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Lacq is a new brand available from Rawlins Paints in 2020. The Lacq product range includes varnishes, lacquers, oils and many other products for the protection of interior and exterior wood.

Please contact Rawlins Paints Technical Team on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or send a message to [email protected] for more information.

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Fluxaf Mould & Mildew Stain Remover

Fluxaf Mould And Mildew Stain Remover is designed to professionally remove tough stains from mould and mildew. It is safe and effective on practically all interior and exterior surfaces. Works fast and protects against new stains as it cleans Biodegradable Suitable for use on bathrooms, shower doors, patios, sheds, sinks, vinyl curtains,...

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Fluxaf Power Clean

Fluxaf Power Clean is a powerful ready to use alkaline cleaner and degreaser. Based on a range of solvents and surfactants. It is designed to remove tough stains in seconds from practically all hard surfaces Biodegradable Suitable for removal of chewing gum, labels, tape residue, smoke damage, printers` ink, mildews stains, scuff marks,...

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Fluxaf Super Paint Remover

Fluxaf Super is an absolutely safe, non-flammable, gel-like, pH neutral stripper, suitable for removing most types of coatings, glue and decorative plaster on almost all surfaces. Does not contain acids, bases, hazardous substances (such as NMP), paraffin or preservatives Can be used indoors and outdoors to about -8 ℃ More Information...

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Lacq Decowax

Lacq Decowax is a wax that can be used to maintain wooden surfaces. It is manufactured using traditional methods based on a 60-year old, proven recipe. The interaction of pure turpentine, all natural beeswax and carnauba wax, create a natural shine, structure and colour perception. Easy to apply using a paintbrush or a lint-free cloth Can...

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Lacq Energol

Lacq Energol is a versatile premium wood protector for all outdoor wood surfaces. The combination of wood oil and linseed oil provides optimum results. Energol nourishes the wood from within and provides long-lasting protection. Highly durable Long lasting colour and protection Suitable for external wood such as fencing, sheds, verandas,...

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Lacq Floor Varnish X10

Lacq Floor Varnish X10 is a 1K polyurethane, clear, transparent floor sealer based on modified vegetable oil for concrete floors. Dries to a gloss after more than two to three layers have been applied Suitable for concrete floors, wood floors, cement floors, porous tiles, garages and kitchens Enhances appearance and protects against wear...

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Lacq Hardwood Oil

Lacq Hardwood Oil is a traditional recipe of blended vegetable oils to protect and maintain wooden garden furniture, ramps or teak decks annually. This Hardwoodoil has a very high solids content (98%), which means that a very high coverage is achieved with the first layer. Provides 5 year protection from dirt or ageing for teakwood and...

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Lacq Nourishing Floor Soap

Lacq Nourishing Floor Soap is specially developed for cleaning and care of floors treated with Lacq Rapidoil 2C and is also suitable for cleaning all other water-repellent floors. Clean and care for your floor in one treatment Dries without streaks or residue, leaving a shiny, cared-for floor Suitable for all floors pH neutral and fully...

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Lacq Parquet Varnish

Lacq Parquet Varnish is a strong urethane acrylate-based varnish for hardwood and parquet floors with an extremely high wear resistance. Also suitable for wooden furniture and stairs Easy to apply Very high wear resistance, even with intensive use Can be used on any type of wood, solid or veneer Available in Invisible (Matt) and Satin...

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Lacq Produra

Lacq Produra is a durable and high-quality protective product for all wooden surfaces. It is solvent-free and consists mainly of natural ingredients including vegetable oils and water. The unique composition of Produra provides a transparent protective coat from within the wood. Suitable for external wood such as cladding, fencing, sheds,...

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Lacq Pure Tung Oil

Lacq Pure Tung Oil protects almost all wood surfaces naturally against weather influences, water, alcohol and food acids. Pure Tungoil is a natural oil and can be applied to wooden surfaces indoors and outdoors. Pure Tungoil provides a long-lasting matte finish. Applicable on wooden kitchen utensils: Chopping boards Salad bowls Worktops...

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Lacq Rapid Oil 2C

Lacq Rapidoil 2C is a two-component product which colours and protects interior wood surfaces with just one coat. Component A is based on a vegetable oil and is completely free of solvents. When the solvent free accelerator (Component B) is added, the drying time of the oil is shortened. The floor can be used after approximately 24 hours....

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