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JCB has engineered a paint like no other, which whether used inside or out, is the safest, most resilient and most versatile choice for a wide range of surfaces and substrates, including wood, metal, masonry and plastic. JCB Paint backs this up with a reassuring 10-year performance guarantee, too.

So, when it came to formulating a revolutionary new paint, we engineered in those same steely qualities to develop a unique multi-surface paint that covers, performs and protects like no other.

Their sole paint (currently) is a unique multi-surface paint that covers, performs and protects like no other, year in and year out. In the harshest UK (mainland and coastal) environments, it won’t fade, peel or flake. It comes with certified flame retardancy and antibacterial protection built in.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 result

JCB Paints' Fire Protection

For advanced fire protection and the elimination of propagated flames, burning droplets, and smoke released in the event of  fire which may release toxic chemicals or fumes, surfaces protected by JCB Paint give building occupants valuable extra time to evacuate, as well as mitigating against smoke inhalation.

Rigorously assessed by Warringtonfire, a world leader in fire safety services, JCB Paint has achieved ISO certification EN 13501-1 and EN 45545-2 and also meets the fire spread standards of BS 476 Parts 6 & 7 with a B-s1,d0 rating, equivalent to Class ‘0’ in the UK.

Bacterial Protection

Along with advanced fire protection, JCB Paint can contribute significantly towards a safer and more hygienic environment with its bacterial protective qualities.

There is a silver chloride bacterial agent within its formulation, which prevents microorganisms from growing, spreading or seeping into the substrate - and all of this without the need for a specialist primer or basecoat.

With the reassurance of ISO EN 22196 certification, JCB Paint is proven to reduce common bacteria such as MRSA, MSSA and E. coli by 99% across all surfaces.

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Smoke suppressant

  • Washable

  • Mould and stain resistant

  • Colour retention

  • Hardwearing

  • Can be applied by brush or roller

  • Excellent coverage rates

  • Touch dry in 2 hours

  • 10-year multi-surface guarantee 

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