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Interior Wood Finishes

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Rawlins Paints stock an extensive range of wood finishes for interior timber. These include clear and coloured products, providing excellent protection and enhancing the appearance of wooden surfaces. So, if you require the leading Danish oil, teak oil, furniture paint, floor oil, wood stain, wood varnish, gloss and eggshell paints for interior wood and timber décor and furnishing, you can find them in this category.

Whether you're painting floors, furniture, windows, trim, interior cladding or ceilings, we have a solution to fit your requirements, from leading manufacturers of interior wood finishes – Ardenbrite, Bedec, Blackfriar, Coo-Var, Mathys, Solignum, Rust-Oleum, Teamac, Thermilate and Timberex. These interior stains and varnishes have been used extensively in schools, colleges and universities for wall cladding, communal furniture and more.

Ardenbrite Interior Wood Finishes

Ardenbrite have manufactured some extremely decorative interior wood finishes, including the popular gloss Protective Glaze, for internal (and external use) over their Metallic Wood Paint range.

The Metallic Wood Paint range for theatre props, artefacts, emblems, lamps, and more, features:

  • • Solvent-based
  •      o Light Gold No.1
  •      o Deep Fold No.2
  •      o Green Gold No.3
  •      o Sovereign Gold No.8
  •      o Antique Gold No.9
  •      o Silver No.6
  •      o Bronze No.27
  •      o Old Penny Bronze No.35
  • • Water-based
  •      o Light Gold No.1
  •      o Antique Gold No.9
  •      o Silver No.6

Bedec Interior Wood Finishes

For ornate and decorative rejuvenation of furnishings, try Bedec Crackle Glaze to add a distressed finish to units, tables, shelves and more. It’s best described as a snakeskin or crocodile skin effect!

If you require a brilliant white wood paint in polyurethane gloss or satin enamel, try Bedec Aqua Advanced. These high-quality and quick-drying paints will not yellow, and are ideal for a range of other surfaces and materials away from just wood – for improved colour conformity.

Blackfriar Interior Wood Oils and Finishes

Rawlins Paints’ widest selection of wood oils for interior use come from Blackfriar:

  • • Danish Oil
  • • Raw Linseed Oil
  • • Kitchen Wood Oil
  •  Boiled Linseed Oil
  • • Teak Oil

For more information about wood oils, read this article on our blog.

Blackfriar also manufacture two popular wood varnishes – a quick drying one for interior wood surfaces, and a polyurethane one for staircases, bannisters and structural features.

Mathys Fassicoat, Fassilux and Fassithane

Mathys are one of the premier manufacturers of specialist matt, satin and gloss wood paints that cover nearly all tints and shades from the RAL colour spectrum:

Fassicoat Features

  • • Highly weather resistant and damp regulating
  • • Base coat and finishing coat in one
  • • Can be applied directly to woodwork without a special primer
  • • 2 layers is usually sufficient for a high-quality finish
  • • Can be tinted in virtually any colour

Fassilux Features

  • • Simple and fast application
  • • Excellent flow
  • • Excellent scratch and wear resistance
  • • Good outdoor durability, weatherproof
  • • Quick drying
  • • Good coverage
  • • Even gloss finish
  • • Good edge coverage
  • • High gain
  • • Can be tinted in virtually any colour

Fassilux Aqua Features

  • • For all applications, indoors and out
  • • Matt version only for indoor use
  • • Excellent scratch and wear resistance
  • • Quick drying
  • • Low odour
  • • Excellent flow
  • • Simple and fast application
  • • Colour fast
  • • Good coverage
  • • Highly aesthetic
  •  For sleek and radiant paintwork
  • • Can be tinted in virtually any colour

Fassithane Features

  • • Quick drying
  • • Does not yellow
  • • Scratch and wear resistant
  • • No tendency to wrinkle when applying thick layers
  • • Satin and Gloss versions: use indoors and outdoors
  • • Satin and Gloss versions: excellent durability for outdoor use
  • • Matt version: for indoor use - easy to clean
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