Remmers Kiesol


Remmers Kiesol Single-component, solvent-free, strengthening silicification concentrate for waterproofing and refurbishing old and new buildings in the Kiesol System.

  • Strengthens
  • Narrows pores
  • Repels water
  • Inhibits masonry salt
  • Improves adhesion, abrasion resistance and surface strength
  • Increases resistance to chemical attack

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Remmers Kiesol is a deep protection silicification for waterproofing and refurbishing old and new buildings in the Kiesol System according to WTA Code of Practice 4-4-04/D Injecting Masonry Work against Capillary Moisture. Numerous expert opinions, test certificates, factory production controls and external supervision. Proved in practice for more than 50 years.


  • Kiesol is a liquid combination product made of water repelling silicic acid compounds
  • Water repelling, capillary narrowing, deep protection for waterproofing damp masonry work
  • Protection against capillary rising damp through injection with Kiesol in a borehole procedure
  • Diffusion open barrier zone (deep protection) against the effect of moisture from behind
  • Improved adhesion by priming, diluted 1:1 with water
  • Strengthens the substrate and increases chemical resistance through silicification
  • Faster working operations through silicification treatments with waterproofing grouts (system waterproofing in one day)
  • As a solvent-free, highly concentrated system component, Kiesol is environment-friendly and is thus also suitable for indoor applications
  • Suppresses capillary water absorption according to WTA, tested up to a degree of 80% moisture penetration by injecting under gravity

Refurbishment of Old Buildings

System Products;

Kiesol, a capillary narrowing, waterproofing agent that provides deep protection, is used for horizontal waterproofing and for priming beneath waterproofing grouts when waterproofing surfaces. Remmers Injection Mortar is used for filling hollow spaces / Remmers Waterproofing Filler for sealing coves and joints / Remmers Sulfatex Grout and Sulfatex Grout Rapid for water pressure tight surface waterproofing / Remmers Rapid Hardener for leaking areas with running water / Remmers Injection Resin PUR for filling cracks / Remmers Sulfatex Liquid for priming when sulphates are present / Remmers Preparatory Mortar, Undercoat Render and Restoration Renders as moisture-regulating render systems.

Range of Use;

  • Deep protection silicification by injecting masonry work against "capillary rising damp" in ground floors and basements (borehole procedure). For injection under gravity through feeding devices or injection in a low pressure procedure in combination with Remmers Injection Mortar. Suitable for porous building materials with a degree of moisture penetration of up to 80%. If moisture penetration is > 80%, the series of boreholes should be placed higher or Kiesol should be injected in a low pressure procedure. Masonry work with heavy hygroscopic loads (chlorides, nitrates >3%) should be treated with Remmers Salt Inhibitor. The system component (Ki-esol), diluted 1:1 with water, is used with Remmers Sulfatex Grout for strip waterproofing as protection against moisture bridges in the borehole area.
  • Splash water protection in plinth areas through silicification treatment using Remmers Preparatory Mortar and Remmers Restoration Renders.
  • Subsequent basement waterproofing from the inside using a silicification treatment with Kiesol diluted 1:1 with water and Sulfatex Grout against ground damp, non-standing and standing seepage water, water pressure and the effect of water from behind.
  • Subsequent basement waterproofing from the outside to prevent the penetration of moisture from behind, applying silicification treatment with Remmers Thick Coatings.

Waterproofing New Buildings

System Products;

Kiesol, for waterproofing with deep substrate protection, is used as a primer for Remmers Thick Coatings and as a primer for Remmers Waterproofing Grouts when water-proofing surfaces / Remmers Waterproofing Grout and Waterproofing Filler for horizontal and plinth waterproofing / Remmers Thick Coating, K2 Thick Coating and Profi Tight as plastic-modified, top quality bitumen thick coatings according to DIN 18195, part 2 for highly reliable, crack-bridging building waterproofing / Remmers DS System Protection, Art. No. 0823 as a drainage and protection element for Remmers thick coatings.

Range of Use;

  • For horizontal waterproofing against rising ground damp and non-standing seepage water according to the state-of-the-art through silicification treatment using Remmers Waterproofing Grout beneath walls in a bond with the masonry mortar.
  • For waterproofing against ground damp on basement slabs beneath swimming screeds with Kiesol and Remmers Elastoplast or Spray-On Waterproofing according to the state-of-the-art or with thick coatings according to DIN 18195.
  • For vertical waterproofing against ground damp and non-standing seepage water according to DIN 18195 using Ki-esol diluted 1:1 with water + Thick Coating + Remmers DS System Protection.
  • For waterproofing against standing seepage water according to DIN 18195 with a primer coat of Kiesol diluted 1:1 with water + Remmers Thick Coating + Remmers Rein-forcement Fabric 2.5/100 + DS System Protection.
  • For waterproofing basement slabs in a combination con-struction consisting of water impermeable concrete with horizontal waterproofing as well as wall waterproofing according to DIN 18195 with Kiesol diluted 1:1 with water as a primer + Remmers Thick Coatings, depending on load with or without a layer of fabric + DS Pro-tection System.
  • For vertical waterproofing in splash water areas with subsequent coatings, render or thermal insulation using Kiesol and Remmers Waterproofing Grout or Remmers Elasto Grout 1K or 2K.

Special Applications

System Products;

As above plus Remmers Sulfatex Grout and Remmers Elasto Grout 2K.

Range of Use;

  • For improving the surface of concrete (concrete pipes) with Kiesol.
  • Mineral strengthening of dusting concrete, screed surfaces and masonry work using Kiesol.
  • As crack-bridging protection against diffusion as well as aggressive water (DIN 4030) on concrete using Kiesol and Spray-On Waterproofing 1K.
  • For waterproofing reservoirs against water pressure according to the state-of-the-art using Kiesol and Remmers Water-proofing Grout or according to a patent pending with Kiesol, Remmers Sulfatex Grout and Remmers Elasto Grout 2K.
Product Details

Data sheet

Interior / Exterior Use
Interior and Exterior
For Use On
Concrete, Screed
Application Method
Brush, Spray
Standard / Ready Mixed
Single, Two or Three Pack
Pack Size
1KG, 5KG. 10KG, 30KG
Base Type
Water Based
Interior/Exterior Use
Mixing Ratio
1:1 with water
Suitable Substrates
Brick, sandstone, mineral renders
Brush, Spray
0.1 - 0.3kg per m²
Recommended Thinner/Cleaner
Max. Application Temperature
35 °C
Min. Application Temperature
5 °C
1.15 g/cm³
Shelf Life (from date of manufacture)
36 months
UN Number

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