Heskins High Intensity Reflective Tape


Heskins High Intensity Reflective Tape increases visibility significantly in most conditions, applying to large vehicles, plant machinery, signs, etc.

  • Reflects majority of light back in a cone
  • Meets DIN 30710, DIN 67520 and DIN 6171.
  • Large red and white chevrons, available right or left-handed
  • Custom shapes and sizes can be made to order
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Heskins High Intensity Reflective Tape applies to large vehicles, plant equipment and signs for a significant increase in visibility.

Much like Heskins Glass Bead DOT Tape, the surface of High Intensity Reflective Tape is covered in high quality micro glass beads. The honeycomb formation in which they are applied means that when a light is shone onto the surface, the majority of it is reflected back in a wide cone, increasing visibility significantly in most conditions, drastically reducing the risk of collision by poor visibility.

The surface is covered in red/white chevrons with a linear width of 100mm and 'Din 30710/67250' printed on the edge of every white chevron. The particularly larger chevrons compared to most hazard marking tapes can be seen from a greater distance which allows for increased hazard perception. There are 2 variants available in left and right hand, where the chevrons are simply angled the opposite way, allowing for an enhanced, aesthetic appearance during application if required.

Meets DIN 30710, DIN 67520 and DIN 6171.

Available in 50mm x 45.7m rolls; custom size rolls with widths from 15mm to 1220mm can be made to order, along with die-cut pieces in snay shape. Contact our sales team on 0113 2455450 or [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Increases visibility significantly in most conditions
  • Attach to large vehicles, plant equipment, signs, etc
  • Reflects majority of light back in a cone
  • Meets DIN 30710, DIN 67520 and DIN 6171.
  • Large red and white chevrons, available right or left-handed
  • Custom shapes and sizes can be made to order
    • Contact our sales team on 0113 2455450 or [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

Product Data

Subject Result
Standard tested to DIN 30710 /67520
Type of adhesive Solvent acrylic
Overall thickness 0.21mm
Colour Red/white 45°, 141mm, 141mm
White reflection values 285 cd/(1x*m²)
Red reflection values 65 cd/(1x*m²)
Maximum size of production roll 1220mmx45.7m

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Product Details

Data sheet


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