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Re-colour your interior wood furniture by staining. At Rawlins Paints, we stock the best interior wood stains from the top manufacturers, with 280+ wood stain colours to choose from including RAL and NCS shades. With their quick drying formulas, your wood furniture won’t be out of action for too long.

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Remmers Aqua MSL-45/sm Medium Build Stain UV+

Remmers Aqua MSL-45/sm Medium Build Stain UV+ is a decorative, water-based medium-solid gel stain with very high UV protection for universal use on wood indoors and outdoors. Biocide-free topcoat on impregnated wood, e.g. garden furniture Clear UV+ can also be used as a sacrificial layer over pigmented variants to prevent the wood from...

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Flag Spirit Stain

Flag Spirit Stain is a high quality, light-fast, spirit-based stain for bare wood. For use on furniture or floors prior to polishing or waxing. It gives excellent definition and depth of colour without obscuring the natural beauty of the grain. For interior use on wood Quick drying - Good coverage Matt Finish - Available in 5 Colours...

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Interior wood furniture can be stained to change its appearance, updating existing furnishings to match new interior décor and fittings. Staining wood can allow for more control over the colour, as the more coats used will result in a darker finish, before finishing with an appropriate wax or polish.

Simple to apply, our interior wood stains are brushed on or with the use of a cloth, penetrating the wood for a quick and easy transformation. Our interior wood stains are great to use when up-cycling furniture, giving a new lease of life to tired and old furnishings and fittings found on household waste, skips, charity shops, etc. Wood furniture doesn’t have to be the same colour or shade throughout its life - it can be stained to suit your preferences, rather than throwing away and buying expensive new furniture.