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Gutter repair paints for box, valley, and industrial guttering, located in eaves and central valleys, are available to buy today at Rawlins Paints. These gutter lining paints are specialist coatings that ensure all surfaces are waterproofed and UV protected, preventing leaks for up-to 20 years (product dependant). Coatings can be easily applied by brush or roller, and protect against corrosion, degradation and leaks whilst completely rejuvenating and re-colouring to match surrounding roof or cladding sheets and surfaces for easier cleaning, inspection and uniform appearance.

Gutter lining paints offer instant repair to cracks, splits and leaks on concrete or metal guttering. The rubber-like linings also protect against future cracks, splits and leaks, drying to form a seamless layer without joints or seams. Weather protection from roof repair products considers seasonal extremities, including high winds, rain, sleet, snow and ice, and from heatwave sunshine to storm warning autumn weather. Have peace of mind that your guttering is safe and protected against degradation and damage, 365 days a year. 

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Gutter Repair Coatings

Commercial gutters, as opposed to domestic guttering, are more vulnerable at joints due to the length of it and the surface area of roofing it must sustain drainage from. Seamless coatings available here offer elasticity, strength, durability and shatter resistance in wintery weather - protecting against gutter lining cracks. For larger cracks, gaps and splits - up to 2mm - there are gutter lining paints which have added fibres to seal and bind over them without the need for a guttering fleece, such as Rust-Oleum Mathys Fillcoat Fibres. These installations are simple to apply to previously cleaned and or more severely repaired guttering.

If you require more specialist advice and technical support for metal, aluminium, asbestos, concrete, lead or single-ply gutter lining, please contact Rawlins Paints by telephone or email.

Prior to application of any gutter lining product, ensure that all surface areas are clear of debris, dirt and dust. Rusted areas on metal surfaces should be clean and any sign of corrosion removed. Insufficient cleaning of corroded areas could lead to a weakening around joints and guttering brackets. It is advisable to check for areas of standing water to improve the drainage functionality of the gutter during the relining process.

Gutter Lining Paints

Gutter lining paints available here for next day delivery, will not blister, crack or peel with correct application and maintenance. Metal, concrete and previously lined guttering can be transformed and remove the risk of rust and cut edge corrosion to adjoining cladding and roof sheets, by allowing for better drainage of standing water, and protecting against moss and algae growth.

Industrial units, football stadiums and commercial roof work on substantial square meter areas will require fast curing and easy to apply primers, sealers and paints for less downtime of areas being worked on by contractors and building owners - Contact us today to discuss your project.

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