KoverTek TekCryl Instant Repair Roof Kit


KoverTek TekCryl Instant Repair Roof Kits provide everything you need to complete 2.5, 5, 10, 20 or 30m² roof areas. All kits are available in Grey or Black and include application tools as well as offering a 5 year guarantee*.

  • Anti-Lichen formula
  • 5 Year Material Guarantee*
  • High solids for true ‘One Coat’ Solution
  • Instant Shower protection
  • Can be used all year round
  • Can be applied straight on to damp/wet** surfaces
  • Fibre reinforced for gap filling and strength
  • Flexible and very low VOC

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KoverTek TekCryl Instant Repair Roof Kits provide everything you need to complete 2.5, 5, 10, 20 or 30m² roof areas. All kits are available in Grey or Black and include application tools as well as offering a 5 year guarantee*.

KoverTek TekCryl roof coating has been formulated to optimal flexibility & durability, all colours are very low odour and benefit from a high dry film build due to the high solids content of the product.

* See guarantee certificate for full terms & conditions. Please note the maximum size of one area covered by the material guarantee is limited to 200m². All surfaces should be tested for adhesion prior to application to the full area to ensure the correct bond is achieved. Surfaces must be dry, cleaned and keyed adequately prior to application for the guarantee to be valid.

** Going over wet/very damp surfaces can result in blisters forming in hot weather as any trapped water tries to evaporate, if this occurs the blister should be removed and the area re-coated with more KoverTek TekCryl.**


  • Click HERE to see kit contents
  • Download your Guarantee Form to complete – Retain copies of materials purchased and dates of installation, these will be required to obtain the material guarantee and must be produced in the event of a claim.

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KoverTek TekCryl Instant Repair Roof Kits are ready for use on all types of roofs and structures, including flat, pitched as well as bituminous surfaces, gutters, brickwork, asbestos (see porous substrates section), concrete, felt, metal & fibreglass surfaces.

KoverTek TekCryl Instant Repair Roof Kits are not suitable for walkways or balconies and are not suitable for use on PVC, timber or internal use.


Remove all loose contamination from surfaces such as chippings, moss, lichen, dust and dirt. Where growth was present the area should be treated with fungicidal wash in accordance with manufacturer instructions.

Metal surfaces should be cleaned with a wire brush to remove rust and provide a key.

Any splits or blisters to asphalt or felt should be cut and sealed with a small amount of KoverTek Tekcryl allowing this to dry, prior to full application.

Always try a test patch prior to large scale application.


  • All rusty metals must be treated with a rust neutraliser such as Coo-Var Rust Converter and allowed to dry prior to application of KoverTek TekCryl
  • KoverTek TekCryl is suitable for direct application to ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces which are clean and rust free. Both new and weathered metals including galvanised steel, mild steel, iron, aluminium sheeting and alloy box gutters


  • Asbestos cladding, sheeting and guttering as well as concrete should be primed before applying KoverTek TekCryl using a 50% diluted solution of TekCryl (50% solution can be made with 50% white spirits – not included in kits)
  • The 50% diluted first coat would be expected to cover at a rate of 0.75kg per square metre as a rough guide
  • The second, undiluted coat can be applied as soon as the 1st coat is dry, which we would expect to be around 12-24hrs


  • Ensure that polished bricks and slate have been power washed prior to applying KoverTek TekCryl, the substrate should be completely dry and free from any contamination


  • Please note that discolouration may occur when TekCryl is applied on to new asphalt, bitumen or tar surfaces meaning an extra coat may be required (reducing kits stated coverage)


  • Ensure that an inspection of the substrate has been carried out, adhesion tests on any existing coating or substrate prior to application is highly recommended. Ensure compatibility between products


Apply a generous coat of KoverTek TekCryl to the area using a brush or roller (supplied in kit) at a rate of 1 - 2kg per square metre dependant on the substrate, the recommended application temperature is between +5°C - +25°C.

KoverTek TekCryl can be applied to damp surfaces and can bridge cracks of several millimetres wide due to the fibre content. Any larger voids should be filled with a suitable tape reinforcement such as a duct tape.

KoverTek TekCryl has a drying time of 5 - 7 days depending on atmospheric conditions but will be waterproof immediately upon application.

System Notes

  • KoverTek TekCryl should be stored in a dry ambient environment ideally between +15°C - +25°
  • KoverTek TekCryl will thicken at lower temperatures and can affect the coat weight if applied.
  • KoverTek TekCryl has a minimum 12 months shelf life when stored correctly in original unopened packaging.
  • Good working practice should always be followed; walking boards should be used when needed.
  • KoverTek TekCryl is flammable and must be kept away from ignition sources.
  • Always ensure good ventilation during and after application.
  • If KoverTek TekCryl comes in contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical advice.
  • When applying KoverTek TekCryl always wear gloves, goggles and suitable PPE.
  • Keep KoverTek TekCryl out of reach of children.
  • KoverTek TekCryl is toxic to aquatic animals, do not use near fishponds as may cause long term adverse effects and do not empty into drains.
  • When using KoverTek TekCryl, ensure a minimum finished fall of 1:80 is achieved
  • KoverTek TekCryl is not recommended for use for tanking or fishponds and is not recommended for internal use.
  • To clean equipment, use white spirit.


The advice and information given in here is given freely and in good faith and is based upon data provided by KoverTek. This information is based on KoverTek’s extensive laboratory testing and experience, but KoverTek cannot test for every eventuality. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the product is fit for their intended purpose. KoverTek cannot guarantee anything but the quality of the product and cannot be held responsible for the results obtained.

Product Details

Data sheet


Customer agrees that before placing an Order, Customer has read and understood the most up to date Product Data Sheet for the Product. Where we have access to the Product Data Sheet from the manufacturer, we will either provide a copy on request, or include a link to the Product Data Sheet available on the manufacturer’s website. Customer further agrees that we have no liability for any errors or omissions contained within the Product Data Sheets. For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions of Sale.

questions Mark on 2022-11-21 10:15:57

Hello, will this work on a horse trailer roof, which is fibreglass and not flat. Our roof leaks, so if we apply this all over the roof, will it stop the leaks, i.e fills in the holes mainly where the rivets are. Many thanks

Answer from Rawlins’ Technical Team: 

Yes assuming the fibreglass roof is clean, dry, sound and prepared as detailed in the technical data sheet this would be suitable for this application.

The roof must be clean and lightly sanded prior to application this can fill and bridge small cracks.

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