• Blackfriar Quick Drying Exterior Woodstain

Blackfriar Quick Drying Exterior Woodstain

Transform old and new exterior wood with Blackfriar Quick Drying Exterior Woodstain. It stains, protects and finishes, and with its quick drying formulation, you can complete a job in just one day. Suitable for soft and hard woods, it is also UV- and water-resistant, providing longer-lasting protection.

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Blackfriar Quick Drying Exterior Woodstain stains, protects and finishes all-in-one. Designed for all exterior timber, hard or softwood, rough or smooth. Ideal for window and door frames, cladding, fences and sheds. May be used inside on wood not exposed to heavy wear.

The improved water-based formula stains, protects and finishes new and old wood, and with its quick drying formulation, you can complete a job in just one day. Suitable for soft and hard woods. With built-in UV protection this high quality wood staining system offers up to 6 years of protection before first maintenance.

Features & Benefits

  • UV Protected
  • Water-Based
  • Translucent satin finish
  • Quick drying
  • For hard and soft woods
  • Enhances weathered timber


Ensure surface to be treated is clean, dry, sound and free from wax, oil or any other contamination. Bare wood should be sanded to a smooth surface, always working with the grain – do not use wire wool as this may discolour the timber. Oily woods such as Teak or Iroko should be cleaned with white spirit prior to application. Previously painted or varnished surfaces should be stripped back to bare wood using Blackfriar Professional Paint and Varnish Remover. Any excess resinous deposits around knots should be scarped off and the area cleaned with white spirit. Building regulations require that all new timber is treated with a wood preservative. Ensure new or bare timber is adequately preserved prior to applying wood finishes, apply Blackfriar Goldstar Clear Wood Preservative to untreated timbers where required.


Stir thoroughly prior to use. Apply a minimum of 2 coats by brush, 3 coats for clear. Apply evenly using light strokes following the grain of the wood. If the colour obtained with only one coat is suitable, finish with one coat of Quick Drying Exterior Woodstain Clear. If the overcoating time is exceeded, lightly abrade with fine glass paper working with the grain and remove dust. Provided the timber and coatings are in good condition, further coats of Blackfriar Quick Drying Exterior Woodstain Clear may be applied, as and when necessary, to freshen up the finish – clean and abrade prior to application. The varish will appear cloudy when wet but will quickly dry to a translucent finish. When applying to new or bare wood, the first coat may be thinned with up to 5% water to ease application.

Drying Time

Touch dry in 1 - 2 hours. Recoat after 4 hours and within 3 days. Drying times are based on an ambient temperature of 20°C and 50% relative humidity. Lower temperatures or higher humidity will prolong the drying and overcoating times.


Do not apply in cold, damp or humid (less than 10°C) conditions. The final shade of the varnish depends upon the original colour and absorbency of the wood. We recommend to test for shade on an off-cut or inconspicuous area. For a clear finish on smooth, new timber, Blackfriar Quick Drying Exterior Woodstain Clear may be used a minimum of 3 coats. Clear coats are not as durable as coloured finishes so will require more regular maintenance. Application of Blackfriar UV Wood Primer prior to the Quick Drying Clear Woodstain will prolong the life of the coating especially for the clear.

Product Details

Data sheet

Typical Coverage (per coat)
14m² per litre
Touch Dry
1-2 Hours
Brush, Roller

questions Don Meek on 01/06/2015

Is Blackfriar Quick Drying Exterior Woodstain water based, or cellulose/solvent based, Please? (I wish to use it for Clock Cases, in Exotic wood). Thanks


Blackfriar Quick Drying Exterior Woodstain is water based.

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