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Sikagard 62

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Sikagard 62 is a 2-pack solvent-free high build coating material based on epoxy resin with DWI approval and good chemical resistance. Produces an abrasion-resistant coating designed for normal to moderately aggressive chemical environments for use on concrete, stone, cementitious mortars and renderings (not polymer- modified), epoxy cements (EpoCem), epoxy mortars, iron and steel.

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Sikagard 62 is a 2-pack solvent-free high build coating material based on epoxy resin with DWI approval and good chemical resistance. Sikagard 62 produces an abrasion-resistant coating designed for normal to moderately aggressive chemical environments for use on concrete, stone, cementitious mortars and renderings (not polymer- modified), epoxy cements (EpoCem), epoxy mortars, iron and steel.


  • As an abrasion-resistant universal coating material designed for normal to moderately aggressive chemical environments.
  • Sikagard 62 is suitable for use on concrete, stone, cementitious mortars and renderings (not polymer- modified), epoxy cements (EpoCem), epoxy mortars, iron and steel.
  • For linings in storage tanks and silos, bund areas.
  • As anti-corrosion coating in food-processing plants, sewage works, farms and agricultural enterprises, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, beverage industries and bottling plants.

Features and Benefits:

  • Solvent-free
  • Good chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Easy to mix and work
  • High-build
  • Impervious to liquids

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Product Details
8879 , 29623

Data sheet

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questions Andrew Mackintosh on 21/06/2019

I have an old garden pond with a rendered and previously painted surface which has been leaking. I have repaired the visible cracks in the pond and now want to repaint it with a black coating which is not harmful to fish/plants and which will help to minimise leakage through any tiny cracks I have missed. Which of your products would you recommend? Thank you and regards Dr Andrew Mackintosh


We don't offer any products to paint fish ponds that will fill in any cracks, but Teamac Chlorvar Chlorinated Rubber Paint is available in black and is suitable for use in a fish pond. It will help protect the concrete underneath providing waterproof protection. You will have to wait two weeks before putting the fish back into the pond to make sure the paint is fully cured and all the solvents have been released.

questions Theo on 20/03/2019

Hi, does this adhere to cured epoxy resin? I am looking for a drinking water safe paint to coat an internal fibreglass watertank which I've coated with approximately 6 coasts of West Systems epoxy resin. Thank you.


Sikagard 62 can adhere to other epoxy coatings, however as the existing coating is not a Sika product you would have to run adhesion trials to be certain. Usual preparation would be to use an abrasive pad on the existing coating, solvent wipe with Sika Thinner C, let it evaporate and over coat with Sikagard 62.

However, in the DWI Instructions for Use manual for Sikagard 62, it states to remove all existing coatings from the substrate, of which this manual has to be followed in order to achieve the DWI approval.

questions martin on 27/04/2017
Question: is this paint suitable for a drinking water tank (steel) in a narrow boat

Sikagard 62 is indeed suitable. It is DWI approved. DWI Ref No. 56.4.197.

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