Watco Concrex Carbon Fibre Epoxy Repair Mortar


Permanent granite hard repairs where ordinary mortars fail. For super strength long lasting repairs to concrete floors, ramps & steps. The strongest, longest lasting epoxy floor repair mortar that you can buy!

  • Stronger than cement-based alternatives
  • Faster drying, ready for traffic in just 1 hour
  • 20-year guarantee against impact and abrasion failure
  • Embedded with Carbon Fibre for superior strength
  • So versatile it can be used almost anywhere
  • Resin rich for thin section & feather edge repairs
  • Excellent resistance to spillages of many chemicals commonly used in industry

Note: While great care is taken with the colour samples shown, no guarantee can be given that they represent exactly the colours offered.

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Watco Concrex Carbon Fibre is the ultimate floor repair mortar. The addition of carbon fibre makes this the strongest, longest lasting floor repair mortar that you can buy.

The unique formulation also includes a rapid setting curing agent for even faster repairs, and Novolac resin for superior chemical resistance - cement based repair mortars have no resistance to acidity.

Abrasion resistance is greatly enhanced by the addition of a ceramic additive.

Compared with other repair mortars this formulation is particularly rich in epoxy resin. This provides superior strength and adhesion, making it ideal for very thin section, feather-edge or intricate repairs.

The new rapid cure formulation keeps downtime to a minimum in busy areas, with light traffic possible in as little as an hour.

Use in heavy wear areas where other repair mortars would fail - make your floor repairs permanent with Watco Concrex Carbon Fibre.

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Features & Benefits

  • Areas of use - permanent repairs for:
    • Holes in concrete floors
    • Damaged steps
    • Broken floor joints
    • Eroded, uneven concrete
    • Worn floors
    • Fitting guide rails
    • Different levels
    • Spalled expansion joints
  • Epoxy resin reinforced with carbon fibre and ceramic
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Rapid curing – ready for light traffic in as little as an hour
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Resin rich for thin section and feather-edge repairs
  • Anti-slip
  • Non-dusting
  • Incredibly versatile

Surface Preparation

Surfaces should be clean, dry and free of all loose material. Wire brushing or sweeping is generally sufficient. Watco Bio-D degreaser can be used to remove grease and oil. If the surface is damp, it can be primed with Watco Tack Coat.


The resin content of Watco Concrex Carbon Fibre is very high. This means that a primer is not usually required when filling holes in concrete floors or resurfacing rough or damaged concrete. Watco Tack Coat adhesive primer is recommended when using Concrex Carbon Fibre as a thin section screed over smooth surfaces. It is also recommended when repairing intricate/high impact areas such as broken floor joint edges, and damaged step nosings.


Wear protective gloves.

The resin and the sand are already pre-blended and is supplied with bottles of curing agent, 4 x 100ml in the 10kg pack and 2 x 500ml in the 25kg pack.

The curing agent is added to the sand/resin at point of use, and once mixed the mortar should be used within 15 - 30 minutes depending upon temperature.

If the entire pack of Watco Concrex Carbon Fibre cannot be used within 30 minutes, it can be part mixed. To split a pack carefully halve the sand/resin (ideally measured by weight), and use half the number of curing agent bottles. Do not mix inside the plastic bucket. Tip the sand/resin into a mixing tray or on a board.

Shake the bottles of curing agent thoroughly until the liquid is a uniform grey.

Form the sand/resin into a mound and leave a small hole in the middle. Empty the curing agent into the hole, ensuring the bottles are completely drained.

Carefully mix the aggregate with the curing agent using a trowel until a smooth mortar is obtained, this will take several minutes. The more thorough the mixing, the ‘wetter’, smoother and more manageable the mix becomes. Alternatively, you can knead the mixture by hand wearing suitable gloves. It is important to mix thoroughly until you achieve a consistent colour.

A ‘Cretangle’ or suitable open pan mixer can be used to mix large quantities.


Trowel the mortar firmly into the repair and finish with a trowel or float. To get a good smooth finish, regularly wipe the surface of the trowel with a cloth dampened with white spirit.

Watco Concrex Carbon Fibre is normally applied at 5mm - 50mm thick, but repairs can be feather-edged if most of the repair is at least 5mm thick.

For repairs deeper than 50mm, apply in separate layers allowing 6 - 8 hours between layers, or use Concrex Deep Fill which can be applied at 15mm - 100mm thick in one layer.


Please contact us regarding applications not described here.

Most self-levelling compounds cannot be painted - contact our technical team for details on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or send a message to [email protected].

Do not apply to wet surfaces.

Watco Tack Coat should be used for application to damp surfaces before applying Watco Concrex Carbon Fibre.

Do not apply thicker than 50mm in one layer – see Application section above.

Watco Concrex Carbon Fibre should not be subjected to temperatures above 60°C.

Product Details

Data sheet

For Use By
General Use
For Use By
Industrial Use
For Use By
Professional Use
Interior / Exterior Use
Interior and Exterior
For Use On
Metallic Substrates
For Use On
Application Method
Steel float or trowel
Single, Two or Three Pack
Pack Size
Key Features
Designed for use on bitumen based surfaces. It could soften surfaces which contain coal tar. If in doubt, apply a test area and check after 24 hours that no softening has occurred.
Key Features
Excellent resistance to spillages of many chemicals commonly used in industry
10kg – 1.2m2 at 5mm thick
25kg - 3m2 at 5mm thick.
Recommended Thinner/Cleaner
Use white spirit before Concrex Carbon Fibre cures.
Compatible Primers
Not usually – see section headed ‘Priming’
UN Number
Layer Thickness
Up to 50mm for hole filling only. Do not use at more than 15mm for screeding, instead use Watco Concrex® Deep Fill finishing with a 5mm layer of Concrex® Carbon Fibre.
Dry for Light Traffic (at 20°C)
1 hour
Pot Life
15 - 30 minutes depending upon temperature.
Suitable For Use On
Suitable For Use On
Concrete Floors
Suitable For Use On
Dry for Heavy Traffic
4 hours

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