Jotun Demidekk Decking and Garden Stain
  • Jotun Demidekk Decking and Garden Stain

Jotun Demidekk Decking and Garden Stain

Jotun Demidekk Decking and Garden Stain is a water-based wood oil for outdoor use. It is a special product for treating outdoor wood and pressure impregnated woods that are used, for example, in the construction of patio decking, balcony floors, garden furniture and pergolas.

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Jotun Demidekk Decking and Garden Stain is a water-based wood oil for outdoor use. It is a special product for treating outdoor wood and pressure impregnated woods that are used, for example, in the construction of patio decking, balcony floors, garden furniture and pergolas. The coating protects the wood against the penetration of water, delays the process of greying due to harmful UV rays and has preventive action against surface fungi and algal growth.

Tinted in special grey shades, Jotun Demidekk Decking and Garden Stain can also be used as a weathered-grey stain, to provide the appearance of natural, even greying of the wood surfaces right from the start. Depending on the environment in which it is used, Jotun Demidekk Decking and Garden Stain can have a long service life of up to 3 years.

Features & Benefts

  • Non-film forming
  • 3 year life in just 1 coat!
  • Prevents greying and cracking
  • Water repellent
  • High quality UV filters and fungicides for protection
  • Large choice of colours
  • Can be used as a weathered-grey stain
  • Water based


  • Jotun Demidekk Decking and Garden Stain must be absorbed completely into the wood and must not form a film.
  • Avoid working in direct sunlight or in cold, damp weather.
  • Low air temperatures and high air humidity have considerable influence on the drying times. Bear in mind that the temperatures in autumn and spring drop sharply over night and condensation can form on the surfaces.
  • The coating must be dry, before it is exposed to dampness. Check the weather forecast 24 hours before carrying out the work.
  • Pay attention to the Technical and Material Safety Data Sheets available for download from the 'DATASHEETS' tab above.



Cleaning/preparation: Weathered wood fibres or old coatings must be removed right down to the healthy wood. Use Jotun Demidekk Terrassfix beforehand to clean and brighten up the dirty and grey wood wood surfaces.


Surfaces that are to be coated must be clean and dry. Depending on the temperature and air humidity, Jotun Demidekk Decking and Garden Stain is touch dry after 4 hours and can be walked on after 12 hours. Freshly impregnated wood should dry for 2-4 weeks, depending on the weather, before Jotun Demidekk Decking and Garden Stain is applied. Remove the salt crystals that are on the surface of the wood with a brass brush and then wash the surface thoroughly with clean water (e.g. with a pressure washer - ensure nozzle is not too close).


When wood is dry, apply Jotun Demidekk Decking and Garden Stain to the surface once, wet-on-wet, until it is saturated. Work on only 1-2 boards at a time, but treat them along the full length. Excess material must be wiped off with a soft, lint-free cloth or with the brush. No film must be allowed to form.

Note: The colour samples listed above are for representative purposes only and should note be used as an exact colour match. The final colour will be dependent on the substrate, therefore we recommend that you test the product on a hidden area, before coating the entire area.

Product Details

Data sheet

Typical Coverage (per coat)
6-10m² per litre
Touch Dry
4 Hours
Brush, Roller

questions Harry PanchL on 06/09/2016
Question: New shed which has tantalised cladding. I need to waterproof it with oil based paint however I require it in one of the grey colours. Please advise which one of your product is suitable. Regards Harry Panchal
questions Amanda on 18/08/2016
Question: I have an Ipe (now recently sanded) North East facing deck, I love the colour of the Ipe when its wet and want a protective product that will last longer than a year and show the natural grain and colour of the wood, even the inconsistencies. what would you recommend? look forward to hearing back Amanda

Timberex Timberguard Clear, A deep-penetrating, hardening natural oil designed for the treatment and care of exterior wooden furniture, doors, decking, windows etc. Can be used on all wood species and contains UV filters which will slow down the greying process and keep the wood looking fresh for longer.

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