Bullet Roof Mono

PUR120, PUR 125

Bullet Roof Mono is formulated to the highest specification and can be applied over almost any surface with or without full reinforcement dependent on performance/specification requirements and can achieve life expectancies of up to 25 years.

Top Features

  • Moisture cured allowing application in most weather conditions.
  • Excellent adhesion to almost any surface.
  • Completely seamless - No joints, laps or seams.
  • Achieved BROOF T4 fire rating - Highest available in Europe.
  • Completely flexible and tolerant of normal structural movements.
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Bullet Roof Mono the ultimate waterproofing solution.

Single pack, no mixing. No thickening agents or catalyst required. Mono is perfect straight out of the tin. This advanced formulation based on polyurethane technology is thick enough to be applied on vertical slopes without slumping yet wets out the Bullet mat 100 glass reinforcement effortlessly.

Bullet Roof Mono is U.V stable and does not require additional UV protection coats. It is unaffected by standing or ponding water. Mono can be applied with or without full reinforcement dependent performance/specification requirements and can achieve life expectancies of up to 25 years. Bullet Roof Mono has achieved a fire test rating of – BROOF T4.

The Bullet Roof Mono System incorporates and utilises advanced primers and super tough top coats. When used in conjunction with our primers and top coats it is to install onto almost any surface including damp/green concrete! The Bullet Roof System can be used to waterproof car parks and high traffic areas such as balconies and walkways.

Key Features

  • Moisture cured allowing application in most weather conditions
  • Cold Applied liquid, not requiring the use of heat or naked flames. Fire risks associated with traditional flat roof works are eliminated.
  • Excellent adhesion to almost any surface.
  • Completely seamless. No joints, laps or seams.
  • Completely flexible and tolerant of normal structural movements.
  • Water vapour permeable.
  • Achieved BROOF T4 fire rating. Highest available in Europe.
  • Special primers allow for application onto damp/green concrete (Bullet Roof DPM Primer)
  • Special primers allow for overcoating in times from 10 minutes (Bullet Roof Quick Prime)
  • Special primers allow for treatment and overcoating oxidised/rusted surfaces (Bullet Roof Epoxy Primer AC)
  • Addition of super tough top coat allows for heavy foot traffic and vehicle traffic (Bullet Roof Mono Top)
  • Addition of super tough Top coat allows for life expectancies up to 35 years!

Key Applications

  • Flat Roofs – New construction. Warm & Cold (approved plywood & OSB 3, Concrete, approved insulation board etc)
  • Flat Roof – Overlaying existing coverings (Asphalt, Mineral Felt, GRP, Single ply, GRP etc)
  • Podium Decks
  • Bridge Decks
  • Balconies
  • Green Roofs
  • Gutters (All Types)
  • Cut edge corrosion
  • Asbestos encapsulation
  • Pitched sheet roof overlay/encapsulation (metal, plastisol coated metal, asbestos, fibre cement etc)

Product Preparation

1-component product ready to use after mixing carefully with mixer at low r.p.m. At this stage the product can be thinned with 5-10% by weight of Bullet Roof Thinners or can be added with an accelerator (as to decrease curing time).

Substrate Preparation

Substrates to be treated must be sound, clean and free from contaminations. Bullet Roof Mono adheres directly on concrete (with normal porosity). Bullet Roof Quick Prime can be applied to improve adhesion on substrates with low porosity.

A similar preparation must be used also on tiles, ceramics, marble, etc. On sprayed polyurethane or on old roofing felt 100g/m² of Quick Prime must be previously applied (overcoating time from 60 minutes to 4 hours).

Product Application

Bullet Roof Mono can be applied by brush, squeegee, roller or airless spray (pressure 130-150 bar and nozzle 0,031”-0,035”). Roller application is necessary for reinforced systems.

Non reinforced system: Apply two coats of product, with a consumption of 0,6-0,8 Kg/m² for the first layer and 0,6-0,9 Kg/m² for the second. (over-application time from 6 to 48 hours maximum) If the substrate is horizontal or slightly sloping, the maximum amount of product which can be applied without reinforcement is 0,800 Kg/m² per layer.

Reinforced system: Use geotextile reinforcement and impregnate it with two layers of 0,700 -1,000 Kg/m² each. After minimum 24 hours and not later than 48 hours, a protective coloured coating can be applied on the waterproofing layer.

It is your responsibility to read the Product Data Sheets (available below) before you place an order and prior to application of the product. The content of this website is our best recommendation and is not advice. Coverage rates quoted are approximate, you agree that coverage depends on the condition of the substrate, surface absorption, texture and application method. We ALWAYS recommend a trial area is coated to ensure the product meets your requirements before use.

Product Details
PUR120, PUR 125

Data sheet

Bullet Building Products
Bullet Roof Mono can be applied by brush, squeegee, roller or airless spray (pressure 130-150 bar and nozzle 0,031”-0,035”). Roller application is necessary for reinforced systems.
Shelf Life (from date of manufacture)
12 months from date of production if stored properly in original, unopened sealed packaging, in a dry place at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C.
Touch Dry
Dry to touch in 6-8 hours. Completely cured in 10 days
2.000 -2500 g/m²
Tensile strength (kg/25.4mm2)
6 M Pa

Customer agrees that before placing an Order, Customer has read and understood the most up to date Product Data Sheet for the Product. Where we have access to the Product Data Sheet from the manufacturer, we will either provide a copy on request, or include a link to the Product Data Sheet available on the manufacturer’s website. Customer further agrees that we have no liability for any errors or omissions contained within the Product Data Sheets. For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions of Sale.

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