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Buy wax for wooden floors at Rawlins Paints, protecting and enriching hardwoods and wood species including oak, pine, spruce, and many more. We provide clear and transparent wood floor waxes to bring out the natural beauty of your wood flooring and floorboards, allowing the wood’s natural grain and character to remain visible as well as protected, and also coloured and tinted floor waxes. These help colour or darken wood, changing the aesthetic of a room and helping match or contrast to existing fittings and furnishings. A single coat allows the grain to remain visible, for a coloured wood-grain look. A second coat will hide these characteristics in your timber flooring.

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Osmo Wood Wax Finish Clear Extra Thin

Osmo Wood Wax Finish Clear Extra Thin, a finish for oily and resinous hardwoods that uniquely combines the advantages of natural oils and waxes in one product. Suitable for the protection of wood in indoor areas: wall and ceiling panelling, wooden flooring, furniture and toys. For ingredient-rich hardwoods such as Teak, Walnut, Cedar,...

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Osmo Wood Wax Finish

Osmo Wood Wax Finish is suitable for the protection and the decorative finishing of wood in indoor areas, ideal as a coloured base coat for wooden flooring, for recoating darkened wood surfaces, and highly recommended for furniture and children’s toys. Transparent or intensive coloured wood finish with high coverage (up to 24m2/l) For wall...

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Osmo Spray-Wax

Osmo Spray-Wax, ideal for all timber in indoor areas, for which a durable, low-maintenance and hardwearing surface is necessary, e.g. stairs, furniture, table tops, kitchen worktops, toys, parquet, flooring etc. Especially well suited for use in wet rooms, such as baths and kitchens. Based on natural, plant oils and waxes Stain-resistant,...

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Flag 431 Wax

Flag 431 Wax is formulated to give a natural look to wooden floors. Easy to apply and buffs to a patina sheen. For interior use on wood floors Translucent White - Semi-Gloss finish  Coverage Calculator More Information Delivery Info

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Need Help?

Should I wax my hardwood floors?

Yes! Waxing wooden floors brings out the gorgeous texture of natural wood, restoring shine to dull and well-trafficked areas. Wood floor wax will also seal and protect your hardwood flooring, hardening as it dries, preventing stains and preserving the finish.

What is the best wax for wood floors?

Osmo Wood Wax Finish protects and decorates your wood floor, uniquely combining the advantages of natural oils and waxes in one product, with simple application.

Should I wax or varnish floorboards?

Wood floor wax will penetrate the wood pores of your floorboards and becomes part of the wood, which is ideal for a natural appearance You can apply more wax as needed without sanding the existing surface. Varnish, in comparison, sits on top of the wood surface for protection, and older varnish needs to be sanded down before new varnish is applied.

How much does it cost to wax wood floors?

Much less than painting them! Wax doesn’t require prior sanding or primers, saving money as well as your time.