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We stock the full range of Kovertek roof repairs and grp roof restoration coatings, including system packs unique to Rawlins Paints that include all coatings and preparation products, ancillaries and accessories needed to refurbish flat roofs and GRP.

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KoverTek Ancillaries

KoverTek Ancillaries are a range of application tools and accessories for use when applying KoverTek coatings and systems.  Range Includes: Consolidating Rollers, Resin Rollers, Roller Frames and Refills, Brushes, Buckets and more Please see below for detailed information and order references where applicable **Available for delivery...

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KoverTek Chopped Strand Matting

Kovertek Chopped Strand Matting, 300g/450g/600g chopped strand Mat (CSM) used to create a stronger membrane, giving a range of different TekGuard guarantees. Consistent quality, thickness and strength Rapid wet out and air release Excellent formability for small radius moulds Excellent mechanical properties More Information...

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KoverTek G-40 Multiseal

KoverTek G-40 Multiseal sealer and waterproofer, used in a wide range of applications to give economical fast-drying, hard wearing varnishes and coatings for many surfaces where colour retention is not critical. Concrete Sealer and Adhesion Promoter Used in a wide range of applications For Stone, Concrete and Tarmac Economical...

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KoverTek GRP Roof Trims

Kovertek GRP Roof Trims, for use with Kovertek roof repair coatings and fibreglass roofing systems. Trim options include: Flat and Raised Edge Simulated Lead Flashing Wall Fillet Internal and External Angles Coping / Capping Flat Sheet See further below for a full list of available roof trim shapes Refer to images for full dimensions...

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KoverTek MEKP Catalyst

KoverTek MEKP Catalyst is used to start the reactive curing process for KoverTek TekShield Resins and Topcoats and KoverTek Value Brand GRP Resins. Available in both ‘Standard’ and ‘Winter’ versions which means you can adjust for use all year round. Please Note: Between the months of March and November the Winter Grade version of this product...

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KoverTek TekCryl Acrylic Roof Repair System

KoverTek TekCryl Acrylic Roof Repair System is ready for use and is cold applied to all types of roofs and structures, including flat, pitched as well as bituminous surfaces, gutters, brickwork, asbestos (see product data sheet), concrete, felt, metal & fibreglass surfaces. Note: TekCryl is not suitable for walkways or balconies and is...

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KoverTek TekCryl Instant Repair Roof Kit

KoverTek TekCryl Instant Repair Roof Kits provide everything you need to complete 2.5, 5, 10, 20 or 30m² roof areas. All kits are available in Grey or Black and include application tools as well as offering a 5 year guarantee*. Anti-Lichen formula 5 Year Material Guarantee* High solids for true ‘One Coat’ Solution Instant Shower...

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KoverTek TekDur 1PK Pre-Cat Clear Interior Wood Lacquer

Kovertek TekDur 1PK Pre-Cat Clear Interior Wood Lacquer is a pre-catalysed wood lacquer available in a variety of finishes with sheen levels from 5% to 90% gloss. Pre-Cat lacquers are commonly used by kitchen manufacturers and furniture producers to provide a decorative yet hardwearing protective coating to the timber substrate. Recommended...

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KoverTek TekDur 2K Acid Catalyst Internal Use Wood Lacquer

Kovertek TekDur 2k Acid Catalyst Internal Use Wood Lacquer is a general purpose internal use wood lacquer for floors, doors, and timber substrates. Commonly used for the treatment, protection and beautification of wood in the coffin industry, bar tops, table tops, wooden floors, doors and skirtings. Pack includes Base and Activator...

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KoverTek TekGuard Flexi-GRP

KoverTek’s TekGuard is designed to simplify the application process and speed up working time both on existing and new roof surfaces, a system that eliminates the need for using separate GRP resin and Topcoat. A complete resin roofing system. 15-year (300g CSM), 20-year (450g CSM) or 25-year (600g CSM) Materials Guarantee when installed...

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Kovertek is a key supplier to the Composites sector, distributing a complete range of materials including resins, gelcoats, bonding pastes, tooling systems, and fire rated products to applicators across the United Kingdom in the commercial sector.