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Prepare your wood surfaces prior to treatments, refreshing, or protection projects, cleaning contaminants from the surface or filling holes, imperfections, and damage.

We stock the best wood oils from the top brands and manufacturers, including Osmo, and Rubio Monocoat, helping to clean, fill, and remove tannins from wood floors, furniture, doors and trim, worktops, and much more.


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Osmo Wood Filler

Osmo Wood Filler is suitable for patching small cracks, holes and joints in wood. Excellent for commercial and domestic applications. Will dry lighter and return to its original colour once the final finish is applied Can be mixed with any tint or stain to achieve a custom colour Fast drying, approximately 30 minutes - Stainable, before...

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Rubio Monocoat Cleaner

Rubio Monocoat Cleaner is used as a cleaner for raw wood surfaces before the application of Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus. Also used to clean the materials that were used during the application. More Information **Available for delivery - see Delivery Options below**

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Osmo Gap Sealer

Osmo Gap Sealer, a high quality, one component, flexible sealant that has plasto-elastic qualities. Applications include: Expanding fuga between prefabricate construction element Assembly wood, PVC, iron and aluminium joinery Joints in stone, wood, concrete, plaster and brick works etc Sealing of window and door frame to masonry Can be...

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Rubio Monocoat WoodPrep

Rubio Monocoat WoodPrep removes residues from sanding dust, minimises sanding errors and reduces wood type-related tannins and oils. Improves the intensity of the coloured Rubio Monocoat oil through better pigment absorption Decreases the chance of discolouration Improves adhesion to naturally waxy and oil-rich wood types Good coverage,...

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Osmo Wood Putty

Osmo Wood Putty is suitable for filling small cracks (< 2 mm) and small damages (e.g. screw holes) in wooden flooring and parquet. Can be used universally on all wood species. Not suitable for elastic constructions, e.g. plank or sprung floors as well as cork flooring. High filling power Quick drying Good sanding properties Low odour...

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Rubio Monocoat Tannin Remover

Rubio Monocoat Tannin Remover is a ready-to-use product for removing stains and spots on wood caused by a reaction to acid and water. Rings/stains from cans, flower pots, etc. After water damage on parquet In case of efflorescence on exterior wood (on the bottom of gates, doors, on walls) Can be used on untreated, oiled and waxed...

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Rubio Monocoat Woodfiller Quick

Rubio Monocoat Woodfiller Quick is environmentally friendly putty in mixable powder form for the preparation of indoor joinery, that guarantees quick curing and has an excellent ability to absorb any correspondent finishing colour from the Rubio Monocoat range. Shrink-proof Easy sanding after just 2 hours More Information...

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Osmo Paint Stripper

Osmo Paint Stripper is a powerful, low odour, universal paint stripper for solvent-resistant substrates. Thanks to its long open time, it can dissolve several layers of lacquer or varnish in one work step. The paint stripper gel is free of aromatic compounds and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Powerful paint remover for the interior and exterior...

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Tikkurila Pinja Sealer

Tikkurila Pinja Sealer, a solvent borne two component sealer for wooden surfaces, indoors and outdoor. Reduces humidity absorption into the wood and wood swelling Reduces paint discolouration from knots in the wood Contains efficient agents against mould and blue stain Also suitable for electrostatic spraying Can be finished with both...

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Tikkurila Colowood

Tikkurila Colowood is a water-borne filler for filling holes in interior wooden surfaces such as fibre boards, solid wood or veneer. Recommended for furniture, doors, panel walls and ceilings For industrial and professional use only More Information **Available for delivery - see Delivery Options below**

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Tikkurila Colofill

Tikkurila Colofill is a two-component solvent-free epoxy putty that adheres extremely well to different kinds of surfaces, thus ensuring total durability of the overcoating system. Does not shrink the way common putties do when applied in thick layers, thus ensuring the evenness of the treated surface Very low amount of Volatile Organic...

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