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Interior furniture has to face a barrage of abuse from abrasion and impact (from being moved, stood and sat on), spillages and stains (from food and drink, including water, fruit juices, and alcohol), and weather effects (UV light), so it is vital to protect such furniture with high-quality wood oils, varnishes, waxes, and paints.

Find the biggest brands of wood oils and interior furniture protection at Rawlins Paints, including Osmo, Rubio Monocoat, Blackfriar, and Mathys Fassilux, for furniture in bedrooms and bathrooms, kitchens and dining rooms, sitting rooms and hallways. Our products can also be used in commercial applications such as rustic wooden shop shelves and cabinets, office desks, and waiting room chairs.

We also stock oil, warnish and wax for protecting outdoor wood furniture in our Garden Furniture section.

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Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C

Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C is a next-generation product that colours and protects your wood in 1 single layer. The combination of the oil (A) and the accelerator (B) ensures a quick dry, quick cure and superior protection. Enhances the natural look and feel of the wood, with no overlaps or starting marks Very wear-resistant and...

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Osmo Wood Wax Finish

Osmo Wood Wax Finish is suitable for the protection and the decorative finishing of wood in indoor areas, ideal as a coloured base coat for wooden flooring, for recoating darkened wood surfaces, and highly recommended for furniture and children’s toys. Transparent or intensive coloured wood finish with high coverage (up to 24m2/l) For wall...

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Rubio Monocoat Invisible Protector

Rubio Invisible Protector, plant-based protection that preserves the natural look of wood, giving the original surface a durable protection with an invisible finish. Can be applied on almost all wood types Suitable for almost all indoor wooden surfaces including dark wood species Can be used on top of Rubio Monocoat Pre-Aging without...

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KoverTek TekDur 1PK Pre-Cat Clear Interior Wood Lacquer

Kovertek TekDur 1PK Pre-Cat Clear Interior Wood Lacquer is a pre-catalysed wood lacquer available in a variety of finishes with sheen levels from 5% to 90% gloss. Pre-Cat lacquers are commonly used by kitchen manufacturers and furniture producers to provide a decorative yet hardwearing protective coating to the timber substrate. Recommended...

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Remmers Aqua DL-65 Top PU

Remmers Aqua DL-65 Top PU, a water-based, opaque coating for windows, doors & other valuable wood elements, with exceptional adherence on old coatings when used for maintenance work. Easy to work - Good edge coverage Weatherproof & moisture-regulating High PU content: long-lasting, dirt-repellent, hard-wearing Excellent flow...

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Lacq Rapid Oil 2C

Lacq Rapidoil 2C is a two-component product which colours and protects interior wood surfaces with just one coat. Component A is based on a vegetable oil and is completely free of solvents. When the solvent free accelerator (Component B) is added, the drying time of the oil is shortened. The floor can be used after approximately 24 hours....

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Tikkurila Akvi Top DS 25

Tikkurila Akvi Top DS 25 is a one-component water-borne topcoat for interior timber and furniture. Fast-drying topcoat for interior use Very hard paint film Good filling properties Very good scratch and blocking resistance Suitable for panels, doors, mouldings, and other wooden/fibre board surfaces Low VOC content More Information...

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Rubio Monocoat Invisible Oil System

The Rubio Monocoat Invisible Oil System comprises of Rubio Monocoat Invisible Oil - makes a transparent finish of oak and other types of light coloured wood possible, while guaranteeing a lasting, durable protection - and Rubio Monocoat Invisible Maintenance Oil, the final layer of the system that gives a transparent finish to oak and other...

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Osmo Polyx-Oil Tints

Osmo Polyx-Oil Tints is ideal for the protection of all wooden floors, such as solid wood, plank, strip, OSB and cork flooring, as well as furniture surfaces, worktops, stairs, bathrooms and children`s toys. Protects and colours with wood grain visible for a harmonious appearance Resistant to common liquid spillages such as water, juice,...

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Rubio Monocoat Oil Varnish 2C

Rubio Monocoat Oil Varnish 2C is a 2-pack, solvent-and-water-free oil that can be used to give a long-lasting satin finish to wooden surfaces oiled with Rubio Monocoat. Creates a scratch-free layer on top of the RMC Oil Plus 2C, which creates a warm, deep finish. In one single coat - No overlaps - High coverage - Scratch-free results Easy...

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Remmers Aqua MSL-45/sm Medium Build Stain UV+

Remmers Aqua MSL-45/sm Medium Build Stain UV+ is a decorative, water-based medium-solid gel stain with very high UV protection for universal use on wood indoors and outdoors. Biocide-free topcoat on impregnated wood, e.g. garden furniture Clear UV+ can also be used as a sacrificial layer over pigmented variants to prevent the wood from...

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Osmo Polyx-Oil Rapid

Osmo Polyx-Oil Rapid - the renowned Osmo Polyx-Oil in a fast drying variation! A professional, fast drying, clear wood finish with special surface hardness that uniquely combines the advantages of natural oils and waxes in one product. For the protection of all wooden floors, such as solid wood, plank, strip, OSB and cork flooring Ideal...

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