Fire Door Paint (30min)

Fire Door Paint (30min) View larger
Typical Coverage (per coat)4 door sides per pack (totalling no more than 8m²)
Touch DryPrimer: 45mins / Intumescent: 1 hour / Undercoat: 24 hours
ApplicationBrush, Roller
The figures stated above are approximate. Please ensure you refer to all datasheets for full application information.

Rawlins Paints' Fire Door Paint upgrades normal timber flat panel, raised and fielded and ledged and braced doors to 30 minute fire resistance. Each pack contains sufficient primer, intumescent paint and undercoat to upgrade 4 door sides (including architrave and frame). If you are looking for a clear finish, we also stock our Fire Door Varnish.

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Our Fire Door Paint upgrades normal timber flat panel, raised and fielded and ledged and braced doors to 30 minute fire resistance. Each pack contains sufficient primer, intumescent paint and undercoat to upgrade 4 door sides (including architrave and frame). The reason Rawlins Paints' Fire Door Paint system is finished with a coat of white undercoat is so that you can apply your own conventional topcoat in the colour and finish of your choice to ensure it matches your colour schemes and decor. If you are looking for a different door kit, please browse our Door Kit section for more products to upgrade fire doors.

No special application skills are required to apply our products and we supply a Certificate of Supply, which must be signed by the applicator to confirm that the coating has been applied following manufacturer instructions and this is what can be presented to your authority on completion as proof of upgrading.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides 30min Fire Protection
  • Testing has been carried out at independent test facilities
  • Previously painted or varnished doors do not need to be stripped
  • Keep doors period look and feel
  • Also available in a clear varnish
  • NOT suitable for 'Hollow Core' doors or MDF
  • Suitable for Hard and Soft woods

Fire doors installed in all buildings can help to prevent deaths in the event of a fire, as well as assist firefighters to access the fire and to put it out. They also limit the spread of smoke and flames to other parts of the building. The precise legislation governing where fire doors for domestic properties are legally required is complicated and detailed, but as a general rule, multiple occupancy properties, such as blocks of flats, hotels, student accommodation, etc. are obliged to include more fire doors than detached houses are. This is because of the greater risk of the fire spreading to other people’s homes in multiple occupancy buildings.

The way that fire doors work is to compartmentalise the danger to just that room. When a fire door is correctly installed, with the right frame in place, it is able to block the passage of smoke, fumes and flames for a pre-determined amount of time, usually between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the requirement.

There are three door types that are most common throughout the UK, when you have identified which type of door you have, you can check the minimum requirements and specific application needed to upgrade your door to a fire door in the Fire Door Systems Brochure for this product available under the downloads section above. If you are unsure of which type of door you have, or you can’t see one that represents what you have, please contact our Technical Department.

Please read the information provided carefully, as incorrect application may result in your door not being properly protected.

We have been supplying our door upgrade products for many years and during this time we’ve been co-operating with Building Control Officers, and are widely recognised and approved. However we always recommend seeking approval for our systems by asking your local Building Control Officer (or relevant authority) first, before upgrading your doors to avoid any unnecessary problems with their approval.

In good drying conditions (20°C/50% r.h.) we expect the following overcoat times;

1020 Primer - After 45mins
1031 White Intumescent Coating - After 1 hour
1032 White Undercoat - 24 hours (before overcoating with your own paint)

IMPORTANT - Please refer to the 'Fire Door Systems Brochure' in our downloads section prior to purchase. You MUST ensure your door(s) meet our minimum requirements laid out in this document. For 60min protection, doors thinner than our stated minimums or for larger projects (more than 12 door sides) contact our Technical Department on 0113 2455450.

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In order to apply the fire retardant coating does the previous layer of paint on the door need to be removed or can the existing door be painted over by your product followed by new paint? thanks for letting me know Kind regards Esther

Esther Grossmann from London (UK) - 24/04/17


No any existing paint does not need to be removed as long as it is sound, well adhering and not fire retardant. The substrate surface must be clean of all dust and dry. There should be no trace of oil, grease or similar substance. The surface should be sanded smooth. If timber is previously painted, ensure the surface is clean and sanded appropriately to provide adequate key.

I have been asked to paint 16 previously painted fire doors on one side (hall side). Which paint system should I use and how much do I need. There is no info on regulations etc

Dawn Bkake from Manchester (Uk) - 01/03/17

To protect 16 door sides to 30min fire resistance you would require 4 of our Fire Door Paint (30min) packs. Download our 'Fire Door Systems Brochure' from the 'DATASHEETS' tab on the product page to check your doors are suitable and seek approval from your authority for this system prior to purchase and application.

Finally, you may want to check with your authority which side of your doors need protecting with our product as usually the 'risk' side would be the room side of each door, NOT the 'hall side'.

I'm interested in your door upgrade pack and note that the sealer coat can be over painted with a solvent based normal paint. We will be using a water based paint for the woodwork. Would you advise leaving the door with the sealer coat as the finish layer. (All subject to BC approval). Thanks

Richard lilley from Newcastle (Uk) - 03/02/17

The Fire Door Paint (30min) system is completed by the application of a white undercoat (included in the pack). This MUST be over painted and cannot be left as a finish. Conventional, single pack, decorative Water or Solvent based paints are acceptable to overcoat the undercoat to provide the colour and finish you require.

One of our clients has considered using intumescent paint to upgrade ordinary office doors and the painter has told them they "only need doing on one side". Reading your guidance confirms that you recommend painting the "risk side" by which I presume you mean the side the fire is likely to be on? However for doors opening onto a stairwell either side could have a fire and therefore both sides should be treated with intumescent paint. Could you confirm this? As a principle though upgrading the doors is a good idea so subject to your confirmation of the instructions I would probably recommend to them to proceed.

Mark Howard from Bristol (England) - 08/11/16

One of the advantages of our Fire Door Paint (30min) and Fire Door Varnish (30min) systems is that where deemed appropriate by the authority it can only be applied to the risk side of the door and still certified. That said, we do state in our product information (Fire Door Systems Brochure) that the user should seek guidance from their respective authority to ascertain which doors need to be protected in their property and on which sides. If you have deemed that your clients doors require protection on both sides then both sides should have the Fire Door Paint (30min ) system applied to them including any architraves, frames, etc. where required. This is why we sell the product by door sides rather than doors as a 4 door pack could upgrade 4 doors if only one side requires protection or 2 doors if both sides require protection. I trust this clears things up, should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Team on 0113 2455450.

How long does this paint last? Does a door that has been treated have to be repainted every few years? How long can the paint be stored for once it has been opened?

Helen Ward from Oxford (UK) - 13/09/16

Once our Fire Door Paint (30min) has been used on the door(s) then it will last as long as the substrate. We recommend a re-application of a topcoat every 5-7 years just to ensure no damage occurs to the intumescent system underneath. Any damages to the door should be repaired immediately with the full system to the affected area. Once the tins have been opened the shelf life reduces to 3 months.

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Fire Door Systems Brochure


1020 Primer MSDS


1031 White Intumescent Coating MSDS


1032 Undercoat MSDS


1020 Primer TDS


1031 Intumescent Coating TDS


1032 Undercoat TDS

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