Mapei Lampocem


Ready-to-use shrinkage-free rapid setting and hardening hydraulic binder. Fast fixing of every kind into vertical and horizontal substrates in concrete and masonry.

  • Sinking and securing foundation bolts, pipeclips, sanitary-ware, hinges
  • Laying sub-frames in wood and metal
  • Installing boxes and sheathes for electrical systems
  • Sinking and securing wooden plugs
  • Sealing concrete conduits, drains, tanks, etc
  • Stopping small water leaks in underground structures, cellars and lift wells

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Features & Benefits

  • Ready-to-use powder binder composed of high-strength cements and special admixtures
  • Contains no chlorides
  • Mixed with water, Lampocem produces a paste with a plastic-thixotropic consistency which is easy to apply even on vertical surfaces, without any need for formwork
  • A very fast setting time (about 3 minutes at +20°C) and, after curing, has the following property:
    • Very high mechanical strength after only few hours
    • Low shrinkage
    • No loss in performance over a long period of time


  • Do not use Lampocem for restoring deteriorated concrete structures (use Mapegrout Thixotropic or Mapegrout Fast-Set)
  • Do not use Lampocem to anchor machines or bearing structures (use Mapefill)
  • Do not use Lampocem for levelling, smoothing or repairing floors, walls or steps (use Nivorapid)
  • Do not apply Lampocem to dry or dirty surfaces
  • Do not mix Lampocem with more water than prescribed and do not add more water to the mix when it has begun to set
  • Do not add lime, cement or gypsum to Lampocem
  • Do not leave bags of Lampocem exposed to sunlight before use


Technical Information For The Application
Composition of the mix by weight: 100 g of Lampocem with 20-21 g of water
Composition of the mix by volume: 4 parts by volume of Lampocem with 1 part of water
Application temperature range: surrounding and substrate temperature from +5°C to+35°C
Pot life: approximately 1 minute
Setting time: approximately 3 minutes
Ready for use: 1-2 hours


Preparation of the substrate

The surface must be solid, strong and free from dust and degraded or loose material.

Cavities formed for fixing must be roughened and thoroughly soaked with water.

This operation must be carried out very carefully, especially if the substrate is highly absorbent (mixed masonry, brickwork) and if it is exposed to hot sun.


Preparing the mix

While stirring, pour 1 kg of Lampocem into a container holding 200-210 g of water (20-21% of water to 1 kg of Lampocem) and mix manually with trowel or float to obtain a smooth mix with no lumps.

Lampocem can be prepared in larger quantities, in which case an electric mixer is recommended.

Given Lampocem’s fast setting time, prepare only amounts which can be placed within 1-2 minutes.

For mixing by volume, 4 parts Lampocem should be mixed with 1 part water.

The instructions for the preparation of the binder to be used for the creation of concrete samples for laboratory tests are reported in the "Technical Data" table below.


Applying the mix

Apply the Lampocem mix rapidly with trowel or smooth float.


Securing foundation bolts, hinges, tie-rods, etc.

Completely fill the appropriately prepared cavity with Lampocem and then insert the hinge, foundation bolt or tie-rod.

Finish off surface with trowel.


Securing sub-frames and window and door frames

Position frame and seal off anchor bolts with Lampocem.

Finish off surface with trowel.

Keep frame firmly in position for a few hours.


Stopping small water leaks

After preparing the mix, wait a few minutes before applying it so that the material warms up and begins to cure.

At this point, with gloved hands, force the Lampocem into the cavity and keep it pressed down until it has set.


Before it hardens, Lampocem can be cleaned from tools with water.

After setting, residues can be removed by mechanical means.


1.8 kg/dm³ of cavities to be filled.

Technical Data

Product Details

Data sheet

For Use By
Professional Use
For Use On
Single, Two or Three Pack
Pack Size
10KG kit
2KG kit
Construction joints with a very uneven substrate: 1.0-2.0 kg/m²
Bonding precast elements in concrete, or steel-and-concrete: 1.35 kg/m² per mm thickness
Construction joints with a rough substrate: 0.5-0.7 kg/m²
Sealing cracks: 1.35 kg/l per litre of cavity
Max. Application Temperature
Min. Application Temperature
1.35 (Mixed)
UN Number
Open time
At 10°C: 5-6 hours
at 23°C: 3-4 hours
at 30°C: 1 hour 30 minutes-2 hours 30 minutes
4.5 (rotor 5 - 20 revs)
Working Time
At 10°C: 90 minutes
at 23°C: 60 minutes
at 30°C: 40 minutes
Suitable For Use On
Product Range
7 days

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