Bullet Roof RainStop


A high build coat that is ideal for carrying out repairs to flat roofs, pitched roofs and gutters.

Top Features

  • Approx coverage: 2.5-5m²
  • Normally dires in 2-3 days
  • Available in grey, white or black
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Bullet Roof RainStop is a high build coat that is ideal for carrying out repairs to flat roofs, pitched roofs and gutters. Suitable substrates include weathered asphalt and bituminous surfaces, concrete, brickwork, fibreglass, felt and galvanised/ferrous metals.

Not for use on timber surfaces, balconies, walkways, new/aged/plasticised PVC.

Top Features & Benefits

  • Approx coverage: 2.5-5m²
  • Up to 2 years shelf life
  • Normally dires in 2-3 days
  • Normally cures in 6-7 days
  • Available in grey, white or black

Preparation & Application

Clean all areas to remove moss, lichen and debris by brushing or power washing and remove surface water and any contamination such as oil or grease and allow to dry. Treat area with fungicidal wash to prevent further fungal/algal growth. Suitably repair any defects in the substrate prior to coating. RainStop can be applied without primer on most roof surfaces.

It is advised a test area is always carried out, particularly on any previously coated areas. For porous and metal surfaces use Primer for best results. To the dry and cleaned surface, apply Rainstop by brush or squeegee at an approximate coverage rate of 1kg-2kg/m².

Application temperature range: 5℃ - 25℃, using a brush or squeegee.

It is your responsibility to read the Product Data Sheets (available below) before you place an order and prior to application of the product. The content of this website is our best recommendation and is not advice. Coverage rates quoted are approximate, you agree that coverage depends on the condition of the substrate, surface absorption, texture and application method. We ALWAYS recommend a trial area is coated to ensure the product meets your requirements before use.

Product Details

Data sheet

Bullet Building Products
Interior / Exterior Use
For Use On
Weathered Asphalt, Bituminous Surfaces, Concrete, Brickwork, Fibreglass, Felt, Metal
Standard / Ready Mixed
Single, Two or Three Pack
Pack Size
Touch Dry (at 20°C)
2/3 days dependant on ambient temperature and thickness. However coating is resistant from water immediately after application.
1-2kg per m² average
Max. Application Temperature
Min. Application Temperature
Shelf Life (from date of manufacture)
12 months, stored under cover & between 5℃-20℃
5kg containers
UN Number

Customer agrees that before placing an Order, Customer has read and understood the most up to date Product Data Sheet for the Product. Where we have access to the Product Data Sheet from the manufacturer, we will either provide a copy on request, or include a link to the Product Data Sheet available on the manufacturer’s website. Customer further agrees that we have no liability for any errors or omissions contained within the Product Data Sheets. For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions of Sale.

questions john corrigan on 2020-01-05 10:45:35

is this product compatible with butyl rubber,which is perishable with any bitumasticmaterials. many thanks JC


Bullet Roof RainStop should not have any adverse reaction with butyl rubber.

questions Steve on 2019-12-06 18:51:43

Hi, would this product be ok for covering felt on a shed (pent) roof. Thank you


Yes, Bullet Roof RainStop is perfect for felt substrates.

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