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Manufacturer Overview

From topcoats in moist and atmospheric conditions, like Jotun Pioner Topcoat, through to a variety of paint thinners, Jotun Paints are specialists in external products for use in extreme environments. The company has 33 production plants in over 20 countries and its products have been used on the Eiffel Tower and the Southern Cross Railway Station in Australia. Popular product categories are marine coatings, decorative paints, protective coatings and powder coatings. 

It is within the marine industry than Jotun products are especially popular, and are used by shipowners involved within the newbuilding and dry-dock markets. Its direct to paint application and heat resistant products at Rawlins Paints are big sellers all year round for offshore and infrastructure companies, for use on storage tanks and hydrocarbon processing. Powder coatings are used by companies within appliance industries, and those who use building components, pipelines and other within general industrial sectors.

Jotun Paints' Brand Products

Rawlins Paints stock over 200 industrial and marine products, primers and topcoats for Jotun Paints to the UK, including Jotacoat, Jotun Hardtop, Jotaguard, Balloxy, Bartoflake, Barrier, Butinox, Chemflake, Demidekk and many more

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