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Hygiene Coatings

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Although every environment benefits from a smooth, decorative finish, some areas also need a very specific level of hygiene protection. Hospitals, healthcare facilities, nursing homes and places where food and drink are routinely prepared and consumed all require different levels of hygiene control.

Rawlins Paints' range of specialist hygiene paints for walls, floors and ceilings are all developed to include anti-bacterial properties. These hygiene coatings are formulated to be easy to clean, low odour and simple and fast to apply, something that is often important when it comes to timescales for maintenance jobs in particular.

Depending on the stage of the project, we have products ideal for simple redecoration work, a quick upgrade of colour coating or a brand new installation. Systems are applied in different ways and the level of hygiene needed dictates which product is best for each project. For any assistance or further advice on the products listed on this page, please contact our customer support service.

Hygiene Primer Coatings

Hygiene topcoats and paints need specialist primer paints to work in tandem with their anti-bacterial properties. Anti-mould hygiene primer 8399 is often requested as a hygiene primer. Made by Rust-Oleum, 8399 Hygienic Primer is specifically formulated to use under Rust-Oleum 8300 Hygienic Topcoat. It protects well against mild chemical exposure, spillages, regular deep cleaning using chemicals, moisture and humidity. It can be used on walls and ceilings making it a good all round hygiene primer.

Hygiene Wall and Ceiling Paints

For environments in need of extra defence against germs and bacteria, Sikagard 203 W (Steridex) is a good choice. This waterborne modified acrylic resin coating is very resistant to lots of heavy cleaning, is long lasting and has a seamless finish. Ideal for use in hospitals, surgical rooms and restaurant kitchens.  

A modified resin coating, Steribase SI (Sikagard 218 W) contains a silver ion based preservative, giving it excellent resistance against cracking and flaking. The matt finish gives a decorative edge to internal walls and ceilings. Steribase covers well on concrete, cement based surfaces, metallic surfaces, tiles, plastic and timber. 

Coloured Hygienic Paints

Sterisheen (Sikagard 205 W) is a coloured hygiene coating for internal ceilings and walls and works well specifically for rooms that have to reach a certain standard of cleanliness in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. It’s very easy to apply and dries quickly, making it ideal for maintenance and decorative projects that must be finished within tight timeframes.

Biosheen ceiling paints are used as coloured hygiene coatings for walls and ceilings in areas that need a high level of anti-mould and anti-germ protection. Biosheen (Sikagard 207 W) comes in a variety of colours and can be used for walls and ceilings in prisons, kitchens and educational facilities. Although it’s particularly suited to be used on large surface areas, it also works well in domestic environments. 

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