Bullet Roof GRP Trims


    Bullet Roof GRP trims deliver a quality thick gauge finish around the edges and details of your roof.

    • Full details of available sizes, ranges and installation recommendations can be found at the bottom of the page.

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    Bullet Roof GRP trims deliver a quality thick gauge finish around the edges and details of your roof.

    Available Options

    • GRPTRIM005: A200 Standard Drip Trim 80mm x 90mm x 3m
    • GRPTRIM010: A250 Large Drip Trim 80mm x 140mm x 3m
    • GRPTRIM013: B230 Raised Edge Trim
    • GRPTRIM015: B260 Large Raised Edge Trim 100mm x 130mm x 3m
    • GRPTRIM020: C100 Simulated Lead Trim 30mm x 100mm x 3m
    • GRPTRIM022: C150 Large Simulated Lead Trim
    • GRPTRIM025: D260 Angle Fillet Trim 260mm x 3m
    • GRPTRIM027: D300 Large Angle Fillet Trim
    • GRPTRIM030: Expansion Trim 65mm x 185mm x 3m
    • GRPTRIM035: Internal Right Angle Trim 75mm x 120mm
    • GRPTRIM040: External Right Angle Trim 75mm x 120mm
    • GRPTRIM045: F300 Flat Sheet 300mm x 5m
    • GRPTRIM060: C1 Universal External Corner 115mm x 190mm x 190mm
    • GRPTRIM070: C3 External Fillet Corner 145mm x 200mm x 200mm
    • GRPTRIM075: C3 Internal Fillet Corner 145mm x 200mm x 200mm
    • GRPTRIM0080: C1 Universal Internal Corner 140mm x 320mm x 360mm

    Installing The Trims

    • Select the required trims for the job. Drill and Countersink holes in a staggered manner at 300mm centres along the trim length. Do the same for the corners, 2 fixings on each side of the corner.
    • Cut the trims to the desired length and using contact adhesive/super glue.  Fix the trim tabs in place enabling them to be slotted together.
    • Apply a bead of Mega Mastic as shown onto the edge of the board and batten as illustrated. The board must be routed to allow the trim to sit flush with the board.
    • Begin by pressing one of the edge trims into place onto the mastic. Apply a small bead of Mega Mastic onto the exposed half of the adhered trim tab and onto the end of the trim you are adjoining, then slot into place. Excess mastic should squeeze out from the joint. (This can be cut off when cured or wiped off with a solvent cleaner whilst uncured.) Work your way around the roof slotting one trim into the next following the same process.
    • The trims can be moved slightly before they are secured with screws allowing you to position/­seat them as required. Once happy with the positioning of the trims, screw the trims into place using the counter sunk holes you made earlier. The screw heads must be slightly sunken below the surface of the trim. Use a dab of Mega Mastic to fill the void left by the screws. A small spreading/filling knife can be used to tool the mastic flat.
    • Install a bead of Mega Mastic along the internal edges of the trim. This will prevent the loss of liquid resin where any discrepancies or undulations in the board may have created a gap allowing seepage of material.
    • Abrade the surfaces of the trim which are to be coated with Bullet Roof resin to ensure good adhesion. The face of the trims do not require coating as they are pre-pigmented and have a finished surface.
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