Ronacrete Curing Membrane


    Spray applied curing membrane for mortars and concrete repair, flooring and renders, foming a surface barrier slowing the rate of moisture loss.

    • Reduces chances of cracking
    • Supplied ready to use
    • Good coverage - 5.0-6.5m2 per litre
    • Ronacrete Curing Membrane - For professional and industrial use

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    Ronacrete Curing Membrane is for use on Portland cement mortars including concrete repair, flooring and renders. It forms a surface barrier, slowing the rate of moisture loss.

    The slow loss of water from the surface of fresh concrete or mortar reduces the incidence of cracking and crazing of exposed surfaces, facilitates efficient cement hydration, improves surface hardening and reduces dusting.

    Ronacrete Curing Membrane may be used when early overcoating or overlaying of the mortar is to be carried out. Ronacrete Curing Membrane is used in place of damp hessian or polythene and is easily spray applied to surfaces immediately after finishing, when to do so will not damage the surface finish.

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    Features & Benefits

    • Curing membrane for use with Portland cement mortars
    • Slows moisture loss
    • Reduces chance of cracking


    Do not use Ronacrete Curing Membrane with:

    • Ronascreed Concrete
    • Ronascreed Powder Standard
    • RonaFloor Repair 1 Hour
    • RonaBond HB40 Ultra
    • Rapid or Ronaset Mortar



    Care must be taken to ensure that Ronacrete Curing Membrane does not come in to contact with non-concrete or mortar surfaces, particularly glass or painted surfaces, as it may be difficult to remove and the surface may be etched.

    Instructions for Use

    Ronacrete Curing Membrane is supplied ready to use; no dilution is required.

    Ronacrete Curing Membrane should be applied by low pressure spray to the surface of newly placed mortar or concrete. It should be applied as a fine mist on to the surface; suitable equipment is best determined by site trial.

    The entire surface of the mortar or concrete should be covered as soon as possible after placing to provide maximum benefits.

    The spray nozzle should be held 30-50cm from the surface and the pressure maintained to provide a fine mist spray. Care should be taken to produce a continuous film and to ensure that the correct coverage rate is maintained. Care must be taken to avoid overuse, exceeding the recommended application rate may affect early overlaying/coating.

    Shuttered Concrete

    On shuttered concrete Ronacrete Curing Membrane must be applied immediately after the formwork has been struck and any necessary repairs completed.

    Wash equipment in clean water immediately after use.


    Efficiency (BS DD147 1987): 50%

    Product Details

    Data sheet

    For Use By
    Professional Use
    For Use On
    Concrete Floors
    Application Method
    Pack Size
    5.0-6.5m² per litre
    150-200ml per m²
    Suitable For Use On
    Concrete Floors
    Application Method
    For Use With Portland Cement Mortars
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