of the rust preventative paints. My plan is to strip out the suspension parts which are quite rusty, remove loose rust and clean as much as possible then prime and finish coat (black) before re-assembly. I do not want to use 2 pack systems so advice on which paint is suitable from those on your website would be most useful.


We have found from customers feedback that Rust-Oleum Mathys Noxyde is well suited to this type of work when a 2 pack coating isn't preferable. Rust-Oleum Mathys Noxyde is a primer and topcoat in one, it is a water-based, single-component paint designed for easy application and yet gives the same protection as complicated and more expensive polyurethane systems. Forms a thick anticorrosive membrane that offers unrivalled rust-proofing, corrosion and waterproofing protection.

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