Hydron Protective Coatings

Hydron are leading the way with major breakthroughs in specialist paint manufacturing, and Rawlins Paints are delighted to stock and distribute their extensive range of products across the UK. Our in-house Technical Support Team are also ready to take your calls and emails to discuss products and product ranges, coverage rates, and provide highly competitive trade quotes and further technical information about how Hydron Protective Coatings may be the ideal product for your project requirements - keeping you within budget.

Their range of specialist products for commercial and industrial use, include:

  • Anti-graffiti paints
  • Fire protection products
  • Waterproofing coatings
  • High performance floor paints
  • Protective metal paints and coatings
  • Graffiti removers
  • Masonry paint
  • Energy saving coatings

List of products by manufacturer Hydron Protective Coatings

Showing 1 - 12 of 87 results

Showing 1 - 12 of 87 results

Hydron Protective Coatings Ltd (better known as Hydron), are a leading specialist ‘high performance paint coatings’ company, with its product range available and created for the UK and Irish market. The company’s focus is the end-client – the customer – and all their product ranges are designed with them in mind and the specifics they require from anti-graffiti paints, or fire retardant coatings.

As paint manufacturers, Hydron are pushing forward with innovative solutions in their metal paints, waterproof masonry coatings, floor paint range and energy saving product range – placing them as a manufacturing brand to look out for in 2017, as more of their products become available online at rawlinspaints.com

Rawlins Paints’ technical support team are available to take calls, provide application advice and field general FAQs about Hydron’s protective coatings, and if there is a specific product not currently listed here, please contact us, and we will endeavour to order it directly for you.

Nu-Guard® AG: The World’s Best Anti-Graffiti System

Hydron’s exciting anti-graffiti product range, including the fantastic Nu-Guard® AG, boldly and justifiably states, “If you thought all anti-graffiti coatings were the same, it’s time to think again..”.  Billed as “the world’s only effective barrier on all substrates”, Nu-Guard® AG is available in clear or any RAL colour, and can be used across a wide range of surfaces, from metal to wood, and beyond.

With no mixing required, this single part system simply means users can open the can and brush the paint on – zero hassle, zero fuss. Dependant on the surface porosity, some substrates may require more than one coat or the Nu-Guard® WB Concrete Sealer, which is also non-darkening, non-flammable and non-toxic.

The Nu-Guard® AG anti-graffiti paint system cures to leave a stronger, hardened finish than other systems, and won’t leave a ghosting residue when graffiti is washed away. In laments terms, quick removal of graffiti without the need to recoat!

Suitable substrates and surface materials on which Nu-Guard® AG can be used, include:

  • Aluminium Siding 

  • Fibreglass 

  • Glass 

  • Masonry – brickwork, marbled, stone, tile, granite and concrete 

  • Metal 

  • Street Signs 

  • Stucco 

  • Utility Boxes 

  • Vinyl Siding 

  • Wood

Hydron’s Ultimate Protective Coatings Against Vandals

Graffiti is not limited to spray paints on brick walls, and with Nu-Guard® AG the customer’s property (interior and exterior), furnishings and goods are protected against all paints, permanent marker pends, most acids, and other vandal graffiti ‘tools of the trade’.

To clean away the graffiti, simply wash the surface with water, and watch as the graffiti is removed, or the flyposters slide off.

For an economical anti-graffiti system solution, try Hydron’s Nu-Guard® AG today – or give Rawlins Paints a call to find out how this product could meet your requirements.

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