Keim STS 7 M Paint Stripper
  • Keim STS 7 M Paint Stripper

Keim STS 7 M Paint Stripper


Keim STS 7M is a non-hazardous paint stripper based on aromatic hydrocarbons. For removal of existing or old paint coatings.

  • Low odour
  • Non-hazardous
  • Boiling point: 196-225°C
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Keim STS 7M is a non-hazardous paint stripper based on aromatic hydrocarbons. For removal of existing or old paint coatings from substrates prior to the application of Keim Mineral Paint systems. Keim M STS 7M is particularly well-suited for the removal of plastic paints, such as acrylic and latex.

Top Features & Benefits

  • Low odour.
  • Non-hazardous.
  • Boiling point: 196-225°C.
  • Solubility: Partly soluble.
  • Colour: Light blue paste.
  • Relative density: 1.1g/cm3.
  • Flash point: >95°C.

Preparation & Application

Substrate Preparation
All loose, flaking and unstable material must be identified and then thoroughly removed, all surfaces must be thoroughly washed down with clean cold water to remove all surface dirt and dust. When all surfaces are clean, sound, wind dry, dust free and free from all surface contaminants, application of Keim Ecotec may proceed.

The surface should by clean and free from partial damp patches prior to treating with Keim Ecotec.

Keim Ecotec should be mixed to a ratio of 1:9 with water (1 part Keim Ecotec to 9 parts water). This mixture should be used within 24 hours of mixing. Diluted Keim Ecotec should be applied with low pressure spray and in a flood coat manner, or saturated with a brush from top to bottom.

The consumption is dependant on the capillary absorbency and pore structure of the surface and is between 0.2lt/m² and 0.8lt/m² (premixed). The proportion of Keim Ecotec equates to 0.02lt/m² – 0.08lt/m².

Consumption rates are offered for guideline purposes only and are quoted for smooth surfaces. Actual rates are the responsibility of the applicator. Project specifications should be referred to for specific rates.

Cleaning of Tools
Clean tools with water immediately after use.

Product Details

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Water / Solvent Based
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questions Caracal on 2022-02-22 07:13:38

What would be a suitable stripper for lead paints?


Assuming you are complying with the regulations regarding working with lead based paints we can recommend Rust-Oleum Nr.1 Green Paint Stripper.

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