Coo-Var Aluminium Wood Primer
  • Coo-Var Aluminium Wood Primer

Coo-Var Aluminium Wood Primer


Coo-Var Aluminium Wood Primer is an oil based primer that contains aluminium. Used primarily to prevent staining on knotted or resinous timber. Easy to apply.

Product Features

  • Also works as a heavy duty primer
  • Resists resin staining
  • Resists blistering of topcoats
  • Interior/Exterior use
  • Semi-matt finish
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Coo-Var Aluminium Wood Primer is an oil based primer that contains aluminium. Used primarily to prevent staining on knotted or resinous timber, but also acts as an excellent heavy duty primer.

It is suitable for all timbers, especially high resinous types. Resists resin staining and blistering of topcoats.

Surface Preparation

All surfaces should be clean, dry, sound and free from contaminants. New wood should be sanded prior to coating to ensure an adequate "key" is produced.

Application Conditions

As dictated by normal good painting practice. In confined spaces, provide adequate ventilation during application and drying.

Preceding Coat

Apply Coo-Var Aluminium Wood Primer direct to wood.

Subsequent Coat

Most conventional, white spirit based top coats.

Please contact Rawlins Paints' Technical Support Team on 0113 2455450 for more information.

It is your responsibility to read the Product Data Sheets (available below) before you place an order and prior to application of the product. The content of this website is our best recommendation and is not advice. Coverage rates quoted are approximate, you agree that coverage depends on the condition of the substrate, surface absorption, texture and application method. We ALWAYS recommend a trial area is coated to ensure the product meets your requirements before use.

Product Details

Data sheet

Base Type
Oil Based
Dry to Recoat (at 20°C)
16 hours
12m² per litre
Recommended Thinner/Cleaner
Thinners 14
Solids by Volume
Touch Dry
2 Hours
Semi Matt
Recommended Dry Film Thickness
35 to 40 microns
Recommended Wet Film Thickness
80 microns
UN Number

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